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Request: Concrete slabs wanted (ferndown, dorset) - Approx 14 grey concrete slabs needed, 450mm x 450mm x 35mm. Happy to clean them up and collect at a time convenient for you. Thank you. Request: Music stand and/or old instruments. (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a music stand for books/sheet music I can use whilst standing please. Also any old, working instruments of any kind. Can collect. Many thanks. Request: Wheelchair (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a manual wheelchair please that is quite comfortable/smooth ride?We currently have a basic one but it isn't very comfortable for my mum who has fractures in her spine. Something that could be put into a van or car would be great but comfort is main priority. Can collect. Thank you very much. Request: 4 x 2 wood, 3 meters long (ferndown, dorset) - Please if anyone has some. Can collect. Thank you Request: Sharp sand and/or cement (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have excess sharp sand or cement we could use for laying garden paving please? Request: Garden slabs/paving (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have this sort of style or similar, or any good condition matching slabs please? To cover a 24m² area of garden to enable level access to garden. We can collect and also happy to clean them up as long as they are not broken we can make good use of them. Thanks very much.
Request: Booster seat for car (ferndown, dorset) Received - Suitable for a 6yr old please. Can collect. Many thanks Request: Rebounder/small trampoline (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a small trampoliner/rebounder we could rehome please? Can collect. Request: wooden double bed frame (ferndown, dorset) - Looking for a wooden double bed frame with or without headboard please in good condition, from a smoke free home. Can collect most afternoons,evenings and at weekends. Please let us know if you could provide one, many thanks. Request: Metal dog crate (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a dog crate going spare please? Wanted for our dog who has seperation anxiety ans struggles with car travel to see if it relieves her anxiety by being crated. Needs to be big enough for medium size dog. Thank you. Offer: Adjustable height Office chair (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Black adjustable height office chair, the faux leather is peeling so would be good as a spare or possibly re upholstered? Very comfy. Collection from west moors
Request: Weights/dumbells (ferndown, dorset) - Hi I am looking for a set or singular weights/dumbells please. Can collect. Thank you. Offer: Small table (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Approx 70cm x 70cm and 75cm high. Some marks but lots of life left in it. Collection only
Offer: Tubular heater 120W (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Like new, just no longer needed.
Offer: Mens size 10 Roller blades (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Mens size 10 Roller blades. Airwalk brand. Collection only, west moors.
Request: Keyboard or digital piano (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a keyboard or digital piano I could give a good home to please? Can collect at a time convenient to you. Thank you :-) Request: Ocarina instrument (ferndown, dorset) - Curious if anyone has a playable (not ornamental) ocarina going spare please? 12 or 16 hole ideally but any considered. Appreciative home awaits :-) Offer: Ninja blender NEW but US plug (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Hi I've got a brand new Ninja master prep, worth quite a bit but it has a US plug and I have nothing to adapt it with so hopefully someone else can make use of it.
Request: Dumbells/Weights (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have some dumbell style weights 5kg or heavier please, a set would be great but singles are fine too. Can collect at a time convenient to you. Thank you. Request: Small upright tool shed wanted (ferndown, dorset) - Small upright tool shed wanted please. Can collect. Offer: Metal pole (ferndown, dorset) - Large metal pole used for hanging washing line from. Has a block of concrete on bottom but pole could be useful for someone. About 8ft in length. Collection only
Request: Paper shredder (ferndown, dorset) - Paper shredder wanted please, can collect. Request: 8mm tape Camcorder (ferndown, dorset) - Working or non working (we can attempt to repair) camcorder which takes 8mm tapes wanted please. Can collect. Thank you. Request: Jewellery or rock tumbler (ferndown, dorset) - Just wondered if anyone has a working tumbler going spare. Could be a cheapy trendz/toys r us/national geographic rock tumbler if unused with rocks or a jewellery tumbler (used or unused). Can collect. Thank you ! Request: Wool carpet (ferndown, dorset) - Unfortunately our rescue dog has an allergy to carpets made with any polyester, and so we are on the search for new wool carpet off cuts if anyone happens to have any please. The area we need to cover is just over 4 x 4m and a smaller area of 4 x 1.5m. I know it's an unlikely thing to find but as we can't afford new wool carpet thought it was worth an ask! Thanks very much! Request: Shredder (ferndown, dorset) - Does anyone have a shredder we could collect please? thank you. Offer: 3 VHS players spares/repairs (ferndown, dorset) - We have 3 VHS players including a super vhs player, someone who knows more about these may be able to get them working. Collection from west moors. Request: Old Camcorder (ferndown, dorset) - Please does anyone have a working old camcorder that takes 8mm tapes ? We have a ton of old tapes we want to save the data from but no camcorder to use. Thank you. Can collect. Offer: Acoustic Guitar (ferndown, dorset) Gifted - Could do with new strings but still in usable condition, great for a begginer :-) Request: Rustic/oak/reclaimed wood for shelves (ferndown, dorset) - Please email if you have any we could make use of, short or long, thick or thin. Can collect. Thank you :-)