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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Vintage GE iron works (Travis heights) - Just a working iron that's got a touch of old timey charm
Offer: 11 large clean tins (Travis heights) - These were once ketchup tins, but have been cleaned and aired out. I was planning to use them as organization in my craft room, but didn't get around to the organization part and now I'm moving.
Offer: Coozies (Travis heights) - A box of approximately 30 various coozies. It's hard not to have a ton on hand in Austin, but I'm looking to lighten my load
Offer: New in box webcam (Travis heights) - Unused. I do not know the compatibility, but it's written on the box in the photo
Offer: Real ale bottle opener keychain (Travis heights) - Bag of about 30 real ale bottle opener keychain. ABW stickers and some pins.
Offer: Metal tins 11 large 2 small with li (Travis heights) Gifted - These are all clean and dry. I was collecting them for an organization project, but have to move before I got down to it.
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Offer: Egg cartons for seed starting (Travis heights)
Offer: Various sizes glass jars (Travis heights) - Used, clean, most with labels removed. all with lid.
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Offer: Silver/metallic insulated bags. (Travis heights) - Used, but only once from Amazon grocery delivery. Was going to use them for a craft project, but I'm moving and have to slim down
Offer: Bubble mailers and bubble wrap (Travis heights) - Used, mostly amazon bubble mailers.
Offer: Clean to go containers (Travis heights) Gifted - Various sizes all used and washed. with lids.
Offer: Insulated bags (silver waffle) (Travis heights) Withdrawn - Like new. Used only once to deliver groceries from Amazon. I have about 30. I've used some for craft projects but they can be used as intended to keep food temperature.
Offer: King mattress and split box spring (Travis heights.) Gifted - Used