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Offer: Body sprays (Lewisberry) - 2 body sprays almost full
Offer: crib size mattress (Lewisberry) Gifted - I received this from a freecycler a few months ago thinking my older dog would love it to sleep on it, but he's still preferring his old thinner bed. Old but no holes, etc. Request: Piece of metal mesh/fence/etc (Lewisberry) - Wondering if anyone has a small piece of hardware cloth, wire mesh, fencing, etc. I only need a 3' by 3' piece. Thanks! Offer: Crib mattress (Lewisberry) - Innerspring crib mattress. I took it for my dog's but surprisingly none of them like it. Offer: Shark Steam mop replacements (Lewisberry) - I have a spare corner shaped attachment with pad as well as the regular rectangle head pad available. NO actual mop. These fit the Genius steam mop model. Request: Bike basket (Lewisberry) - Looking for a basket to attachto the front of an adult bike. Ty! Offer: Rubber roofsupplies (Lewisberry) Gifted - Rubber roof cleaners, patches and caulk. I don't know anything about this stuff - justrescued it from a trash can where I work. Please take all. Offer: Wine corks (Lewisberry) - Bag of used wine corks available for crafts etc Request: Longer zippers (Lewisberry) - Looking for long zippers or zipper tape to make them. Thx! Offer: Little kid writing paper (Lewisberry) Gifted - Available cagain due to noshow. 2 pads of handwriting paper. Half regular lines and half 3 line with dotted midline. Request: Egg rings (Lewisberry) - Looking for metal or silicone egg/muffin rings. Offer: Dresser (Lewisberry) Gifted - Wood dresser. Solid but drawers need some help. Need a specific pick up time. Please do not reply if you have a hard time showing up when you promise. I can't help carry it or lift to vehicle unless husband is home, but we'll have it close to the door either way. No stairs.
Offer: Project storage ottoman bench (Lewisberry) Gifted - Old storage ottoman bench. Used to be red pleather covered but most is ripped off after being a kids toybox for years and attractive to puppies. Could definitely be recovered if someone wants a project. It's still sturdy.
Offer: Bedwetting alarm (Lewisberry) Gifted - Pad goes under sheets and alarms when it detects wetness Offer: Stuffed animals (Lewisberry) Gifted - Trash bag stuffed completely of soft toys. Dog friendly, non smoking house. See Request: Scale (Lewisberry) Received - Looking for a food or postal scale. I make a lot of bread and mine just died! Offer: Freestanding mirror (Lewisberry) Gifted - Full size oval tilting mirror in dark wood frame/stand. Decent used condition. Offer: Little kid writing paper (Lewisberry) Gifted - 2 pads of handwriting paper. Half regular lines and half 3 line with dotted midline. Offer: Foam head (Lewisberry) Gifted - 9.8" tall foam head. Use for wigs, hats, display crafts, etc Offer: Stereo headband (Lewisberry) Gifted - A stretch headband with wireless speakers in it. Connects to Bluetooth and charges in a USB port or charging brick. Just didn't work for what I wanted.
Request: cabinet or hutch etc (Lewisberry) Received - I'm looking for a solid wood cabinet, drysink, bottom half of hutch, etc. Does not need to be pretty. Just needs to fit a spot. I'm going to clean it up and paint to match anyway. Request: Scrub pants (Lewisberry) - Looking for a pair or two of scrub pants with pockets to use for work. Juniors large or ladies 6/8. Request: Scrub pants (Lewisberry) - Looking for a pair or two of scrub pants with pockets. Juniors large or ladies 6/8. Request: Bike pedals and/or seat (Lewisberry) - Trying to fix some hand-me-down bikes for my kids. Need a few parts to make them rideable. Ty! Request: Puzzle lamp (Lewisberry) - Looking for a desk lamp for doing puzzles Offer: box of books (Lewisberry) - various genres. some classics, poetry, novels. please take all and donate or pass along. Request: Wheeled desk chair (Lewisberry) - My little boy is looking for a desk chair on wheels for his home school desk. Adult size is fine since he's at a full size desk. Thanks! Request: Lawn Aerator (Lewisberry) - Doesn't matter if it's the shoes, a push roller, or tow behind. Offer: Stamps (Lewisberry) Gifted - Box of stamps, mostly wood. Some kiddie ones, too. Offer: Furniture to family in need (Dover) Gifted - Loveseat with recliners, and 2 matching recliner chairs. These are only a couple years old, and from boscovs. Home is non-smoking. pet friendly but she never got on them. The recliner he uses has a spot from his head resting there. Would likely spot cleaner out pretty easily. Just no time to clean up & sell before his move. Needs picked up by Thursday and you'll need help as he cannot lift much.
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