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Request: Coneflowers (Pantops Charlottesville) - Interested in any extra summer perrenials such as coneflowers I have purple ones, so any other colors would be great. Creating a butterfly garden, Thanks! Request: Succulents (Pantops Charlottesville) - Would especially like some slips or cuttings from Epiphylum or Dragon Fruit plants Offer: Perrenials (Scottsville) - Just dug ~ Lots of irises and daffodils, some daylillies and a few others. Offer: Perrenial plants (Scottsville) Withdrawn - Just dug.mostly..iris, some daylily, and a few others. First come Cannot hold as they need to be planted asap Request: Hens and chicks plant (Charlottesville East) - Would like if you have extras Request: Garden Bench (Charlottesville East) - Any Request: Perennials (Charlottesville East) Received - Looking for extra perennials.. Request: Buttons (Charlottesville East) Received - Looking for buttons for project. Any will do. Thanks. Request: houseplants (Charlottesville East) Received - Any size or cuttings to root Request: Slips or cuttings from plants (Charlottesville East) - Would like slips or cuttings to root. Especially interested in epliphylum, orchid cactus, ric rac, etc. Thanks. Request: rolling pin (Charlottesville East) Withdrawn - Rolling pin - any size or shape will do Request: Hens and Chicks Pot/Planter (Charlottesville East) Withdrawn - any size Request: Dutch Oven (Charlottesville East) Withdrawn - any color or size Request: Small cat tree (Charlottesville South) Withdrawn - Need a small cat tree or cat accessories. Request: small cat tree (Charlottesville) Received - Small cattree Request: Epiphylum plants (Charlottesville) Withdrawn - Any plants or cuttings of epiphylums or dragon fruit plants. Thanks! Request: Buttons (Charlottesville) Withdrawn - Would like to have any extra buttons you may not want anymore. Request: Christmas cactus (Charlottesville) - Any size Christmas cactus Request: Houseplants (Charlottesville) - Any Request: Easter Cactus cuttings (Charlottesville) - Red in color . This is the holiday cactus that have the smooth leaves instead of the pointed ones. Thanks! Request: Lifesaver plant (Charlottesville) - Would like a cutting from lifesaver plant. Thanks. Request: Houseplant cuttings (Charlottesville) - Would appreciate any houseplants or cuttings. Tks. Request: Epiphylum (Charlottesville) - Cuttings from Epiphylum plants Offer: Irises (Charlottesville) - Some lavender , some white Request: books (Charlottesville) - Books by Charles Swindoll Request: Slips from houseplant (Charlottesville) - If you have any extra slips from unusual houseplants, I would love to have to start new plant. Thanks. Offer: TV (Scottsville) Gifted - RCA tube TV - Home Theater Still plays great Storage in bottom for electronics. No known problems