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Offer: Jars of jam and pickle. (Capel, Dorking) Gifted - Various (unlabeled and labeled) jars of homemade jam and pickle. Moving house and really cannot take them all with me. There is some plum or damson jam (unlabeled), some fig and apple chutney (labeled), strawberry jam (labeled), tomato (?) chutney (unlabeled), chilli dipping sauce (labeled). Would like them to all go together if possible, rather than one jar here and another there! Please say when you can collect. Offer: Hoover (Capel, Dorking) - Hoover Telios, working but probably needs new filter. Please say when you could collect. Thank you. Request: Strong removal boxes (Capel, Dorking) - Please does anyone have some removal boxes I could have? Can collect any time. Thank you. Request: Sunsnaps.....Re moving boxes (Capel, Dorking) - Thank you for your offer of boxes....I have messaged you but suspect my emails may have gone into junk. I wonder if it might be possible to collect tomorrow or Friday please? Many thanks. Gina Request: Strong removal company moving boxes (Capel, Dorking) - Please does anyone have some strong double thickness removal company boxes they have finished with? Moving house soon and need to start packing. Can collect any time. Many thanks. Offer: 118 x 10cm wall tiles (Capel, Dorking) Gifted - 68 blue wall tiles, 50 dark lilac wall tiles. All 10cm x10cm. All new, surplus to requirements. Offer: blue gloss paint - Hi Bill, Thank you so much, I tried to reply but my email was returned, address not found. Please may I collect tomorrow? Request: small quantity blue gloss paint- Capel - Please does anyone have a small quantity of blue gloss paint they no longer need? I can collect any time. Thank you so much. Request: 15kg, 20kg and 25kg kettle bells - Capel - Please does anyone have any kettle bells they no longer want/use? Many thanks. Request: wellington boots, any size, any condition - Capel - Please does anyone have any wellies they no longer need, any size, any condition. Doesn’t matter if they have a hole in. Thank you. Request: square or octagonal jam jars _ Capel - Please does anyone have any square or octagonal jam jars, with or without lids, that I could have please? Many thanks. Offer: 2 Laura Ashley lampshades - 2 cream and brown silk striped lampshades in vgc. 9" diameter at top and 7" high. Request: Hoola Hoop. Capel - Please does anyone have one of these lying around that they optimistically thought they might use, and then found they didn’t? Doesn’t matter what condition it’s in. Many thanks.