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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 10 lb choc protein powder unopened (Adams Morgan) - This was shipped by accident and the sender did not want it returned, so we're stuck with a massive bag of whey protein powder. See attached photo.
Offer: Swim floatie (Adams Morgan) Gifted - A barely used swim floatie designed like this with a turtle motif: Lobby pick up in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights. Please message me with what you’d like and when you’d like to pick it up. Offer: Kids drum set, small toys & floatie (Adams Morgan) Withdrawn - Set of 3 plastic drums in decent condition. All three are supposed to attach together but now it’s down to two. A bag of little toys/Knick knacks such as from goodie bags, like mini pinball toy, car, card set, etc. A barely used swim floatie designed like this with a turtle motif: Lobby pick up in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights. Please message me with what you’d like and when you’d like to pick it up.
Offer: 1st generation Google Tablet (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Nexus 7 with 7 inch screen bought in 2012 and worked fine (mostly used for white noise for our child in recent years) until recently. It has a hard time charging but if you're handy then maybe you could get it to work more consistently. Pick up in Adams Morgan. If I'm not there, I can buzz you in to the building and leave it somewhere accessible. Request: 3T or 4T navy blue polo shirts (Adams Morgan) Received - Hi all, I'm looking for a few more pre-k shirt for a school requiring uniforms in size 3T or 4T in navy blue. I'd also take white(ish) if available. Thank you! Lynn Request: Crib-sized sheets? (Adams Morgan) Received - Hi all - My son went from a pack and play to a bed but he needs some crib-sized sheets for pre-k in a couple weeks. Grateful if you have a set or two you'd like to pass on - and ideally within a few miles of Adams Morgan as we don't have a car. Thank you! Offer: Well used women's Giant hybrid bike (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Gray Giant hybrid bicycle for women with upright positioning. I've had it and used it for much of the past 10 years but it could be good for someone who uses it only occasionally. It rides okay but does not go into the higher gears so the derailleur needs some work. If you want it, tell me when you can pick it up from Adams Morgan, preferably this weekend.
Offer: Audio baby monitor (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Baby monitor like this available for pick up Monday or Tuesday in Adams Morgan: . Email: riaziaa@gmail.com and provide info on when you will pick up. No porch pick up but we can arrange other options. It's in good shape. It didn't really meet our needs since we live in an apartment but it's good if you have a two story place. Offer: Brand new Nike tube socks (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Christmas strikes again with socks. In case you need some, we have a pack of brand new 6 black Nike tube socks in large, size 8-12. Offer: Postpartum diapers (Adams Morgan) - We have an unopened package of 10 postpartum diapers available in Lanier Heights/Adams Morgan. Pick-up is flexible. Request: Plastic sheeting (Adams Morgan) Received - We're doing some repair work at home and need plastic sheeting to contain the dust, say 50 square feet? Offer: Random baby and household items (Adams Morgan) Gifted - We're doing a cabinet and closet cleanout and have some random stuff: -Baby bath sponge mat - great for newborns! We actually used it for almost a year so it's well used but definitely gets the job done: -Lightly used and sterilized pacifiers - 1 Nuk and 1 Mam -Vitamin D drops (open) - -Lubricating jelly (unopened) -3 baby gates. Not sure of the brand but they're something like this: -Broken KitchenAid immersion blender. I accidentally fried it abroad but it could be fixed with some electrician skills or used for parts. For pick up during the day in Adams Morgan. Offer: Stylish skip hop diaper bag (Adams Morgan) Gifted - This is a fantastic diaper bag - so nice looking and functional that I use it for work and all other non baby purposes! I recently bought a brand new one because my old one had some light wear and tear (in the second pic) but is still in good condition. There are 8 pockets in all and it’s expandable! Can’t recommend it enough. Also comes with a brand new diaper map.
Offer: Medela pump in style advanced (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Used breast pump in very good condition along with extra bottles. Pick up in Lanier heights/Adams Morgan. Offer: Waterproof notebook (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Ritchie Wetnotes - waterproof notebook designed for boaters and navigation. Available for pick up in Adams Morgan. Offer: Poo bag dispensers (Adams Morgan) Gifted - I ordered a box of refill dog poo bags which came with extra dispensers which we don't need. Made by Pets N Bags but also fits Earth Rated poo bags. Pick up in Adams Morgan anytime. Offer: Graco carseat base (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Unused car seat base for the Graco SnugRide ClickConnect - although I'm fairly sure this works for any recent Graco carseat. We don't have a car so never used the base. Offer: Mini water pipe/sheesha/argileh (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Small water pipe bought in Egypt, barely used. It's missing the top piece that holds the tobacco but I'm sure a replacement can be bought at any of the local smoke shops. Offer: SureFire Tactical LED Flashlight (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Top quality and powerful SureFire flashlight - 5 inches in length. The only catch is they take special batteries. Offer: Apple Power Adapter - 85w Model A1343 (Adams Morgan) Gifted - Great condition adapter for MacBook Pro. Computer died but the adapter was newer. Offer: Baby boy clothes 0-6 months (Adams Morgan) Gifted - I have 2 bags of baby boy clothes. There are also a socks, bibs, and a small bag of toys. Pick-up in Adams Morgan day or evening. Offer: iPhone 5c case (Adams Morgan) - Used iPhone 5c protective case in good condition found here on Amazon: Pick up available in Adams Morgan. Offer: Epson color printer (Adams Morgan) Gifted - We have an Epson Artisan 830 color printer and scanner which is fully functional and in good condition. Most of the ink cartridges are relatively full but the black one needs to be replaced. Pick up in Adams Morgan during the day or evenings. Offer: Pregnancy books + Sri Lanka (Adams Morgan) - UPDATED 10/03: Taken: All pregnancy books except "Mindful Birthing" and Sri Lanka guide Several pregnancy books and a 2012 Sri Lanka Lonely Planet in good to new condition.