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Offer: poinsettia plant (20) - Purchased last December. Still healthy. Kept indoors with lots of sunlight. Free to good home.
Photo of free poinsettia plant (20)
Offer: Crutches (20) Expired - My friend just had a procedure on her foot and found out she’ll need crutches. Any crutches in DC would be great but I can also pick them up from MD or VA. She is 5ft 7inches Request: Patio table or chairs (20705) Expired - Hi! I’m setting up a new area for a hot tub and looking for a small outdoor table with or without chairs to use nearby. I can pick up! Thank you! Request: Spray bottle (20705) Expired - Looking for any hand me down spray bottles for misting plants or home made cleaning solutions. Thanks! Request: Broom (20705) Expired - Just looking for a basic broom for cleaning leaves off my porch. Happy to take any old or unused ones. Offer: moving boxes (20705) Gifted - Driveway pick up!
Photo of free moving boxes (20705)
Photo of free moving boxes (20705)
Request: iPhone charger cords (Derwood, MD, USA) Expired - The newer lightning plug kind. Mine are all slowly dying and malfunctioning so it’s worth a shot in case someone made the leap from apple recently. Thanks! Request: Table tennis / ping pong gear (Derwood, MD, USA) Expired - Reigniting an old passion for the pong. Looking for a used table and any balls/paddles that people don’t need anymore. Thanks! Request: Dog nail trimmer (Derwood, MD, USA) Received - Attempting to take care of my pugs nails at home again. Currently have a battery operated nail Sander but it’s not powerful enough. Open to suggestions! Request: Any outdoor furniture (Derwood, MD, USA) Received - Setting up new outdoor patio area. In desperate need of furniture. Open to any and all items! Can pick up! Thank you! Request: Propane tank (Derwood, MD, USA) Received - For use with a regular bbq. Can pick up!