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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Big cofee table (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Solid wood. In good condition except for some scratches. 95cm x 57 x 44 cm We are giving it away because we don´t have any more use for it.
Offer: Desk and shelves unit (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Light colour. Solid and in good condition. I added a lot of extra shelves to store lots of paper work but they can be very easily removed. We are giving them away because we have no more use for them.
Offer: Dog bed (Hatfield Marketplace) - Grey, perfect condition. 75cm x 53 cm
Offer: 2 shelving units (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - High: 108 cm Wide: 40 cm Deep: 41 cm Dark color. In good state. Some minor scratches at the top.
Offer: 2 shelving units (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - High: 108 cm Wide: 40 cm Deep: 41 cm Dark color. In good state. Some minor scratches at the top. Offer: Travel bag and suitcase (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Big travel bag and big suitcase. They are in good condition and both have wheels.
Offer: Hanging cupboard storages (two of them) (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - See pictures. Measures are: 120 cm x 28 cm x 30 cm They can be totally folded.
Offer: Tool chest (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Plastic tool chest in perfect condition. It needs a little clean because it has been sitting in a corner for years. Wheels and handle for transport.
Offer: Big gazeebo canvas (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Four different really big canvas. I have been using them outdoors to improvise shades and other areas in larps and reenactement events. Now I will not use them any more. The gree ones are 3 x 2 m and are in perfect state. They have velcros in three sides to attach them to a gazeebo. They are water resistant. The cream and green border one is 4.20 x 2.30 m aprox It's cotton. It has two little holes a big darker area in the middle. I was looking for something imperfect, so it was perfect for my needs months ago. It has plastic hooks in three of its borders. The cream and orange border one is 4.40 x 3.00 m aprox. It's cotton. It's in quite good condition. It has plastic hooks in three of its borders. I give them away because my days of creativity when setting a camp have ended as I purchased a tent.
Offer: Canvas wardrobe / closet (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Big wardrobe. Very light and easy to move. It can be disassembled for transport. Aprox measurements are 55 x 110 x 180 cm (sorry, we are moving and could not find the measuring tape). It's in perfect condition. Not a single stain or wear off. Adding to the selves it has pockets in one side that can be removed (velcro) to store little things. It did us a great service but now it doesn't fit in our new home.
Offer: Computer desk (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Micke model from Ikea in black Good state. We give it away because we got a new one that suits better with our living room. It's the model in the link but in black. / Offer: Tupperwares (Hatfield Marketplace) - A good bunch of tupperwares. Cleaned and stored for months. I don't have use for them. Offer: Shelving (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - In good condition. I give it away beacuse the dustball in the picture decided to move to another shelving and I have no more use for it. 180 x 80 x 20 cm aprox Offer: Ironing board (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - In good shape and stable. Has been stored for years. The cover will need a little cleaning. I give it away because I never iron my clothes. Offer: Single bed (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Solid pine bed from Ikea. Mattress included. Perfect shape. Ocasionaly used (guests bedroom). Disasembled and ready to go. Offer: Lap table (Hatfield Marketplace) Gifted - Good state, totally foldable for storage, height and angle can be adjusted. It has been stored for a long time and we don't have any more use for it.