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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Load of golf balls (Used) (University of Sussex) Gifted - Bag of used golf balls and tees
Offer: Golf clubs (University of Sussex) - Quite old but still OK I think (no knowledge of golf !)
Offer: Golf caddy no. 2 (University of Sussex) - Servicable golf caddy no. 2
Offer: Golf caddy (University of Sussex) - Servicable golf caddy
Offer: 5 litre 15W/50 Halfords oil (Foredown Drive) Gifted - As above - about 2 years old but still good I think !
Offer: Engine Oil (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Halfords 15W/40 5 litres
Offer: De-ionised water (Foredown Drive) - A bit old - but hey - it's just water !
Offer: De-icer (Foredown Drive) - A bit of a chill in the air this morning I thought - hopefully won't get to -35 deg. C too soon !
Offer: Screen Wash (Foredown Drive) - 2.5 litre - about 3/4 full
Offer: Half used wax candles (Foredown Drive) - May be useful if making your own candles ? Some white and some red Request: Small wine rack (Foredown Drive) - Small wine rack - 12 / 15 bottles (is that small ?!) Offer: strip-cut shredder (Foredown Drive) - Strip-cut shredder. 'Auto' doesn't work but 'Fwd' and 'Rev' do
Offer: Moleskine notebook (Foredown Drive) - Small Moleskine notebook unused
Offer: Rolodex (Foredown Drive) - Rolodex Unused Retro item !
Offer: 100 Fairy Lights (Foredown Drive) Gifted - 100 Fairy Lights 240 Volts
Offer: Hidden Figures DVD (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Movie portraying three inspirational (and funny !) Black women key to putting John Glenn into space, overcoming sexism (a woman engineer !) and the racial segregation prevalent in 1960's Virginia. Offer: Shall we Dance ? (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Japanese movie with English subtitles - Strictly - but with a lot more emotion ! Offer: Khartoum DVD (Foredown Drive) Gifted - 1960's movie with Laurence Olivier. Now PG but was taken to see this when about 10, presumably lower rating then - despite being a bit gory ! Offer: Beast Quest (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Beast Quest No. 1 to 30. Offer: TinTin Explorers on the Moon (Foredown Drive) Gifted - How exploring the moon (with a few trouble-makers) would have been like in 1954 Offer: 4 x air-twist wine glasses (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Small (white wine) air-twist glasses. Don't expect to see these on the Antique Roadshow !
Offer: Wind-up Radio (Foredown Drive) - Only FM seems to work (not sure if any stations broadcast on MW any more?) DC input but no charger. Absolutely no indication of which station you're tuned to !
Offer: 2 1/2 hard drive caddy (Foredown Drive) Gifted - 2 1/2" hard drive to USB 2.0
Offer: 2 1/2" hard drive caddy (Foredown Drive) Gifted - 2 1/2" hardcdrive to USB 2.0
Offer: 1.4 Mb Floppies (Foredown Drive) - 6 x 1.4MB floppies - still use these at work for legacy equipment so maybe still useful !
Offer: 12V Power supplies (Foredown Drive) Gifted - Also one 18V one
Offer: USB 2.0 4-port hub (Foredown Drive) - From Maplins so maybe a collector's item !
Offer: Line filters (Foredown Drive)
Offer: Playstation ? cables (Foredown Drive) - I think this was for connecting a playstation
Offer: DVI and VGA cables (Foredown Drive)