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Request: iPhone ear buds 6/7 (West Wash Park) Withdrawn - Any color or brand as long as they work. I appreciate your generosity. Request: vacuum (West Wash Park) - My daughter’s puppies chewed through the cord of my new vacuum. Hoping someone may have a clean, ready to use the vacuum. Non smoking home please. Offer: A bit of extra food (West Wash Park) Gifted - This is not a lot of food, but I have a friend connected to Starbucks who occasionally has extra breakfast sandwiches. They are frozen, and I think I have eight or nine of them. They all have either bacon or sausage. We just have more than we can eat, and I’d appreciate anyone who could pick him up soon. Offer: Extra food (West Wash Park) Gifted - We went to a food distribution, and got a lot of things we don’t eat. Your basic canned food, a bag of Granny Smith apples, red delicious apples, Italian dressing, lettuce, carrots, onions and possibly oranges - along with the other things in the photo. I also have Small bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, flaming hot nacho Doritos, some frozen chicken and a frozen loaf of bread. Still going through it, and might have a few other things. Sorry for typos - I’m dictating. I need it gone immediately because I don’t have room for it.
Photo of free Extra food (West Wash Park)
Offer: Bit of fresh food (West Wash Park) Gifted - We went to a food distribution and cannot use the following: two small bags of oranges, 2 - 5 lb bags of potatoes, a loaf of Sara Lee bread, a bottle of Italian salad dressing, a honeydew melon and a bag of white onions. I may have a few canned items as well. Please respond if you can pick up ASAP. I live in West Wash Park. Request: Handheld Hair Steamer (West Wash Park) Withdrawn - I would be thankful for this or any other product beneficial to the natural hair (4B) transition. Request: External computer monitor (West Wash Park) Withdrawn - Looking for a monitor 20” or larger to connect to my laptop. I have car issues so I cannot travel far from the West Wash Park/Baker area. Thank you so much. Offer: Platform for small fitness ball (West Wash Park) Gifted - This is nearly new, but is designed for a very small fitball, and someone who doesn’t weigh much more than 120 pounds. That is not me. It is on rollers, and really practical. Let me know if you think it might work. I’m in the West Park neighborhood.
Photo of free Platform for small fitness ball (West Wash Park)
Request: Fitness ball 55” or 65” (West Wash Park) Received - The one I received has a slow leak and Eileen not stay inflated. I use this for my back all day, every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s inflated, or not. Request: Fitness ball 55” or 65” (West Wash Park) Received - Mine finally got punctured, and it’s something I use for my back all day, every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s inflated, or not. I have a great pump. Thank you for your generosity. Request: Large Dog Bed (West Wash Park) Expired - This would be for a 50 pound puppy with hip problems. Thanks so much for your generosity. Request: “Newer” sturdy backpack - Wash Pk Expired - This is to support my damaged back during air travel. Must hold a laptop. Non-smoking home please. Sincere thanks! Request: Working Vacuum (non-smoking home) West Wash Park Expired - I appreciate your generosity. My Kirby suddenly stopped working. Thanks! Request: Hooded Dryer (portable) Expired - I am in need of the hardhat type of dryer Similar to the one attached. The larger the better. I have a lot a of hair. I live in the West Wash Park neighborhood. Thanks so much! Offer: New Abby Johnson T-shirt Expired - I won this at an event, and do not want it. It’s gray with pink and white text...very cute. 60% cotton, 40% polyester. I live in the west Wash Park neighborhood. Request: Blowdryer Diffuser Expired - I live in the West Wash Park area. I would appreciate a diffuser attachment or any other gadget for extreme dry hair. Thanks so much. Offer: Working Stove - West Wash Park Expired - I am not sure how old the stove is, but it is a Frigidaire brand. It was a hand me down And works fine, but I was just offered another one - much newer. There is no oven light, but it can easily be replaced. I need to get the stove out of my home as soon as possible. I don’t have anyway to transport it so you would have to have the proper blankets, dolly and whatever else is required to move a stove. Request: Bus tickets, single or monthly Expired - My entire set of keys has disappeared and I have no access to my car. I would appreciate anything you may not need. I live in the West Wash Park community. Request: Clean, working vacuum Expired - I live in the West Wash Park area. My vacuum is falling apart, and the one I received from a freecycler is so filthy, I cannot use it. Does anyone have a vacuum that I can take off their hands? I would be so grateful. Request: Denman brush or products... Expired - .....geared toward natural/textured, African hair. Looking for any items are products that might be effective on low porosity 4B hair. Thank you! Request: Essential Oils – West Wash Park Expired - I would appreciate anything good for stress or hair loss – especially rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon or frankincense. Thank you. Request: iPhone any model (Wash Park) Expired - I could use your help. My phone was destroyed and the second hand phone is unusable. I need a phone today because I am required to take photos at work. Please let me know if you're in the area. Request: iPhone 6/7 charger (West Wash Park) Expired - Thanks so much! Offer: Manual - Special Education Law Colorado (West Wash Park) Expired - This is a great publication produced by Disability Law Colorado. Request: Chaka Khan ticket (s) Expired - I'd be happy to go by myself! That's how much I love her.🤞🏾 Thank you. Request: Beauty Products. (see below) Expired - I'd be grateful for perm or flexirods, haircare, flat iron or hood attachment - anything suitable for natural black hair. Many thanks! Offer: e.l.f. sparkly eyeshadow silver Expired - Never used. Still in box. I live in West Wash Park. Request: Boxycharm May ‘18 Pur Palette Expired - I live in the West Wash Park area. Anything you cannot use - I will. Thanks so much! Request: Fitness Ball or Unused Yoga Mat (W W Pk) Expired - Happy to pick up at your convenience. Request: Perm rods or Flexirods – West Wash Park Expired - Looking for medium to large size rods of any kind. Transitioning to natural hair and they all break sooner than later. Thank you so much!