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Offer: Kambrook Handivac (Glass House Mountains) - Captiv 12V Portable Vacuum Cleaner Still works but only a short time? Needs a good clean, and probably before each use - or I am just slack and forget to clean it out. Comes with instruction booklet also. Offer: Working (old) dishwasher (Glass House Mountains) - Omega DW501WA dishwasher - still works but the baskets are rusting with bits broken including the top basket wheel bit.(Though in general baskets still work fine enough if you just want a dishwasher for free and are not fussy.) Apparently if you take out the baskets, you can steam fish in a dishwasher! Offer: Large sanyo microwave (Glass House Mountains) - A very old LARGE microwave - still working when last used (about a yr ago - sat in storage since, and needs a clean - sorry). Made back when things were made to last and when microwave cooking was the new thing - so it could practically fit a roast! External Size is 380H x 460D x 610W
Offer: Billy Cart (Glass House Mountains) - Would you like a billy-cart? You can have this one! It needs some TLC to look the part, but goes ok. I put a new chain on it within the past year to encourage my daughter to use pedals - but she barely touches it. It may as well go to someone who will make the most of it.
Offer: advantix film (Glass House Mountains) - Kodak advantix 25exp APS 400 film, never been used. lost the camera even. Offer: Ice-cream maker, coffee maker (Glass House Mountains) - TEFAL Coffee maker - see pics. Fairly basic ice-cream maker, Comes with recipe / instruction book Water Rats DVD - unopened
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Offer: Water Rats S4 DVD (Glass House Mountains) - Brand new, never opened Water Rats series 4 (Part 1??) DVD
Offer: Advantix APS film (Glass House Mountains) - Kodak advantix 25Exp 400 APS film Never opened. Offer: Reptile Food (Glass House Mountains) - 2x 34g cans: Grasshoppers & Crickets XL (ExoTerra brand) We had a rescue water dragon and bought this for it, but it wasn't interested and subsequently released rehabbed, back into the wild. These cans are old, opened and not refrigerated so possibly 'off' but don't 'expire' til Oct 2019. Request: car tyres (Glass House Mountains) - Hi there, I am seeking old used car tyres for young tree protection. (Or if you have any super old ones without the steel cables in them, I will make kids tyre swings) Cheers! Request: bricks / blocks / pavers (Glass House Mountains) - Hi, I would appreciate any bricks / blocks / pavers that you may have lying around. Bessa blocks, any size, any amount. No need to be in great shape - dirty / chipped, all fine. Thanks for your help! Request: baby fruit & vege vines (Glass House Mountains) - Hi, I want to cover a fenceline with fruit bearing vines - like grapes (any variety), & passionfruit. At the base I'm keen for melons (any variety -watermelon / cantaloupe / honeydew), & pumpkins etc Young plants are fine, even ones you are not sure are what any more, so that I can teach my daughter about growing her own food. I am hoping to grow from seed as well - so can offer some of these (if they take) later as well. Thanks! Offer: Solar Lights - not working (Glass House Mountains) - Hi, I have ~18 solar garden lights - of which 10 don't seem to work at all, and 8 - if they have a good battery, don't seem to turn off (so would be on during the day draining the battery.). If you are electronically minded, you could possibly get them going again? Offer: Flyscreen Frames (The Gap) - I have a number of lengths of flyscreen framing - some ~2m,(maybe longer?) others short like 1m. Mostly dark green or brown in colour as was attached to a verandah. Has been outside for awhile so just needs a clean.