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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Ladies shirt and 2 slips (St.John's) Gifted - Ladies shirt and 2 slips,shirt is probably a large and the slips med-large Offer: Material Scraps (St.John's) Gifted - 4 pieces of material scraps Offer: 3 Single Mattresses (St.John's) Gifted - 3 Single Mattresses someone has out to the curb, Caprea Place. I don't know their condition. Offer: Large Candle Holder/Vase (St.John's) Gifted - I have a large glass candle holder/vase if anyone wants it. I used it with a candle and some colored rocks on the bottom(included) It's about 16 inches high, 6 1/2 wide. Also still have 5 Christmas decorations to go too, wreaths and wall hangings Offer: Christmas Decorations (St.John's) Gifted - 5 pieces of Christmas decorations,wreaths,wall hangings etc. Offer: 3 Sugar Bowls (St.John's) - 3 Sugar Bowls,all in perfect shape,no chips or cracks Offer: Medium size Lampshade (St.John's) - Medium size Lampshade,dark beige Offer: 2 lampshades (St.John's) Gifted - 2 lampshades in great shape Offer: Window Accessories+more (St.John's) Gifted - Large Set of beige blinds with hardware(65W x48L) Brass Curtain Rod,extendible(47-90W) Shower Curtain Rod with hardware(59W) 2 lampshades Everything is in great shape. Located in West End St.John's PUO Offer: Bag of rugs,pillows,towels (St.John's) Gifted - There are 3 bed pillows here,a few raggedy towels and mats,great for pet owners,4 Christmas placemats Offer: Wood chips,wooden house (St.John's) Gifted - I have a large bag of pine wood chips and a wooden house to give away.Ideal for rabbits or other small pets. Request: Area rugs/mats (St.John's) Received - Looking for small rugs or mats that are machine washable Offer: 2 Pictures (St.John's) Gifted - 2 pictures Offer: Magnagrip Tires (St.John's) Gifted - Set of 4, 215/65R16's M/S... Definitely good for a season. Offer: Camping Supplies (St.John's) Gifted - I have a bag of camping supplies,Coleman jug,campfire toaster,2 plastic plates,2 plastic bowls Offer: 2006 CRV Mats (St.John's) Gifted - Carpet mats for a 2006 CRV,great shape,just dusty Offer: Pioneer 6 1/4 inch car speaker (St.John's) Gifted - Set of 2,Pioneer 6 1/4 inch factory car speaker 30w Offer: Ladies Clothes L-XL (St.John's) Gifted - I have a bag of ladies clothes and some shoes/sneakers/sandals.The shoes are anywhere from size 9-10 and the clothes sizes are from L-XL 14-16 Offer: Printer Cartridge (St.John's) Gifted - I have a brand new printer ink cartridge that was just opened and put into my printer yesterday but today my printer gave up the ghost.So if anyone needs a Canon 3e Bk BCI-3eK cartridge you can have it and the printer too if you want it. Offer: Elliptical (St.John's) Gifted - There's a free elliptical at the top of Caprea Place just off Winslow Street.( in subdivision off Mundy Pond Rd)