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Offers  and  Requests
Request: combo white ceiling fan/plain light (N St L Blvd) - functioning. Would be v. grateful for a photo. Will gladly come for porch pickup. Thank you. Request: Paper City of Ottawa street map (N St L Blvd) - ...the folding kind with a street index. Doesn't need to be this year's. Want an extra one by my landline for quick locale lookup. Will gladly come for porch pickup. Offer: Car polishing products (N St L Blvd) Gifted - 2 squeeze bottles Meguiar's brand, each 473ml: Step 2 Deep Crystal Polish, and Step 3 Carnauba Wax. Porch pick up, pls suggest a day and time. Pls allow time for me to see messages, as I'm not continuously connected to internet. Offer: potato masher (N St L Blvd) Gifted - wavy style (i.e. vs. round disk w holes), v. clean, white handle w narrow green band Offer: electric skillet (N St L Blvd) Gifted - older well-used but perfectly functioning square skillet with lid and manual. Offer: CleverCutter food chopping scissors (N St L Blvd) Gifted - Package never opened. Squeeze-action scissors where one arm of the scissors has a sort of mini-cutting board. e.g. steadying slicing salad or cooked meat directly over a bowl or pot, processing garden harvest, etc. Pls recommend a time for porch pickup, but allow time for emails to pass, as I am not continuously connected to internet. Offer: brown button braces (N St L Blvd) - Old-fashioned thick soft-knit (but non-elastic), dk cocoa brown, with leather ends for use with buttons inside trouser waist, old brass-look adjustable buckles. Pls recommend a time for a porch pick -up. Pls allow time for emails to pass, as I am not continuously connected to internet. Offer: wood pellets - half a bag (N St L Blvd) Gifted - Pls recommend a time for porch pickup. To note: allow time for emails to pass, as I am not continually connected to internet. Request: white bleedingheart (N St L Blvd) - will gladly come to dig a string-looped section or flagged division you indicate from safe distance, or come to collect a porch pickup. Thank you Request: low veggie garden bed edger (N St L Blvd) - the kind that looks like very short (~4") halves of round sticks looped together with wire so it can bend like a millipede. Will gladly do porch pick-up. Request: Used sailboat sail for material (N St L Blvd) - Even and esp if a bit damaged, I hope to reuse the material instead of it being thrown out. I can gladly do a porch pick-up. Offer: wood backing for big mirror (N StL Blvd) - Sturdy framework with metal clips onto which you can install big mirror. 29.75" wide x 40". Pls indicate likely times when you could pick up. Offer: 3-4 used poly bed pillows (N StL Blvd) - Or advice where to donate e.g. animal shelters? No fleas or bedbugs, fairly clean. Am weeding out the oldest extras. Offer: sm electric motor (NStL) - or any contacts in the 'Makers' community? A small working electric motor salvaged fm bathroom ceiling fan (rest of its housing was recycled) Offer: sm tin wood stain (NStL) - water-based walnut colour; opened 1-3X but tin mainly full; rust on lid but stored well-closed and at room temp --- tested, it is still good Can arrange a drop off so it doesn't freeze during a porch pick-up. Preference my area of town. Please indicate a likely time e.g. which weekdays, weeknights or weekends E.G. Offer: a few ceramic tile offcuts (NStL) - Warmish off-white: 7 @ length all 11 7/8", widths 4 3/8" to 4 5/8" Original edge on three sides, neat right-angled cut on a long side 4 @ width all 4 3/8", lengths 5", 5 4/8", 6 1/8", 7". Original edge on two sides, neat right-angled cuts on two sides. (Too few for REHome store) Preference for porch pick-up (just off north end of St. Laurent Blvd). Please indicate likely times e.g. weekday, weeknight, weekends. E.G. Offer: new small paring knife (NStL) - president's choice brand, never used. Porch pick-up preferred. Fair Officer Policy. Kindly allow time for email response, as I don't keep constant internet connection. Thank you. Request: old Samsung phone cable (NStL) - that connects old Samsung fliptop style mobile phone port at one end (S20 pin system ~ 1cm wide and very slim) and at other end regular computer USB port . Will gladly pick up -- porch pick-up ideal. Pls allow for email response delay, as I don't keep constant internet connection. Thank you. Request: fishscale X-cntry skiis (NStL) - with salomon type bindings: bar in front, sole track down centre. short or mid-length. metal edges a bonus. Porch pick-up ideal (to test w my boots!). Often on errands all around city and near Carleton Place. Don't have constant internet connection, so kindly allow for email response delay. Request: mini flower presses (NStL or Kanata) - not the microwave kind with heavier clay tiles, just plain lighter pressboard with strap/clamp Looking for 2-3. Will gladly pick up. Porch pick-up ideal. Request: broken portsble GPS (NStL or Kanata) - hand-held tyoe. For education display until Oct. To have or borrow. Will gladly pick up anywhere... Porch pick-up ideal. Thank you. Request: broken binoculars (NStL or Stonehaven) - esp vintage looking. case is bonus. For an education display until Oct. To have or borrow. Will gladly pick-up, porch pick-up ideal. Thank you..