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Request: Single bed and wipe able mattress (Perth craigie) - Looking for a single bed that has wipeable mattress like hospital bed for family member who in hospital Offer: mama n papa (Perth craigie) Withdrawn - mama n papa pram and carry cot there one rain cover but not sure if fits as was given pram and been stored away and not used as I bought pram
Offer: yellow mosses basket (Perth craigie) Withdrawn - yellow mosses basket and rocking stand will need a wash and new mattress
Offer: baby bath (Perth craigie) Withdrawn - baby bath will need a clean
Offer: leap frog spin and learn toy (Perth craigie) Withdrawn - leap frog learn and play toy lights up will need a clean
Offer: zebra toy (Perth craigie) Gifted - bouncy and spins and lights up
Offer: black tun with holes (Perth craigie) Gifted - black tub used for flowers but used it for a toy box any one want it
Offer: unti with doors (Perth craigie) Gifted - unit with doors not needed now anyone one it
Offer: gro bag (Perth craigie) Gifted - gro bag 2.5 tog 6-18 months does have few marks on the top
Offer: breast pads (Perth craigie) Gifted - breast pads two boxes not needed
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Request: Bunk bed guard (Perth craigie) - Looking for a bunk bed guard for top bunk as daughter one doent have one stop her falling out Request: bunk beds (Perth craigie) - kids bunk beds Request: bunk bed (Perth craigie) - looking for bunk beds so girls can share a room Offer: Hello kitty ball pit (Perth craigie) - Hello kitty ball pit does stand up just poles not been put in
Offer: Baby cot and mattress (Perth craigie) - Baby cot and mattress
Request: Pc processor (Perth craigie) - Looking for a pc processor as mine broken does anyone have one they don't need please thanks Offer: Mixed baby clothes (Perth craigie) - Mixed sizes some bobble and smell of smoke was given to me but not needed as baby a boy so will need washed
Request: fold up bed (Perth craigie) - looking for a single fold up bed for my mum who coming to visit Request: pepa pig (Perth craigie) - pepa pig toys Request: kids double pram (Perth craigie) - looking for dolls pram to fit two dolls in Request: plastic food and pots (Perth craigie) - looking for plastic foods pots pans microwaves etc for my daugther kitchen Request: hamster cage (Perth craigie) Received - looking for a hamster cage as daugther would like to get hamster if anyone they dont need no more please Offer: Swimming training seat (Perth craigie) - 3-13 months swimming training seat
Request: printer (Perth craigie) - looking for a printer as mine decide not to want to print says out of paper when has paper in so doesnt print Request: Freezer (Perth craigie) - Looking for a freezer as my freezeer decided to stop working amd seal gone on it Offer: Metal double bed (Perth craigie) - Double metal bed with mattress Request: safety gates (Perth craigie) - does anyone have any safety gates they dont need please looking for a friend who needs 2 for her grand kids thanks Request: tumble dryer (Perth craigie) - anyone got a tumble dryer please for my freind thanks Request: cot bed (Perth craigie) - looking for a cot bed for a freind anyone have one please Request: Various items (Perth craigie) - Looking for these following items for a friend who has moved into a house. Girls curtains, carpet or a rug, lampshade, paint, single and double bed frame, gardening tools and a microwave. Thanks