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Offer: Bags from newspapers (Champaign) Expired - If you have a newspaper delivery person who needs the bags to keep the papers dry, I have a couple weeks worth. Request: iPhone 6 case (Champaign) Withdrawn - Any that is in good to excellent condition that you're willing to spare. Something not feminine and that an adult male might carry compared to a teenage male. Thanks in advance. Offer: PS3 with YLOD (Champaign) Expired - PlayStation 3. Has the yellow light of death once it powers on. If you have knowledge of the issue or know of anyone that can fix it, it'd make a great device to stream, play games/dvds/bluray, etc. Just the system and power cord. No games or controller. Request: masculine colored wallflowers Expired - Mine are sort of pink and clash with my bathroom decor. Willing to trade mine for yours of a more neutral color. Offer: scrubbing bubbles shower cleaning kit Expired - never opened and unused. Offer: CVS Coupon Expired - Save $8 on a $60 purchase. I'll never spend that much on one trip to this store. Must have a rewards account I believe. My loss is your gain Offer: Brown couch Expired - Older, lots of life yet. Cushions included. Corner of Anita and Cynthia in Champaign. Offer: Five gallons of white paint Expired - Partial five gallon container. Maybe somewhere between 2.5-3 gallons left. Sherwin Williams brand. Will provide address upon contact. Thanks. Request: Meijer coupons Expired - There are two mailings of coupons that Meijer has been mailing. The usual one comes at the end of every month. The latest one has come out within the last few days. I'd appreciate any or all that you're willing to share. Thanks in advance. Offer: 6' Artificial Tree Expired - Still have the box it fits in. Hasn't been used in years. Offer: Artificial tree and Reindeer Ornament Expired - Unsure of the height of the tree and the reindeer ornament is supposed to light up but it can still be used as a visual display. Will provide address for pick up to first person. Request: Unused Meijer Coupons Expired - They tend to come out once a month. Any that aren't used would be appreciated. Thanks. Offer: pocket steam mop Expired - My original one stopped working. Ordered the handle off of eBay. Seems the nozzle may be clogged. Perhaps combining the parts from both, one could make a working one. Maybe you have one already and could use the parts from these. Offer: TDK unopened Hi8 tape Expired - Camcorder tape. Never opened and unused. Two hour length. Offer: non working gps Expired - Worked great then stopped out out of the blue a couple years ago. Comes with the owners manual and the window mount. It takes an easy to find power cord. The model to look up online for referencing is the Venturer HPS9308. Offer: Radar Detector Expired - Bought several years ago on Craigslist. Barely used it and been sitting in my car for a while. Needs suction cups for the mount but comes with the unit and power cord. Specs are below. Whistler Model 1730