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Offer: Large duck egg blue/green sofa (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, this is a comfy sofa with some stains. Its very large about 7 feet across, can give metre measurements if needed. It’s comfy and good for a visitor to sleep on. I can’t deliver and you would need to have some labour to carry it down one flight of stairs.
Offer: 3 cardboard boxes for moving (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I have three strong boxes if anyone can use them. Offer: bubble wrap and tissue (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I have a couple of cardboard boxes of used bubble wrap, tissue and newspaper, might be useful for someone moving house. In Shawlands near the arcade. Request: Old metal garden gate / fence (Shawlands) - Hi, I’m looking for an old metal gate or section of fencing to make a garden wall trellis, preferably with some curly patterns, rusty is welcome! I’m in Shawlands and can pick up to suit. Thanks. Offer: Boxes for moving (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I have three medium sized and one large cardboard box if anyone want them. They are strong boxes that I get deliveries in and nice and clean. Offer: Box of jam jars (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I seem to have collected a lot of these, if anyone wants them they’re yours. I have matching lids. Offer: Boxes for moving or whatever (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I’ve got about seven cardboard boxes and some packing noodles and airbags if anyone could use them. Offer: Two carpet offcuts, grey marl (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I have two bits of good thick quality carpet, the big one is very approx 77cm tall by 300cm long. No idea what you might do with them but perhaps you do. Collect after Wednesday, Shawlands. Offer: High sleeper bed (Shawlands) - Hi I'm breaking down this high sleeper bed today, it has a few problems- handrail only on one side and one crosspiece at the back has sheared off, a couple of the screws are missing. It's been a good quality bed and has a nice big desktop and shelf so worth the effort with a bit of bodging! Shelf unit and mattress not included. Measures approx 202cm wide, 98cm deep or 140cm if you include the ladder, 185cm high. Offer: Isotonic and Energy gels (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi, I have three unopened boxes of Science in Sport isotonic gels, and a bag of go energy gels, mostly with caffeine as I couldn't use these ones. All are out of date (2015)- I don't imagine this is critical. Due to injury I'm not able to exercise intensely so haven't used them. Offer: Aquarium (Battlefield) Gifted - Aquaone 620 aquarium, with stand, in bad cosmetic condition, mostly dirty and with a lot of paint flecks from not being covered during decorating, but it is a lovely deep aquarium and very nice when running. You can Google the make for set up details and exact dimensions. I'm including some accessories. Please leave a mobile number when replying, thanks. Request: Maps, any condition (Shawlands) - Hi, I wonder if anyone has any old maps of any sort -eg road maps, ordnance survey, street maps for a craft project. I had collected quite a few but they got put out by mistake : ( it doesn't matter if they are torn or discoloured. I'm in Shawlands. Thanks! Offer: Single futon chair frame only (Shawlands) Gifted - Hi this is the frame for a single futon, folds out to a single bed but there are a couple of struts missing at the foot end so you need to put a box under it if using as a bed.