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Request: Aluminum Christmas Tree (Mt. Holly) - I know it’s a long shot, but maybe I’ll get lucky. I would love an aluminum Christmas tree. Request: any old jewelry (Mt. Holly) - Looking for any kind of old jewelry - broken is ok. The gaudier the better. No Mardi Gras beads please. Request: Parafin Wax Warmer for Hands (Mt. Holly) - I’m looking for a working parafin was warmer (and wax) for hands. Offer: About 10-12 XXL men’s t-shirts (Mt. Holly) - Some have a few stains. Would make good shirts to work in or turn into rags. Offer: Gift idea books (Mt. Holly) - I still have these. There’s 3 in the set. I won’t separate. If you’re interested please be prepared to tell me in your response when you w i l l get them. If you can’t tell me then I’ll need to move on to someone who can. I’m really sorry, but I just don’t have time. Pick up is in Mt. Holly. Offer: Pre-k activities notebooks (Mt. Holly) - I have 2 very large 3 ring binders of activities for preschool ages to early elementary ages. I used this during my classes at Gaston in the Early Childhood Education program there. There are some really cute things to do and make. I hate to throw these away. Serious inquires o n l y. Offer: Foam rubber from Sleep # Bed (Mt. Holly) - We replaced the foam rubber inserts in our Sleep Number Bed with new ones. I used some for our dogs bed and we still have a lot left over. It’s firm, but easy to cut. Offer: Craft books (Mt. Holly) - This is a set of three 3 ring binders. Offer: Learn Spanish (Mt. Holly) - This set came from a spanish class I took some years ago at Gaston College. Comes with CD’s and workbook. Suppose to be intro to or beginner, but whatever. Lol Offer: Misc stuff (Mt. Holly) Gifted - Must take it all and please pass along what you don't want: *ice-cream glass *File folder index thing *Dressing Carafe *Brown file folder - outside has seen better days, but looks great on the inside. It's huge. *Chicken roaster thing *Red Christmas Bows *Nutrition book I may add more to this as I am cleaning out my catch all cabinet and junk drawer. Must pick up in Mt. Holly. Offer: 5 rolls of mercerized yarn (Mt. Holly) Gifted - 3 white 2 cream Offer: Women's clothes (Mt. Holly) - Assorted women's clothes. Would be perfect for nursing home resident. Offer: Men's clothing (Mt. Holly) - I have a big bag of men's clothes that would be perfect for a nursing home resident. I know some residents are placed sometimes unexpectedly and with no clothes. There is a mixture and different sizes. Offer: House and Christmas stuff (Mt. Holly) - I am cleaning out some things that have been in storage for a long time. It will be first come first serve. Some of the items are a vanity top sink with silver hardware - It needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, nothing wrong with it. A Christmas tree in a box - i'm not 100% sure every limb is in there, but most likely they are. A white metal door that is still in the box. Needs to be cleaned. Vinyl siding - unused, but needs to be cleaned. A pair of used size 2 children's/boys snow boots. They are brown and camo. Used, but still has life. A bag of random toys for a boy. A few big red Christmas bows. The house is OFF LIMITS. You can find these things on Hwy. 27 between the cemetery and Gaston County Dye out by the road.