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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Crock pot, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Nice. Oval. Request: Iron - Have ironing board, but "old" iron did not respond to resuscitation (i.e. re-wiring). I can buy one, but if you have one in very good condition that wants a new home, please let me know. Thanks, Mo Offer: Fabric for pet beds, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - A used hoodie, knitted shawl, torn quilt. Offer: Some Christmas & other fabric, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - All new, nice prints and some solids - unfinished project scraps. One gallon Zip-loc bag full. ~ Mo Offer: Assorted sheets & pillow cases, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - Not sure what sizes they are, but they're in good shape. ~ Mo Offer: Free sale - curbside at 2315 Crestmont Ave. (off Cherry Ave. between Highland & Cleveland avenues) Sunday & Monday. ~ Mo Offer: Ironing board in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Good condition. Another in fair condition. Offer: 'Portable Cart' in Fry's Spring neighborhood - This is the black and grey one that has an extendable handle, opens up to about the size of a milk crate. This one, however does not stay closed when folded up - both the little claspy things are gone, but a bungee cord would work. Offer: Rolling 'suitcase' in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Very good condition but might could use a washing. It is turquoise w/white polka dotted sturdy nylon. Zips up. The handle extends and contracts just fine. I think I have fit it overhead on airplanes, years ago. Request: Large pieces of 100% polyester fabric - Thank you to Freecycler who helped me realize the fabric I'm looking for can be polyester - which I think is what some shower curtains are made of (not nylon). Even old flags would work; I'm looking to line bags with this fabric, so good to excellent condition is what I'd like. Thanks, Mo Request: Nylon fabric - Good to excellent condition - could be used shower curtains (not the plastic liner part) or banners/flags. Will be using the fabric to line bags, so would like big pieces. Pattern doesn't matter. Thanks. Offer: Metal tackle box, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - Red. Old school i.e. indestructible. Offer: Collapsible plastic table, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - White, 26x20, somewhat adjustable height. Offer: Roll of tule, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - 8 1/2" wide, white. Offer: Hanging shoe caddy, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Vinyl with clear pockets for shoes and hanger on top. Offer: Wooden cigar box, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - Nice, with 'brass' clasps. Offer: CD tower, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Black plastic, 36" high by 11" wide. Request: Piece(s) of plastic corrugated roofing - To catch more rain at my allotment. Thanks, Mo 977-7189 Request: Handicap toilet and Fold-down diaper-changing table - Looking for the kind of toilet that has the 'bowl' you pull out and empty into the commode. Also looking for 1 or 2 changing tables that fold down from the wall in public restrooms. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Mo Offer: Assorted light bulbs, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - No LED's, but some colored ones, and various others ~ Mo Request: Quilt batting - Cotton, polyester, and even polyfil all wanted by me. Thanks, Mo Request: Five Crowns card game - made by the same folks who made Set. ~ Mo Request: Artificial Xmas tree - For my daughter, and I suspect she would like a smallish one, but bigger than a little table top kind. Thanks, Mo Offer: Dartmouth T-shirt, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - 100& polyester, I think it's size Medium. Offer: Day lilies to plant, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Serious picker uppers only, please, who have ground ready to plunk 'em in, thanks. Offer: 18V cordless hedge trimmer in Fry's Spring neighborhood - No batteries, though. ~ Mo Offer: Snap fastener, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - with a few packs of decorative snaps. ~ Mo Offer: 3 Therabands, in FS neighborhood Gifted - new, i.e. hardly used. Offer: Black 'messenger' bag, in Fry's Spring neighborhood Gifted - Strap detaches. Nylon lining - seems waterproof. New i.e. unused. Offer: B & D cordless 24 v weed eater, in Fry's Spring neighborhood - Comes w/charger and 1 battery. Serious shower-uppers only, please. Thanks, Mo