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Offer: Box of greeting cards (Lewisberry) Gifted - Big box full of all occasions of greeting cards. Tons of envelopes too. Would be great for picking thru and passing on, or for a teacher - could use for penpal projects or practicing to write greetings, addresses, etc. Offer: Upholstery fabrics (Lewisberry) Withdrawn - Large bolts from an upholstery repair shop. I do not know the exact fabric types or amounts. Please take all and share what you don't need. Fastest pickup preferred
Photo of free Upholstery fabrics (Lewisberry)
Offer: Jewelry making supplies (Lewisberry) Expired - Organizer bag with trays of beads, notions etc. Just take it all and pass along what you don't need. Offer: Polishing grits for rock tumbler (Lewisberry) Gifted - 4 bottles of different size grits for use in Rock tumbler. My daughter's tumbler broke and she has lost interest in it so not replacing Offer: Daycare nap cots (Lewisberry) Gifted - 5 available. Came out of a daycare that closed. Must pickup in lewisberry, preferably take all.
Photo of free Daycare nap cots (Lewisberry)
Offer: Loom crafts (Lewisberry) Gifted - Come get the whole lot and have a new quarantine project!
Photo of free Loom crafts (Lewisberry)
Offer: Jars (Lewisberry) Gifted - Box with a couple dozen jars great for reusing to store food or anything else. Most are saved jelly, ghee, salsa etc jars. All wide or straight mouth. Almost all have lids. Offer: Levelor mini blind (Lewisberry) Gifted - 30.75" size Miniblinds. Were from above kitchen sink. Really nice ones. Just pull down and push up - no string to pull
Photo of free Levelor mini blind (Lewisberry)
Request: shoe racks (Lewisberry) Received - if anyone is doing cleanouts during quarantine :) i'm looking for shoe shelves for the bottom of closets. i cannot use hanging/over the door types. thanks for reading! Offer: metal closet doors (Lewisberry) Gifted - I have 2 metal closet door panels. Top halves are louvers. I figured most likely for a scrapper but these are old, heavy quality doors so many someone wants for a project. No, I don't have pictures or dimensions. Must pick up from driveway in Lewisberry. Request: Baby red cedar trees (Lewisberry) Expired - Does anyone have red cedar trees with saplings coming up? Id really like to plant a few. Request: keyboard instrument stand (Lewisberry) Expired - whoops my last post wasn't clear! i'm looking for a stand to hold up a music keyboard - the large size. Thanks for reading! Request: keyboard stand (Lewisberry) Withdrawn - If you happen to have an unused keyboard stand, we could really use one! Offer: Wood/concrete coating paint (Lewisberry) Expired - One is unopened. Color is "silver lining". It's several years old so I dont know if it's any good but it super expensive stuff so if someone wants to try it, I have my fingers crossed for you!
Photo of free Wood/concrete coating paint (Lewisberry)
Offer: Over door shoe rack (Lewisberry) Expired - Metal shoe rack with hooks for hanging on door. Must pick up in Lewisberry
Photo of free Over door shoe rack (Lewisberry)
Offer: Kitchen items (Lewisberry) Expired - Few knives and tools. Pickup in lewisberry
Photo of free Kitchen items (Lewisberry)
Offer: Hershey smores mug gift set (Lewisberry) Gifted - Gift set in tact with mug, crackers, marshmallows & crackers
Photo of free Hershey smores mug gift set (Lewisberry)
Offer: Quest low carb protein mix (Lewisberry) Expired - *Opened container* Turns out I cant do whey protein anymore. Can anyone use this?
Photo of free Quest low carb protein mix (Lewisberry)
Request: Quilts (Lewisberry) Expired - Looking for quilts. Don't need to be perfect, but usable on couches, please. Thanks! Offer: Body sprays (Lewisberry) Expired - 2 body sprays almost full
Photo of free Body sprays (Lewisberry)
Offer: crib size mattress (Lewisberry) Gifted - I received this from a freecycler a few months ago thinking my older dog would love it to sleep on it, but he's still preferring his old thinner bed. Old but no holes, etc. Request: Piece of metal mesh/fence/etc (Lewisberry) Expired - Wondering if anyone has a small piece of hardware cloth, wire mesh, fencing, etc. I only need a 3' by 3' piece. Thanks! Offer: Crib mattress (Lewisberry) Expired - Innerspring crib mattress. I took it for my dog's but surprisingly none of them like it. Offer: Shark Steam mop replacements (Lewisberry) Expired - I have a spare corner shaped attachment with pad as well as the regular rectangle head pad available. NO actual mop. These fit the Genius steam mop model. Request: Bike basket (Lewisberry) Expired - Looking for a basket to attachto the front of an adult bike. Ty! Offer: Rubber roofsupplies (Lewisberry) Gifted - Rubber roof cleaners, patches and caulk. I don't know anything about this stuff - justrescued it from a trash can where I work. Please take all. Offer: Wine corks (Lewisberry) Expired - Bag of used wine corks available for crafts etc Request: Longer zippers (Lewisberry) Expired - Looking for long zippers or zipper tape to make them. Thx! Offer: Little kid writing paper (Lewisberry) Gifted - Available cagain due to noshow. 2 pads of handwriting paper. Half regular lines and half 3 line with dotted midline. Request: Egg rings (Lewisberry) Expired - Looking for metal or silicone egg/muffin rings.