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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Tent (Kannapolis, NC) - Would love any size tent to take my grandkids camping in our yard :) Offer: Piano with bench (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - In good condition, everything works. I also have some beginner books to go with it. MUST BE ABLE TO PICK UP.
Photo of free Piano with bench (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Car seat (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - The strap has been repaired but it’s in good shape and works fine
Photo of free Car seat (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Table (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - It’s a good table, it just needs a good cleaning, it has been stored in my shed :)
Photo of free Table (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Sectional couch (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - This sectional has one more section not pictured. It is large. There are tears on the some of the cushion covers from my dogs they can be repaired. The covers also come off so they can be washed. It is in pretty good shape other than the tears. It is 5 yrs old.
Photo of free Sectional couch (Kannapolis, NC)
Photo of free Sectional couch (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Mattress (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - The mattress is about 5 yrs old and is a queen size pillow top.
Photo of free Mattress (Kannapolis, NC)
Photo of free Mattress (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Shelf (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - It’s white and we used it for shoes. You can leave it on the floor or stack it on another shelf.
Photo of free Shelf (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Glass, porch swing (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - The swing is well used but still in decent condition, you may want to get new cushions :). The glass is various pieces I used for stained glass art.
Photo of free Glass, porch swing (Kannapolis, NC)
Photo of free Glass, porch swing (Kannapolis, NC)
Offer: Toy/book/stuff shelf (Kannapolis, NC) Gifted - Has been used for toys and no longer need. It is in good shape. The boxes look used but decent and usable condition.
Photo of free Toy/book/stuff shelf (Kannapolis, NC)
Request: Old bricks/ 2 or 3 old tires (Kannapolis, NC) Received - Wanting some old bricks and a couple old tires (not bicycle size) for a garden project. Closer to kannapolis the better in case i need to make multiple pick up trips :) Request: Bamboo (Kannapolis, NC) - Im looking for bamboo. Around 20 pieces, 6ft or higher. I will also come cut it if your growing it in your yard. Im wanting to make an outdoor tee pee for the grandkids :). Or if you know where i can get some.....Thanks!