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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Patio table and chairs (Lake Merritt) - Worn teak wood patio table and 6 chairs. They need re-staining and repair (table is coming apart and chairs are wobbly). Request: Paint (Lake Merritt) - I’m painting a mural on a small wall and looking for house latex paint or acrylic paint in different colors. I would need to pick it up by Friday night. colors in shades of brown, blue, green, orange, red, black are some that I’m missing. Thank you! Request: Plastic storage bins (Lake Merritt) - Anyone have plastic storage bins they don’t want? Just need two to store some winter bedding Offer: 2 drawer dresser (Lake Merritt) Gifted - 24 x 16 x 12
Request: Clean pillow (Lake Merritt) Received - Doing a craft project where I need 2 clean pillows. Anyone have any old flat pillows they want to give away? Offer: Bar stool (Lake Merritt) Gifted - 29.5 inches tall
Offer: Dog Toy - Flirt Pole (Lake Merritt) - I bought this flirt pole for my dog, but he is not interested at all lol. It's brand new! Hoping somebody else's dog can enjoy it! Offer: Fresh rosemary (Lake Merritt) Gifted - I pruned my rosemary bush and I have a ton of Rosemary to give away. Please come by and take whatever you can use. It’s on my porch at 462 Athol Avenue, Oakland. I’ll mark post claimed when all of it is gone. Offer: Red placemats (Lake Merritt) - 2 red placemats
Offer: Massager for Chair (Lake Merritt) Gifted - Got this from another freecycler. It works ok but I really don’t use it as much as I thought I would. Offer: REI women’s hiking shoes (Lake Merritt) - REI Merrill size 7.5. Still lot of tread left on soles.
Offer: Navy Timbuk2 laptop bag (Lake Merritt) - Carrying case lined with corduroy material
Offer: Fabric (Lake Merritt) - Fabric
Offer: Wall mount soap dish tray (Lake Merritt) - For shower/bath
Offer: Used Yellow Tiles (Lake Merritt) - Bag of used yellow tiles, square 4.5”
Offer: Plastic flower pots and saucer (Lake Merritt) - Four 6” plastic flower pots (one has a crack), 2 saucers for them, One 4” pot with saucer, and one 11” saucer.
Offer: TV Tray and stand (Lake Merritt) Gifted - Only one good tray left from set of four. A second one was left out in the yard so is peeling. Also has a stand that you could use for other things as well. Let me know if you could use either tray or stand.
Request: Pop up beach tent (Lake Merritt) - Anyone have an old beach tent they no longer need? Request: Rolling pin (Lake Merritt) - Anyone have an extra rolling pin they don’t need? Request: Hair dryer diffuser (Lake Merritt) - Some days it’s cold so need a hair dryer diffuser for my wavy hair. Thanks! Offer: Blank DVDs (Lake Merritt) - Pack of blank DVDs with 2 blank CDs
Request: White spray paint (Lake Merritt) Received - Just need to paint a small area so wondering if anybody has leftover white spray paint they want to give away. Thanks! Offer: Steering wheel lock (Lake Merritt) - Used Green steering wheel lock (club brand) with key Offer: Garden landscaping borders (Lake Merritt) - I have about 8 pieces of various lengths of those brown plastic bendable boards for landscaping borders. I also have about 16 of the stakes that hold them in place. Offer: suitcase with stuck handle (Lake Merritt) - Very good condition suitcase that my friend had when she visited me from Hawaii. Unfortunately, the pull-up handle for wheeling the suitcase around became stuck. The other handle can be used to carry it. Can anybody use it or fix it up to use it? Offer: Tile (Lake Merritt) Gifted - Collection of about 15 leftover white square tiles that are new, and 8 to 10 yellow square tiles that have been used. Let me know if you can use it for any project. Offer: Wood hammock stand & hammock (Lake Merritt) - I'd gotten the this off of craigslist, but unfortunately it's too big for my yard! Disappointed because it's in good shape and it was free! If you want it, let me know.