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Offer: Fire pit table (East End) Gifted - About 10 year old stone (or concrete) top table measures 34.5 x 34.5 and 17.5 inches height. The fire ring tray in the middle is 12x12 with a small fire ring (6,inches?), So never produced large flames. Haven't used it in a long time so the fire pit needs maintenance or replacement. We used small propane canisters (camping) but we have a couple hoses we'll throw in that connects to propane tanks to the unit. We would put a (mosquito) flame lantern in the middle like pictured (not included). Again, no clue if any of it works. Heavy, will need at least 2 folks to move.
Photo of free Fire pit table (East End)
Offer: fire pit - wood burning (East End) Gifted - Round fire pit, some rust but works fine.
Photo of free fire pit - wood burning (East End)
Offer: Hand held showerhead (East End) Expired - Several years old. Still works fine Very similar to this model: Low flow. Email me if you're interested. Offer: Tripod (East End) Expired - The quick release adapter is missing.
Photo of free Tripod (East End)
Photo of free Tripod (East End)
Offer: Office Chair (East End) Gifted - Office chair. Has issues with the piston that keeps the chair elevated (slowly lowers over time). Otherwise it is very clean and in good shape. See photo attached.
Photo of free Office Chair (East End)
Offer: Warriors Banner (East End) Expired - Good condition. Go dubs! See photo here: Offer: Decorative string of butterflies (East End) Expired - This string of 9 butterflies is about 6 feet long. My daughter hung it up in her room as decoration. See photo here: Offer: Magic Bullet cups and blades (east end) Expired - Unfortunately our Magic Bullet blender finally died. We have the cups and blades if you want them. If you think you can fix the blender, we still have that too. Not sure why it stopped working, just did.