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Offer: Large pallet boxes (Splott CF24) Withdrawn - Two boxes roughly 1.5m high and long 1m wide Lots of non treated pallets also available Collection anyday
Photo of free Large pallet boxes (Splott CF24)
Offer: Care text 1L disposable waste pulp bowls (Splott CF24) Gifted - New we have lots so please specify how many you require. Collection most days
Photo of free Care text 1L disposable waste pulp bowls (Splott CF24)
Offer: Printer cartridge recycling envelopes (Splott CF24) - Free post recycling envelopes for charity Request: Nuts, seeds, anything out date good for birdfeeder (Splott CF24) - We have a popular birdfeeder and looking for any opened, out date nuts seeds, pulses etc Request: Bamboo canes (Splott CF24) - We are looking for bamboo canes to make a bug hotel or anything else helpful Request: Plants Gardening Pots for Charity Project (Splott CF24) - Hi I am looking for outdoor plants, pots, tubs for a charity garden project, we could easily collect any items and are looking to improve an outdoor area in making it more friendly to local wildlife so anything like bid feeders or a bird bath would also be really welcome. Many thanks Offer: Double mattress (Splott CF24) Gifted - Good condition barely used 4.5ft X 6ft
Photo of free Double mattress (Splott CF24)
Offer: Jars medium to large (Splott CF24) - Clean jars mostly large ham or mayo size. Collection most days
Photo of free Jars medium to large (Splott CF24)
Offer: Men's t-shirts shirts large xl (Splott CF24) - Men's t-shirts and shirt Large and xl. Offer: Egg boxes (Splott CF24) - Lots standard size and some large Collection any day
Photo of free Egg boxes (Splott CF24)
Offer: Clean rags (Splott CF24) Gifted - Old clothes etc good for rags all cleaned Offer: Ringbinders (Splott CF24) - Used good condition ten or more ring binders, pick up pontcanna or splott
Photo of free Ringbinders (Splott CF24)
Offer: Cardboard boxes (Splott CF24) Gifted - Large boxes good for house move etc Offer: Magnolia masonry paint (Splott CF24) Gifted - Outdoor paint, magnolia roughly 2litres or a bit more left. Collection anyday Request: UPVC back door - white plastic (Splott CF24) - Our back door has been damaged in the wind, bit of a long shot but if anyone has a upvc external door free would be very grateful. Size would need to be around 850x2000 Thanks Offer: Three Seater Sofa (Splott CF24) - 3 seater sofa. Brown and cream with lots of cushions.
Photo of free Three Seater Sofa (Splott CF24)
Photo of free Three Seater Sofa (Splott CF24)
Offer: Bread Bin (Splott CF24) Gifted - Large bread bin, black cylindical style with stainless steel lid. Has bread written on it. Offer: Large boxes (Splott CF24) Gifted - three sturdy large fruit crates and a couple of large boxes, collection any day. asap please Offer: pan stands (Splott CF24) Gifted - two metal stands for hot pans on a worksurface Offer: Dark Green Plastic Cutlery Tray (Splott CF24) Gifted - Standard size, fits in normal small cutlery kitchen draw, not used but been sitting in kitchen for a while Offer: Working microwave (Splott CF24) Gifted - Large, old but working microwave. Has issues with digital display.
Photo of free Working microwave (Splott CF24)
Offer: Large/Medium cardboard boxes (Splott CF24) Gifted - We have quite a few some very sturdy excellent for moving house or posting christmas presents. Collection any time. We also have lots of jiffy bags and packaging for posting. Offer: Microwave egg cooker (Splott CF24) - cooks whole egg in 25-40 seconds. Offer: Jiffy bags - used packaging (Splott CF24) - I'm a ebay seller and collect jiffy bags etc to reuse but have far too many now. If of any use to someone feel free to take as many as you like Offer: Large three seater sofa, corner or straight. (Splott CF24) - Sofa can be separated in the middle into two or to fit different shaped rooms. Sandy colour with beige, blown and sand back cusions. As a single sofa connected size is 2.10m x 1m. As two separate units it is 1.05m x 1m per half. Collection any day. Comes from a smoke free home. I will try and upload pictures soon. Cheers Offer: Paint and varnish stripper (Splott CF24) Gifted - we have two half used cans no longer needed Offer: Large cardboard boxes (Splott CF24) Gifted - around 4 large cardboard boxes great for storage or movimg house Offer: 6m coving (Splott CF24) Gifted - around 5 to six metres in length of coving in two pieces, a few off cuts included too. new. 11/12cm width Offer: Electrical cable boxing trunking and conduit (Splott CF24) Gifted - Varying lengths, some used and some new. collection any day Offer: 1/2 - 1/3 of a bag of thistle finishing plaster (Splott CF24) Gifted - Opened today so clean and fresh, collection available any day.