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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Power risers (Meldreth) Gifted - Almost new - power risers jumping running stilts Offer: HP photosmart printer (Meldreth) Gifted - Fully working printer with plenty of spare cartridges
Photo of free HP photosmart printer (Meldreth)
Photo of free HP photosmart printer (Meldreth)
Offer: Skateboard (Meldreth) Gifted - Good condition skateboard
Photo of free Skateboard (Meldreth)
Offer: Large rug (Meldreth) Gifted - About 2.5*2.5m
Photo of free Large rug (Meldreth)
Offer: Camping gas stove (Meldreth) Expired - Stove with instructions and metal frame for stability for pans. Plus instructions
Photo of free Camping gas stove (Meldreth)
Offer: Double mattress (Meldreth) Gifted - Good quality mattress - wrapped in a zipped breathable cover
Photo of free Double mattress (Meldreth)
Offer: Baby stuff (Meldreth) Gifted - Various baby blankets, cot bumper, portable baby highchair, baby toilet, spare car seats etc
Photo of free Baby stuff (Meldreth)
Photo of free Baby stuff (Meldreth)
Offer: Blow up lounge chair (Meldreth) Gifted - As per picture New
Photo of free Blow up lounge chair (Meldreth)
Offer: Cat tree (Meldreth) Gifted - As per picture
Photo of free Cat tree (Meldreth)
Offer: Wooden desk (Meldreth) Expired - Wooden office desk - about 60cm wide and 40cm deep Good condition Offer: 2 Barbie car seats (Meldreth) Withdrawn - Pink. Good condition. Not been in any accidents or dropped. I found very useful as reserves for 2nd cars
Photo of free 2 Barbie car seats (Meldreth)
Offer: Corner desk (Meldreth) Gifted - Wooden corner desk with shelving under
Photo of free Corner desk (Meldreth)
Offer: Single mattress (Meldreth) Gifted - Very clean condition
Photo of free Single mattress (Meldreth)
Photo of free Single mattress (Meldreth)
Offer: Paving slabs (Meldreth) Gifted - 15 paving slabs - would make a good foundation for a shed etc
Photo of free Paving slabs (Meldreth)
Offer: Electric keyboard with stand (Meldreth) Gifted - Electric keyboard with stand and electric power - works really well See photo
Photo of free Electric keyboard with stand (Meldreth)
Request: Double bed frame (Meldreth) Received - Just moved into a new flat with zero furniture. A double bed frame would be great! Offer: CD rack (Meldreth) Gifted - Wooden CD rack
Photo of free CD rack (Meldreth)
Offer: kingsize quilts (two) (Meldreth) Gifted - Two kingsize quilts - could be used a pet bedding Offer: Gazebo frame (Meldreth) Gifted - Gazebo frame 2*3m Sorry but the cover seems to have disappeared in house moves. So just the frame - never used Offer: Power sprayer (Meldreth) Gifted - Electric Cuprinol power sprayer with power supply
Photo of free Power sprayer (Meldreth)
Offer: 2 kingsize quilts (Meldreth) Gifted - Two kingsize quilts
Photo of free 2 kingsize quilts (Meldreth)
Offer: Single bed with underbed (Meldreth) Gifted - Single bed. With underbed. Legs open out on underbed so that it is level with single bed and becomes a large double bed. Mattresses in good condition
Photo of free Single bed with underbed (Meldreth)
Offer: Red sofa bed (Meldreth) Gifted - Red sofa bed with very comfortable pull out double bed 75 inches long and 44 inches wide See photo Quite heavy! Can fit in a large hatchback with boot open....
Photo of free Red sofa bed (Meldreth)
Offer: Leather settee (Meldreth) Expired - Creamy/beige leather settee. 75 inches in length - note settee is slightly round backed (not flat) 44 inches in width Good condition and very comfortable Will need 2-4 people to carry it Will not fit into a hatchback!
Photo of free Leather settee (Meldreth)
Offer: Cat hammock (Meldreth) Gifted - This is a sheepskin bed for a cat that you hang over a radiator. See photo
Photo of free Cat hammock (Meldreth)
Offer: Neck massager (Meldreth) Gifted - Not used - new
Photo of free Neck massager (Meldreth)
Offer: Back massager (Meldreth) Gifted - Not used
Photo of free Back massager (Meldreth)
Offer: 2 matching lampshades (Meldreth) Gifted - See photo - very clean and almost new. Cream in colour
Photo of free 2 matching lampshades (Meldreth)
Offer: Kitchen bits (Meldreth) Gifted - Please see 2 photos. Includes But lazy susan, cake tins, roasting tin, sugar and milk jug set, tiny cafetiere, frying/grill pan, new containers with lids, individual lasagne bowls
Photo of free Kitchen bits (Meldreth)
Photo of free Kitchen bits (Meldreth)
Offer: Cat hammock (Meldreth) Gifted - A cat hammock that you hang from radiators Needs a wash but otherwise fine