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Request: 8 foot folding tables (Sullivan) - Hello! The Sullivan Church is in need of a few 8 foot folding tables. Not the wooden ones please...the lighter polyurethane ones. Thank you! Offer: Threads Magazine (Keene-ish) - 7 copies of Threads Magazine from 2013...lots of good ideas. From a nonsmoking, pet free home. Pqo6L
Request: Quilt batting (Keene-ish) - Hello! Looking for quilt batting....doesn't matter whether it is cotton or polyester. Large pieces are ok too! Thank you! Offer: Threads Magazine (Keene-ish) - 7 copies of Threads Magazine from 2013...lots of good ideas. From a nonsmoking, pet free home.
Request: small treadmill or stationary bike (Keene-ish) - Hello! Looking for a small, working, treadmill or stationary bike. Request: small plywood pieces (Keene-ish) - looking for pieces of plywood that can be used as bases for dining room chairs. Approximately 17 inches by 17 inches ...or more....I can always cut them down to size. Thank you! Offer: toaster oven (Keene-ish) Gifted - Great condition - toaster oven Euro Pro X Clean...hardly used Request: Linen tablecloths (Keene-ish) - Looking for linen tablecloths....can have some stains....I will be using them in a recycled project. Thank you! Offer: Fabric scraps and samples (Keene-ish) Gifted - ATTENTION TEACHERS AND OTHER CRAFT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One box of fabric scraps and two boxes of designer fabric samples. Clean, from a non-smoking, no pet home. Request: small furniture pieces (Keene-ish) - small tables, chairs, foot stools, bar stools, folding tables......... They can be in rough shape....I will be refinishing them. Thank you! Request: corner desk (Keene-ish) Received - looking for a corner desk to use in my sewing space. Doesn't have to be in excellent condition....going to be a working desk. Thank you! Request: Clean poly stuffing (Keene-ish) - I'd prefer stuffing from a non-smoking house please. I have lots of pillows to stuff....if you have any unwanted poly stuffing...I can sure use it. Thank you! Request: Wall paper table (Keene-ish) - Long, flat, folding table used to lay out wall paper and apply paste to. I remember helping my Dad wallpaper and used this kind of table. Request: pipe wrench - 2 (Keene-ish) - Good Day, The Keene Senior Center is in need of two pipe wrenches. If you have a few to spare....we would appreciate them! Thank you! Request: Sap Buckets (Keene-ish) Received - Hi, I am going to tap a few trees and am looking for four sap buckets. Thanks! Offer: office partition and shelves (Keene-ish) - Hello, I have a set of office partitions with table sections that attach. Picture is attached. I do not have exact dimensions but the partition is about six feet in height and enough pieces to make it about eight feet long. There are two table sections that can be inserted to run the entire length for a self contained office. The color of all is beige.There are three segments of walls and two segments of table.
Request: Small book case (Keene-ish) - Hello! I am looking for a small book case that is sturdy. If it is a mess visually that is ok - I will re-finish it. Thank you! Request: Vertical coat rack (Keene-ish) - Looking for a free standing coat rack...metal or wood. Thanks Offer: Oreck XL cannister vacuum (Keene-ish) - Many years old, has all the attachments.....I think it needs a new motor. Request: Rolling clothes rack (Keene-ish) - Hello, Looking for a sturdy, rolling clothes rack/s. Thank you! Request: linen tablecloths (Keene-ish) - doesn't matter the size or condition. They are for a craft project. Thank you! Offer: charcoal grill (Keene-ish) Gifted - charcoal grill - good shape. The grill insert is rusted. Top closes with not problem and legs are solid.
Offer: three child sized chairs (Keene-ish) - three child sized chairs that need a little work. Would be great, fun, project for Christmas gifts. Can take one or all....
Offer: older table (Keene-ish) Gifted - older, rather wobbly table. Some one told me this type of table was given away as a promotional thing during the 50's. Needs some work but could be a fun project and a good looking table when sured up and refinished.
Request: hand held vacuum (Keene-ish) - I had an Oreck XL hand held vacuum for about 20 years. The motor just blew. I would love another if someone has one they no longer need. Thanks. Offer: office desk (Keene-ish) Gifted - metal two drawer and middle drawer office desk with L Laminated wooden top in great shape dimensions are: 30 inches wide, 5.5 feet long and 29 inches tall. Will deliver in the Keene area. Sorry the pictures aren't great. The desk was already in the truck when it was realized there were no pictures! All pictures are taken with desk in the truck.
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Offer: small kitchen chairs (Keene-ish) Gifted - set of four, very cute kitchen chairs. They need work. Very small width of seat.
Offer: small antique blanket chest (Keene-ish) Gifted - small antique blanket chest - blue and pink in color 13 inches high, 27 inches long and 15.5 wide. has a VERY heavy perfume smell that I can't get rid of.
Offer: corner table (Keene-ish) Gifted - light blue in color with some butterfly appliques. Measures 27 inches deep, 29 inches high. One drawer. Maybe made from plywood....not very heavy at all.
Request: large stencil (Keene-ish) - Looking to stencil kitchen floor . Thank you!