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Offer: Mirror glass (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Does anyone want this mirror glass? Gaynor
Photo of free Mirror glass (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Files and folders (Osmaston DE24) Expired - 3 bags of A4 files, lever arch files, an expanding file, dividers and plastic pockets. Collection asap cos I have no room at all. Offer: Beer kegs (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - brewing kegs with taps on.
Photo of free Beer kegs (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Linux stuff and ram (Osmaston DE24) Expired - books, magazines, some ddr ram we think, ethernet card, dvd drives, all from when hubby had a Linux setup. Collect ASAP as I have no room to store at all. If not gone by weekend it will have to go to the tip. Gaynor Offer: Metal pool cue case (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - silver metal cue case. Fair condition. Sons just bought a soft one so no longer needed. Offer: car seat (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Fair condition. Never been in an accident. Used as spare for grandkids. Collect ASAP as I live in a small terraced house with no room lol.
Photo of free car seat (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Pine cones and spray paint (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - I have a few pine cones and some silver spray paint if anyone wants them for craft or even if someone just wants the silver spray paint for their car? Offer: Gate latch (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - brand new
Photo of free Gate latch (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Edging strip (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - brand new 19mm x 2.5 m
Photo of free Edging strip (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Walker (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - 3 wheel walker with shopping bag attached. Has brakes. Fully working. Tyres show no sign of perishing. Would like this to go to someone in need. Not to be sold on.
Photo of free Walker (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Party decorations (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - I have 5 of these table decs.
Photo of free Party decorations (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Party balloon weights and ribbon (Osmaston DE24) Withdrawn - There are 3 silver foil, 2 black foil, 1 copper foil, 6 silver double hearts and 4 silver stars. Ideal if you are buying a helium tank and doing your own party balloons. Gaynor
Photo of free Party balloon weights and ribbon (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: marble hearth (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Beige hearth 48 x 18 inches. Offer: Small metal table (Osmaston DE24) Gifted
Photo of free Small metal table (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Basket (Osmaston DE24) Withdrawn - Small basket
Photo of free Basket (Osmaston DE24)
Request: Old calendars or pictures. (Osmaston DE24) Withdrawn - Has anyone got any old calendars or pictures? It's for s project for a nursing home. I need pictures of animals, birds, foods, colours, objects so I can laminate them and use them as flash cards to initiate conversation with people with dementia. I can collect. Many thanks, Gaynor Offer: Chrome door knobs (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - I have 2 of these. 1 is complete never opened and 1 is missing the key.
Photo of free Chrome door knobs (Osmaston DE24)
Photo of free Chrome door knobs (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Washing line cover (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Dark green waterproof cover for washing line, parasol etc. Offer: Single mattress (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Clean single mattress to go asap. To good to go up tip. Gaynor Offer: Plastic dustbins (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - 4 black plastic dustbins with lids ideal for allotment Offer: Happy Anniversary Banner (Osmaston DE24) Withdrawn - Still in pack Gaynor
Photo of free Happy Anniversary Banner (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Drawers (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Had this for stationary under my desk. Collection asap please as have no room. Gaynor
Photo of free Drawers (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Wireless microphone (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Was gifted this a while ago but not used. Son prefers wired one for what he does.
Photo of free Wireless microphone (Osmaston DE24)
Request: Large Print Books (Osmaston DE24) Expired - If anyone has any of these suitable for a nursing home please let me know. I can collect them and I know several ladies and gents who would be most grateful. Many thanks Gaynor Offer: HP photosmart printer scanner copier (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - We were given this and apparently less than a year old but don't know. And looks like ink cartridges to go with it. Collect asap preferably this evening as absolutely no room to store. Gaynor Offer: IKEA corner computer cupboard. (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - This is to go TONIGHT! We will dismantle it but please bear in mind this is 7 foot tall by 4 foot width and 3 foot depth when assembled so you will need a big enough vehicle to move it. I have painted it because it was almost black when I had it. Seriously no room for it now and I have no room to store either. Gaynor
Photo of free IKEA corner computer cupboard. (Osmaston DE24)
Photo of free IKEA corner computer cupboard. (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: Wood chip wallpaper (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - I have 1 full roll and most of a 2nd roll to gift. Standard cheap white stuff. Gaynor Offer: French Revision books (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Has cd in the one
Photo of free French Revision books (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: French revision books (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - Includes cd in the one.
Photo of free French revision books (Osmaston DE24)
Offer: 2 crochet hook cases (Osmaston DE24) Gifted - No hooks just the cases
Photo of free 2 crochet hook cases (Osmaston DE24)
Photo of free 2 crochet hook cases (Osmaston DE24)