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Request: packing peanuts (south of Ankeny) Expired - If you have packing peanuts you need to get rid of, will take them off your hands. In need of the (usually styrofoam) individual peanut-shaped ones, not the air pockets. Will pick up within about 20 miles of Des Moines metro area. TIA Offer: blue icicle lights (south of Ankeny) Expired - white wire with small blue lights. These are not LED lights. There are about 4-5 sets plugged as one long string. They were taken down 2 years ago and then we got new lights. Offer: drywall sheet (south of Ankeny) Withdrawn - We have a full 4 by 8 foot sheet of drywall left from a project. It is clean. Couple corners may not be perfectly square because I had to slide it out of the way on the garage floor the other day. Offer: carpet (south of Ankeny) Gifted - Will be pulling up some carpet that is not perfect but still has some good use and wear left. Some stains/spots but not large and for the most part not obviously noticeable. There is no pad with this, just the carpet. Came from Home Depot originally about 9 years ago, brand no longer in business Beaulieu Sonderland. Color is called straw so is a very neutral color. Due to the size of the family room, the carpet is in 3 separate pieces as follows; all can go to same person. 12 feet x 9 feet plus an attached section that's 2.5 feet x 5 feet 12 feet x 12 feet 12 feet x 7 feet Will be pulling up next Wednesday, November 20th so would appreciate immediate pick up. I will hold it until the weekend if needed as long as you assure me you'll come get it. All arrangements will be made via email, please do not ask that I call or text you. Offer: laundry basket - Ankeny Expired - White 1.5 bushel laundry basket with curved side that sits against your side for easier carrying. It has a crack on that side which does poke and can scratch which is why my husband bought a new one. Pictures of basket including crack can be found at following link (let me know if link doesn't work) Arrangements will be made via email only. Please do not ask that I call or text you. Request: boxes to pack books Expired - Looking for small boxes to pack books. Anything too big and the boxes are too heavy once packed. The ones that copy paper come in are great size. We'd welcome any others about this same size. Will come get them as quickly as possible. Thank you. Offer: Men's button-down short sleeve shirts Expired - My husband cleaned out some of his button-down shirts. There are about 12 to give away. These are mostly light-weight materials like cotton or cotton blends, not the knitted cotton type that polo shirts are usually made of. Shirts are not all perfect. Most have nothing wrong other than wear so not as bright colors as originally, etc.; a few may have a small stain (usually grease); and 1 or 2 may have a tear at the bottom hem. Sizes are large mostly. Still lots of wear and would be good use for mowing or other work where it doesn't matter if it gets ruined. Please do not ask that I call you for arranging pickup. All arrangements will be made via email. I'm just south of Ankeny but can meet in north DSM or Johnston as well. Offer: notebooks, paper and learning materials - Ankeny Gifted - Cleaning out some things and have the following to offer. I will split these among more than 1 person if needed or if 1 person can utilize all, I'm okay with that as well. Need these gone within a couple weeks. Please do not ask me to call for arranging pick-up, all arrangements will be made via email. Please provide day of the week and general time (morning, afternoon, evening) that works to arrange pickup. 1) spiral notebooks and loose notebook paper large stack spiral notebooks - probably close to 30 notebooks used by my kids in school but many blank pages still left; we have removed any that were written on there are various amounts of pages left in each some were labeled on front cover for math, writing, etc. but the paper inside is still very usable also have additional loose leaf paper and some colored plain (non-lined) paper 2) homemade scratch pads (picture available from link below) I was using the notebooks above and construction paper or colored paper to make these as a way to recycle the notebook paper. It has gotten out of hand now with the amount of notebooks and time involved. we found these nice to share for children activity bags at church or other places where children need to stay occupied 3) curriculum workbooks and activity sheets (picture available from link below) These were used very little so still a lot of use from them, some of them were never written in They would be a great resource to copy the pages and use for more than 1 student/child items of following types: individual comprehensive curriculum workbooks of basic skills for grades 1 through 4 jump start Kindergarten time and money handwriting spelling phonics and spelling math various packets sent home by teachers for 1st and 2nd grade skills pictures of items 2 and 3 from link below Offer: items for creating spiral curls in hair - Ankeny Expired - I have 3 different items available that are designed for creating spiral curls. My daughter's show choir days are long over so it would be nice to pass these on to someone that can use them. I'm not sure if the show choirs in the area do the big spiral curls any longer but perhaps there is someone that can use them for dance, etc. I will be happy to give all to one person if the situation is right or each item can go to someone different. Please email me for all arrangements; do not ask that I call you. Please give a day and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) that works for pick up. It would be nice to have these gone this weekend or next week but I'm in no hurry. Item #1 Package of 18 rod spiral curlers. Each curler is about 8 1/2 inches long. There are 8 pink rods (about 1/2" diameter) and 10 blue rods (about 3/8" diameter). These are designed so you wind a small section of hair in a spiral down the whole length of the foam covered rod and then bend in the middle to secure. This link shows a picture of them: Item #2 Complete package of Curlformers. This is the package of curlers designed for long hair (up to 14"). There are 20 orange and 20 pink curlers. Pink makes a clockwise spiral curl; orange makes a counter clockwise spiral curl. Also contains 2 hooks and instructions. They are almost like new as were used about 4-5 times. The curl former is a flexible piece of plastic that looks like a spiral curl itself when closed but opens like a long tube. The hook is a soft plastic that has an end something like a large latch hook. You push the hook through the tube to open it and pull a section of damp hair into the tube. When you let go, the curler "bounces back" to it's spiral shape. So once the hair is dry and curler is removed, you have a spiral curl. The flexible plastic they are made of can work for you to sleep in the curlers perhaps a little more comfortably then traditional curlers or even the rod curlers I have as item #1 This link is a description and has pictures of the curlers as well as how they are used: Item #3 curling wand. It's a curling iron but with no clamp. The barrel at the base is 1" and narrows to 1/4" at the tip. You wrap the hair around the barrel starting at the base towards the tip to create the spiral curl. There is a glove of sorts that covers your thumb and first 2 fingers for protection as you are wrapping the hair around the hot iron. With as much hair as my daughter has and having to have curls all over, we only used this a couple times before finding other ways to get spiral curls. Here's a link to the exact curling wand I have to offer: Offer: Used men's tennis shoes size 9.5 - Ankeny Expired - I have 4 pair of men's tennis shoes which are used, with no holes, but still some wear left in them. They'd be good for lawn work, mowing, etc. where it didn't matter the look as they are dingy white. All 4 pairs are size 9 1/2 and almost identical in design - all white with dark blue N (for New Balance) or stripes (Sketcher's). I will give all 4 to one person if the need is great or am happy to divide and give to more than one person. Please email me only for arrangements. Do not ask that I call you. Let me know day and approximate time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) that works for you to pick up. It would be great to get rid of them this weekend but I am in no hurry. Offer: Craftsman push lawn mower needs work Expired - 6.75 hp Craftsman self-propelled push lawn mower, guessing about 15+ years old. Starts and runs but runs rough. Engine is good but probably needs some carburetor work. In full disclosure, we just got it used from someone last couple days and husband thought he could work on it. Put in fresh gas and oil and sharpened the blade. Would like to see someone be able to use it; it's a heavy duty mower and think it would be good for someone with the right know how. pictures at the following link: Offer: older style (not flat screen) 20" TV - ANKENY Expired - This is an older, console-type, non-flat screen TV that is heavy. It's a GE manufactured in 1994 but still worked when we unplugged it early this year around February. There is only 1 cable port in the back but we used an adapter that let us plug in a VCR/DVD and/or the Wii. The adapter has 1 S video port, 1 set of red-white-yellow (audio/video) ports along with TV in and out ports (for coax cables). The adapter we used will be given with the TV. There is a remote control as well. This was our TV for a long time and was replaced when the info on the screen became too small for my husband to see well. The last about 6 months we used it, there was an occasional thick black line across the bottom and top where the picture didn't completely fill in the screen. But this only lasted a few seconds and would return to normal and then didn't happen again for days. Being over 20 years old, there is no guarantee how long it will continue to work but if you'd like to take a chance and/or have a TV for free for a little while anyway, please respond that you are interested. I will only make arrangements via email; please do not ask that I call or text you. I would appreciate knowing a time-frame (morning, afternoon, evening) and day (weekday, weekend) that you can pick this up. Offer: grey, oval, ceramic, drop-in bathroom sink - Ankeny Expired - This is the older, heavy ceramic type sink. It's a standard size oval measuring 20" across (L-R as you look at it) and 17" deep (front to back). It's a drop-in style where there's a "lip" around the outside which sits on the counter but is usually sealed then with silicon caulk under this "lip" edge. There are no cracks or chips in the sink; it's only problem is the boring grey color. It was in the house when we moved in 16 years ago so is at least that old (I'm guessing actually 1990s). The drain and small piece of non plastic pipe is still in the sink as there wasn't anything wrong with it and we didn't want to break it or crack the sink. We had actually replaced the drain and faucet once so the drain is not 16 years old like the sink. The faucet is no longer attached though and not available as it was not in good shape when we removed it. We removed most of the old caulk from the underside "lip" but it's not perfect. If interested, please let me know time-frame (morning, afternoon, evening) and day (weekday, weekend) that you can pick this up. All arrangements will be made via email; please do not ask that I call or text you. Offer: pens, pencils, pencil box, dry eraser - Ankeny Gifted - I have about 5 different things to offer as described below. Some of this was from "end of school year" sacks of supplies brought home by my kids from over 5 years ago; others are just extras that accumulated at home over time. If someone can truly use all of these, you can have everything; otherwise, I will split between maybe 2-3 people. Please let me know your preference and need when responding. All arrangements will be made via email; please don't ask that I call or text you. item 1) pencils of all kinds - mechanical, regular, colored, fun kid designs, some with shaped erasers, just a wide variety. I have gone through them all and removed the stubby ones or those regular #2 pencils with no erasers left. They are currently in a paper shopping bag with handles (Bath and Body) and the bag is about half full item 2) ink pens of all kinds - some with advertising, plain Bics with caps, retractable ones, etc. There are 3-4 bags of Papermate or Bic pens with caps (non-retractable kind) that are new and unopened. Except for the sealed bags of unopened pens, I tested all the rest and removed any that didn't work. They are currently in a Wal-Mart bag which is less than about half full. item 3) one plastic pencil box - it's still in good shape and "latches" with the square type latch where there's an open rectangle on the top lid and closed rectangle on the bottom lid but it's hinged on 1 side (hope that's making sense). I didn't measure but it's probably about 8" wide by 4" deep by 2" tall and would hold a lot. item 4) two dry erase board erasers. They have been used but have plenty of the soft black eraser stuff left and are in decent shape item 5) two pairs rounded safety scissors (used most likely in Preschool or Kindergarten). One set is completely plastic with no metal at all. The other set is plastic body and small not-sharp-to-the-touch strip at the cutting edge. These are the kind where they don't seem to be good for cutting anything but paper (in my opinion). Offer: Learning materials - Ankeny Expired - 2 different sets of items offered as described below. These could go to the same person or 2 different people - I will decide upon receiving requests. Please email only and do not ask that I call you for making any arrangements for pickup. I know school has started already and curriculum is planned but I'd be happy if someone or group can REALLY use them. item 1 - a stack of kid's magazines called The Big Backyard, published by the Wildlife Federation. We seem to have 3 years worth from 2002-2004. Each had a pullout poster which I don't think we ever removed when getting the magazines (although I didn't check each one this time around). item 2 - Amazing Facts Activity Fun books, copyright 1988 but I don't think the facts about these topics have changed much so I think they'd still be relevant. These would be best for 3rd grade or higher as there's a fair amount of reading in them. According to the back cover there were 12 titles in the series; I have 9 of them. Titles / subjects are: Insects, Wild Animals, Reptiles, Prehistoric Animals, The Earth, The Human Body, Rocks and Minerals, Beginning Science, Wild Animals of North America. As I thumbed through them I found only 1 or 2 pages in just a couple of the books that one of my kids completed. The pages and covers are in great shape and the pages could easily be copied so the activities could be done by more than 1 child. Answers for each activity are in the back of the book. Offer: 3 tomato cages - Ankeny Expired - I have three tomato cages I'm not going to use. They have just 3 circles/rungs on them and I needed the ones with 4 instead so these have not been used. If interested, please let me know day and timeframe (morning, afternoon, evening) you can come. All arrangements will be made via email; please do not ask me to call or text you for arranging pickup.