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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Jigsaw Puzzles -500+ pieces for FIL (S. Redondo Beach) - My 86 year old Father-in-law lives in Long Beach, CA. We have mostly been trying to stay away from him so he has been fairly isolated during COVID closures. He likes to do jigsaw puzzles to pass the time and keep his mind sharp, but he has done all of his at least twice and can’t find any online. If anyone is willing to part with a puzzle with at least 500 pieces, I would love to pick it up off your porch and leave it on my FIL’s porch. It would make him so happy! Thank you and stay healthy! Heather Offer: Owners manual 1997 Toyota Celica (S. Redondo Beach) - Anyone interested in an owners manual for.a 1997 Toyota Celica?
Offer: Egg cartons (S. Redondo Beach) Gifted - I have several egg cartons available. Anyone interested? Offer: Cardboard tubes (S. Redondo Beach) - I have numerous cardboard tubes from paper towels, wrapping paper and toilet paper rolls. Anyone interested? Offer: Letter size file folders (El Segundo) - I have 50+ letter size Manila file folders. They were used once for an organizing project and have writing on the tabs. No clips inside. Anyone interested? Available for pickup in El Segundo (Rosecrans/Nash) or South Redondo (PCH/Torrance) or drop-off in between those locations.
Offer: Boxes (El Segundo) Gifted - I have about 15+ xerox paper type boxes for pick up in El Segundo (Rosecrans/Nash) between now and 12/31.
Offer: Cardboard tubes (S. Redondo Beach) - Anyone have a need for cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls, paper towels and wrapping paper? Maybe for a school project? Offer: Dumbo movie puzzle and poster (S. Redondo Beach) Gifted - I have a Dumbo movie jigsaw puzzle and identical poster 14 x 20 up for grabs. Anyone? Offer: Miscellaneous cardboard boxes (S. Redondo Beach) - I have a whole bunch of Amazon and similar style cardboard boxes, varying sizes in good condition. Anyone have a need? Would be great for someone with an eBay business ... Request: Hula hoop? (S. Redondo Beach) - I joined a hula hoop group. anyone have one they no longer want? Offer: Tennis ball picker-upper? (S. Redondo Beach) - Anyone have a use for one of those metal baskets used to pick up tennis balls? It’s old but it works!
Request: Tomato Cages (S. Redondo Beach) - Before I go buy tomato cages, I wanted to check here to see if anyone has one or more lying around that you’re not planning to use. I’d be grateful to take these off your hands. Offer: Cardboard boxes (S. Redondo Beach) - I have approximately 80 identical cardboard boxes, 9.5” x 6” x 2.5” ... great for someone who can reuse for eBay type business or to store/sort small items. Take one, some or all. Anyone?
Offer: Red mesh bags (S. Redondo Beach) - Has anyone found a use for the red mesh bags that veggies come in at the grocery store? I have a lot and have offered in the past so, if no takers this time, they’re going in the blue bin! Offer: Cardboard tubes (TP etc.) (S. Redondo Beach) - Read somewhere that teachers have a use for cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels and wrapping paper so I started saving them. Have a bunch in a variety of sizes. Anyone? Offer: Empty 1/2 gallon milk jugs (S. Redondo Beach) - I have 8 clean half-gallon milk jugs. Had the idea of a container garden but don’t think I’m going to get to that any time soon. Anyone interested? Offer: Old Magazines (S. Redondo Beach) - Is anyone interested in old magazines? Mostly 2008-2010 issues of Sunset, Money, Fitness, Family Fun, Women’s Day, Westways (AAA magazine, 2018), Redbook (2018), and a couple other random ones? Take some or all ... in good condition.
Offer: Small cardboard boxes 9x6x3 (S. Redondo Beach) - I have approximately 30 identical cardboard boxes, approximately 9x6x2 capacity. These are used but in great condition. Could be good for someone who ships a lot with an eBay business, or to store stuff for crafts/hobbies.
Request: Walker and/or wheelchair (S. Redondo Beach) - I’m looking to borrow a walker and/or wheelchair for family member who is having some dizziness issues ... until doctors can resolve. If anyone has either collecting dust and are willing to part with them for maybe a couple of months, please let me know. Offer: Red envelopes (S. Redondo Beach) - 2 Chinese New Year red envelopes from Panda Express promotion
Offer: Miscellaneous small bags (S. Redondo Beach) - Gold mesh bag, 2 patterned gold mesh bags, green mesh bag, pink canvas pouch. Take one, several or all.
Offer: Small hard plastic folding box (S. Redondo Beach) - Small hard plastic box that folds open and closed. Originally used to hold floppy disks.
Offer: Small cardboard boxes (S. Redondo Beach) - 14 cardboard boxes. These were amenity boxes from a hotel. 6 of one color and 8 of the other color. The boxes have removable inserts dividing the inside into 4 sections. Could be good for party favors, storing small items, crafts?
Offer: Rubber bands (S. Redondo Beach) - A lot of rubber bands...anyone?
Offer: Glass containers (S. Redondo Beach) - Empty wine jug and empty pasta sauce jars. Any crafters who can use these for projects?
Offer: Plastic containers (S. Redondo Beach) - Two empty tennis ball jars, one with a lid and one without, an airborne container and a dental floss container. Anyone need these for storing items? Or crafters with upcycle ideas?
Offer: Empty compact with mirror (S. Redondo Beach) - This is a used empty makeup compact with a mirror inside. Maybe good for use as a compact mirror for a scout/camper?
Offer: mayonnaise, sealed, exp. 11/18 (S. Redondo Beach) - I have two 30 oz. containers of Heinz mayonnaise, unopened. Both expire in November 2018. Take one or both.
Offer: 30 red mesh produce bags (S. Redondo Beach) - 30 red mesh produce bags. Anyone have any use for these? Seems they could make a tutu for a Halloween costume? Carry small sand toys or flip flops for beach trip? Tote soap, shampoo etc. to shower while camping? Take one, several or all ...
Offer: Nonfat milk, “best by” 6/24 (S. Redondo Beach) Gifted - I had a friend staying with me for the last 2 days of her visit before she flew home and she left me all her liquids that could not travel ... I have an unopened gallon of nonfat milk, “best by” date is 6/24. Anyone interested?