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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Older postal scale (Rathburn & Creditview x) - I’m sure you can measure anything on it. It has a maximum weight of 1 kg.
Offer: Iron Fireplace Cleaning Tools (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - We haven’t used our fireplace in years.These are ready for a new home.
Offer: New - Small bag of wooden beads (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - Fun dexterity toy for a young child. Brightly coloured bag of wooden beads tied with a string that can be used to make a bracelet or necklace.
Offer: New Polly Pocket Monkey and Cat (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - Small Polly Pocket toys. Still in packaging though the other items that w there are gone.
Offer: Joytech 16 MB Memory Card (Rathburn & Creditview x) - If I remember correctly, we used this for a wii. New in package.
Offer: 4 blocks used to elevate bed (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - Not sure if these would be useful to anyone. 4 blocks that we put under the legs of our bed to elevate it after I had a c-section. It made it easier to stand up. About 6” tall.
Offer: Glass cutting board/counter saver (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - Corning 10” x 12” textured glass with rubber feet.
Offer: Older Style Rossingnol Men’s Skis (Rathburn & Creditview x) - Says 290 but I’m not sure if that is the measurement or the model. I can measure the length but they are a bit taller than me and I’m 5’4”.
Offer: Toy Chariot (Rathburn & Creditview x) - Brightly coloured toy chariot. No dolls or accessories.
Offer: Small IKEA Footstool (Rathburn & Creditview x) - Perfect for a toddler to reach the sink.
Offer: Climbing Rope (Rathburn & Creditview x) - Thick rope that my kids used to climb in the basement. Probable 9’ long.
Offer: 12 Zhu ZhuPets (Rathburn & Creditview x) Gifted - Looks like nice and several other animals. Small and cute.
Offer: Caillou Storytime Game (Rathburn & Creditview) - Includes unused disks to create the story but no mat to place them on. I imagine you can use the table or floor.
Offer: Small Castle Toy (Rathburn & Creditview) - Small plastic castle with handle for carrying. Can be used with small dolls. I do not have accessories
Offer: HP Briefcase/Bag (Rathburn & Creditview) Gifted - Black case which would hold a laptop and other items.
Request: Old TV Cabinet (Rathburn & Creditview) Withdrawn - Looking for one of those very old tv cabinets to make into a dog bed. It doesn’t matter if the tv is there or not.if you have one taking up space in your basement, please consider me. Offer: LAST CHANCE Sz 7 ArchRocker (Rathburn & Creditview) - White, Avis ArchRocker sneakers, size 7, not used much. They rock when you walk. It is supposed to use different muscles.
Offer: Last Chance: Mini Backpack (Rathburn & Creditview) - Adidas light purple mini backpack. Good for a small child or to carry at Canada’s Wonderland or Disney or for a lunch. Measures 10.5” high 11” wide.It is in good condition and was used very little.
Offer: Mini Adidas Backpack (Rathburn & Creditview) - Light purple mini backpack. Good for a small child or to carry just a few items. Measures 10.5” high 11” wide.
Offer: Mini Maple Leafs Hockey Stick (Rathburn & Creditview) Gifted - Decorative mini hockey stick. I guess kids can play with them too.
Offer: Size 7 Avia ArchRocker Sneakers (Rathburn & Creditview) - White, size 7, not used much. They rock when you walk. It is supposed to use different muscles.
Offer: Creative Memories Scrapbook Stickers - > 8 sheets (5” x 4”) of cute Creative Memories “Girl’s First Years” scrapbooking stickers. See attached photos for samples. Pickup near Creditview and Rathburn. > > Karen > ---------- ---------- ---------- > Offer: Light Blue Umbra Bathroom Soap Dish/Dispenser - Offering a ceramic bathroom soap dispenser and dish. The dispenser is blue and the dish (attached) is brown. Decorative. No chips. Pickup near CreditView and Rathburn. Request: Little Green Bissell - I have an old Little Green Bissell, but it has kind of run out of steam just when I need it most. Our foster future guide dog puppy seems to have an endless stream of pee. It’s gotten much better, but now we are having problems with our cat who is frightened of the dog. If anyone has a fully working machine that they aren’t using, I would love to have it. Karen Offer: Character Dance Shoes -Size 3 (Rathburn & Creditview) - Size 3, black, not new but perfectly serviceable for a dance class and presentable for a performance.
Offer: Bag of T-Shirts for Rags (Rathburn & Creditview) Gifted - Bag of t-shirts that are well worn but soft. Offer: Bissell CarpetCleaner - Older model which was generously gifted to me but doesn’t fit any of my non-standard faucets. It hooks up to the laundry tap and would probably do an excellent job cleaning your carpets. I am near Creditview and Rathburn. Offer: Cardamom Spices Black Tea (Rathburn & Creditview) Gifted - Contains two foil bags. One is opened with one or two bags used. The other bag is sealed.
Request: Fermenting Crock (Rathburn & Creditview) - I have been making my pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi in jars, but I would love to do it in a crock. If anyone has a fermenting crock that you never use or plan to, I would love to have it. Request: Large Dog Carrier (Rathburn & Creditview) - Our foster guide dog in training is only 8 weeks old and I've been transporting her our cat's carrier. She's a Labrador though and growing fast. I am sure she won't fit in a few weeks. If anyone has a large pet carrier that I can use in the car and that you no longer need, I would love to have it.