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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Notebook Paper (Ballard) - ½ inch stack of wide rules three ring bi see paper. Offer: EcoQua Dot Grid Notebook (Ballard) - 8.25X6inches. Unused. Gray cover. Offer: Blank Notebook (Ballard) - 5X8.5 inch blank notebook. Brown paper cover. Folded stitched binding. Offer: Turquoise Blank Notebook (Ballard) - 4X6 inch with elastic closure, ribbon place holder, and pocket in back. Pages are blank. Offer: AHA Moisturizer (Ballard) Gifted - Unopened Noni of Beverly Hills 10% alpha hydroxy moisturizer.
Photo of free AHA Moisturizer (Ballard)
Offer: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (Ballard) Gifted - Excellent condition. May need battery. Please note the connection type.
Photo of free Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (Ballard)
Offer: San Pellegrino (Ballard) Gifted - Six cans grapefruit flavor. Five cans lemon flavor. Offer: Lunch Container (Ballard) Gifted - Pink and blue lunch container. Unused.
Photo of free Lunch Container (Ballard)
Offer: Compost Bin (Ballard) Gifted - Two black recycled plastic composting bins. 28” square at bottom. 30” tall. Easy access to mature compost from access panels at bottom. These can be broken down flat but the bolts have rusted so I have left them assembled. Please make sure you have a vehicle large enough for pickup. I have two bins. You can take both or one. Please let me know your preference. Serious inquiries only please.
Photo of free Compost Bin (Ballard)
Offer: Wire Mesh (Ballard) Gifted - 1 roll 2” small mesh. 1 roll 3” large mesh.
Photo of free Wire Mesh (Ballard)
Offer: Foam Camping Pad (Ballard) Gifted - Yellow. Adult size.
Photo of free Foam Camping Pad (Ballard)
Offer: Shade Cloth (Ballard) Gifted - 2 unopened 6 X 6” 50% shade cloth plus a bit more. With clothes pins. Great for growing tender greens.
Photo of free Shade Cloth (Ballard)
Offer: Drip Watering System (Ballard) Gifted - 1 full kit plus a bit extra. Great for raised beds.
Photo of free Drip Watering System (Ballard)
Offer: Round Tomato Cages (Ballard) Gifted - 3 round metal tomato cages Offer: Wooden Stilts (Ballard) Gifted - Barely used adjustable wooden stilts.
Photo of free Wooden Stilts (Ballard)
Offer: Small Garden Tubs (Ballard) Gifted - Take one or both.
Photo of free Small Garden Tubs (Ballard)
Offer: Ceramic Pots (Ballard) Gifted - Various sizes. Take one or all.
Photo of free Ceramic Pots (Ballard)
Offer: Planter Watering System (Ballard) Gifted - Small hoses and connections for automatically watering planters. Only one is in the box, but I think there are four complete kits.
Photo of free Planter Watering System (Ballard)
Offer: 50 Gallon Grow Bags (Ballard) Gifted - 3 green 50 gallon round grow bags with planting compost.
Photo of free 50 Gallon Grow Bags (Ballard)
Offer: Large Beanbag (Ballard) Gifted - Barely used large FatBoy rectangular beanbag. Cover is light green and is removable and washable.
Photo of free Large Beanbag (Ballard)
Offer: Metal Outdoor Firepit (Ballard) Gifted - Simple, dish shaped metal fire pit with mesh top. 30.5" across.
Photo of free Metal Outdoor Firepit (Ballard)
Offer: Fluorescent Shop Lights (Ballard) Expired - 3 – 4" fixures with bulbs. Offer: Marmoleum Cleaner and Treatment (Ballard) Gifted - 1 gallon each Forbo Industries Marmoleum floor cleaner and treatment. Both are open but mostly full. Offer: All Free and Clear Detergent (Ballard) Expired - Mostly full 46.5 fluid oz bottle. Offer: Mrs. Meyer's Dryer Sheets Lavender (Ballard) Gifted - Mostly full. Offer: Dryer Sheets (Ballard) Gifted - Sun & Earth lavender scented. About ⅓ left. Offer: Raw Vibrance Dog Food (Ballard) Expired - Open but almost full 6 lb bag of grain free foundation Raw Vibrance dog food. Offer: Wood Box Drawers (Ballard) Gifted - 2 Ikea wood box drawers (11.25" wide x 8" deep x 11.25" tall).
Photo of free Wood Box Drawers (Ballard)
Offer: Scarf/Tie Hanger (Ballard) Gifted - Metal closet rod hanger for ties or scarves.
Photo of free Scarf/Tie Hanger (Ballard)
Offer: Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent (Ballard) Gifted - Half full 64 oz bottle. Lavender scented.