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Offer: Technics ORGAN (KT12 Walton Bridge) - Two manual plus pedals. Has been in the garage for a while, gathering some dust. Used occasionally, but not enough to warrant keeping it. Useful for a student or enthusiast. Midi-file capacity, in addition to lots of voices and effects. Splits into two parts for transportation, top and legs/pedals.
Offer: Freezer (Chest type) (KT12 Walton Bridge) - Perhaps 2.5 ft long and 2 ft wide, 2.5 ft deep. Whirlpool make. New kitchen, including a BIG Fridge Freezer, means that this is surplus to requirements. Defrosted last weekend, ready to go. You will need a van or a very big (tall) car.
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Offer: Fridge Freezer (KT12 Walton Bridge) Gifted - New kitchen and new Fridge Freezer means that this one is available.
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Request: Tarp Pole (KT12 Walton Bridge) - I recently bought a tarpaulin, to erect over the entrance to my tent. It has one pole with it, but I'd like another for a more useful configuration. Mine folds into 3 and is about 150/170cms tall.., one similar would be very useful.. Thanks, Peter Request: Anaglypta Ceiling/Wall Paper (KT12 Walton Bridge) - Approximately one roll of Anaglypta required. We have removed a fitted wardrobe and there is no ceiling paper above it. We need to match up with the existing ceiling... Request: TV Wall Fixings (KT12 Walton Bridge) - I want to mount my Flat Screen TV to the wall in my bedroom. I need a kit to do it. Panasonic TV. 32 in. Offer: Beige Bedroom Carpet (KT12 Walton Bridge) Gifted - Removed on Saturday. Good quality, needs a clean and re-fitting to your own room. Beige Offer: Wood from Fitted Wardrobe (KT12 Walton Bridge) - Dismantled Fitted Wardrobe. Many solid pieces of wood. Could be repurposed. Offer: 1) Chest of Drawers (Woking GU21) Gifted - Solid wood (drawers, top bottom and sides), panelled wood back. Two generously sized drawers, shelf-space above and further space (shoe storage?) below. Lovely veneer, especially on the top. Glass protective cover on top. 3 ft 10in tall, 3 ft wide, 1ft 9in deep Offer: Bedside Table - wood (Woking GU21) Gifted - Matching Bedside Table, solid wood, quality piece. Protective Glass on top. Offer: Dressing Table (Woking GU21) Gifted - Matching Dressing Table, solid wood, no mirror but small one offered. See matching chest of drawers and bedside cabinet. Offer: Fridge Freezer (not working) (Oatlands Dr & Walton Bridge Rd) - Fridge Freezer, was working but has stopped. If it's any use to you you are welcome to come and take it away. As you can see from the photo, garage space is at a premium.. (Fridge Magnet not included.., sorry.!) Offer: Chinese / Japanese Design RUG (Oatlands Dr & Walton Bridge Rd) Gifted - Green / Beige / Cream Rug with Far-Eastern Designs Approx 8ft x 6ft Offer: Extending Ladder (Oatlands Dr & Walton Bridge Rd) Gifted - Decorator's Ladder Wooden with metal reinforcement on each tread. Quite old but a quality piece. Will go in the skip (pictured..!!) unless you can come and get it... Offer: Cot Mattress (Oatlands Dr & Walton Bridge Rd) Gifted - Cot Mattress Going in the skip unless someone wants it. Needs a quick clean but otherwise intact. Offer: Louvre Doors (Oatlands Dr & Walton Bridge Rd) Gifted - Louvre Doors. If these doors (3 tall, 4 small) and other pieces of wood (MDF) are any use to you.., Come and get them before they go into that there skip..!!