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Offer: forget me nots (Farden SY8) Gifted - clearing the garden of forget me not plants. will leave them outside the house if anybody wants to collect Request: Egg Boxes (Farden SY8) Received - Has anybody got any egg boxes spare please? We have been lucky enough to have been donated trays of eggs to distribute and we need egg boxes to put them in. I can collect Thanks very much Di Offer: white bathroom sink and pedestal (Farden SY8) Withdrawn - Sink has got a crack in it but it has never leaked. May be suitable for an outbuilding? Offer: Assorted Cardboard boxes for moving (Farden SY8) Gifted - all shapes and sizes, my daughter used them for moving, some are quite small. Ok for glasses and nick knacks Offer: wallpaper scraps (Farden SY8) Gifted - I've just stripped the wallpaper from a room and it has come off in quite long strips. Could anybody use it for lining drawers, wallpapering the back of cupboards, dolls house wallpaper? It's a moss green colour
Photo of free wallpaper scraps (Farden SY8)
Offer: Fabric scraps (Farden SY8) Gifted - Had a clear out of craft items and now have a small carrier bag of scraps, mix of cotton, upholstery fabric, stretch fabric,gingham ,rayon. Some quite small pieces, suitable for patchwork. Offer: Forget me nots (Farden SY8) Gifted - In full bloom, they just keep coming, please help me cull them! Request: Egg boxes (Farden SY8) Received - Has anybody got any egg boxes spare please, we're looking for half dozen primarily, but larger ones would be great too. Thanks Offer: Small selection of cables - Ethernet, Dlink (Farden SY8) Gifted - Cables left over from TV router, 3 d-links, Ethernet, telephone thingy and thick black cable that connects TV to other devices and a charger Request: Planks of wood (Farden SY8) - Has anybody got any planks of wood suitable for repairing a shed that they no longer need please? A very kind freegler has given us some cladding from his house which did most of the repairs but we just need a bit more to finish the job. Thank you Request: Water butt (Farden SY8) - Has anybody got a water butt that they no longer need please Request: planks to repair a barn door (Farden SY8) Received - I was wondering if anybody has demolished their barn and had some spare planks they wanted to dispose of. We are refurbishing ours and were looking for 6 and 7ft planks to rebuild the doors. Thanks a lot Offer: Carpet offcuts (Farden SY8) - A mixture of shapes, sizes and colours, have been in the woodshed for a while but seem OK. Feel free to come and have a look if you are interested, otherwise they will go to the tip in the next couple of days Offer: Old Kitchen Base Unit (Farden SY8) - I've just cleaned the woodshed out and found this unit, it's a bit dirty but seems sound. I probably wouldn't recommend using it in the house but it may be useful in a shed or outhouse. Feel free to come and have a look if you are interested, otherwise it will go to the tip in the next couple of days
Photo of free Old Kitchen Base Unit (Farden SY8)
Photo of free Old Kitchen Base Unit (Farden SY8)
Photo of free Old Kitchen Base Unit (Farden SY8)
Offer: 4 kitchen worktop offcuts (Farden SY8) Gifted - largest is 71 x 40 3cm. light oak very solid (and heavy). Think it may be composite but not sure. Nice bit of wood though
Photo of free 4 kitchen worktop offcuts (Farden SY8)
Offer: Packet of Pampers premium protection nappies No 1 (Farden SY8) Gifted - I've taken 1 out, the rest of the packet (21) is in tact. Bought them for indoor lambs but they were too small Offer: Forget me not plants (Farden SY8) Gifted - I'm digging up some forget me nots tomorrow if anybody would like them. Offer: glass jars with lids (Farden SY8) Gifted - I've got over 2 dozen glass jar with lids, ideal for pickling. All clean Request: hot water bottle (Farden SY8) Received - Has anybody got a hot water bottle or 2 that they no longer use. I need them to keep a couple of newborn lambs warm if the weather turns again ... Thank you Offer: 3 old style mole traps (Farden SY8) Gifted - very old, we've never used them, they were found in our shed You can see photos here: Offer: Several white 6 panel internal doors (Farden SY8) Gifted - I think we've got 5 of varying sizes, there could be more if you need them, they are all undamaged, we are only replacing them because we want pine doors