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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Furniture legs/castors (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) - A set of four furniture legs with castors. Plastic, but with a wood-effect finish. Features a standard M8 thread for screwing into the underside of a sofa or chair.
Offer: Curtains (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - Five pairs of curtains. Two pairs are 54" wide by 86" drop (that's each of the four curtains), in a beige/gold textured horizontal stripe with eyelets to fit over a curtain pole. Labelled "Glamour by Mode" and 100% polyester. Two pairs are 45" wide by 41" drop approx. (that's each of the four curtains), in cream with black horizontal stripes and eyelets to fit over a curtain pole. One pair is 64" wide by 52" drop approx. (that's each of the two curtains), in cream with a deep red vertical stripe. Pencil pleat top for conventional curtain hooks. Complete with matching tie-backs. Available individually or all together.
Offer: Vintage KEK photo albums (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - Eight vintage photo albums (previously used). Six of one size (200cm x 250cm approx.) with black pages and cutouts for tucking in photo/postcard corners; five of these are branded "KEK". The other two are 280cm x 310cm approx. and have clear pockets for holding photos or postcards.
Offer: Christmas lights (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Withdrawn - Two long strings of Christmas lights. Both feature green wiring with warm white incandescent (not LED) bulbs. One works, while the other doesn't so must need one or more replacement bulbs.
Offer: Stamps & first day covers (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A box full of UK and Jersey stamps, including a couple of binders full of first day covers. Offer: Architectural decorations (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - An assortment of decorative bits-and-bobs that might be used on a period property. Ideally to go as a single lot, but will consider splitting if no-one wants everything.
Offer: Framed pictures - historical subjects (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A collection of framed pictures, ranging in size from postcard size to just above A4 size, all featuring historical subjects - mostly portraits.
Offer: Ceiling light (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A cream-coloured, chandelier-style ceiling light fitting with decorative crystals. Requires three bulbs with SES (small Edison screw) fittings. Worked fine when last used!
Offer: Kettle for stove (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A classic kettle with whistle - NOT electric - for use on a hob or stove.
Offer: Menorah-style Christmas light (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Withdrawn - A red plastic menorah-style Christmas light, with seven working mains-powered bulbs (plus a couple of spares).
Offer: Knitting needles and bag (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A selection of knitting needles, plus a sizing tool and collection of buttons, all together in a fabric bag.
Offer: Garden border edging/fencing (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Withdrawn - Six lengths of plastic "Tudor Fencing" designed to be pushed into the ground and used as border edging - total length around 3.4m. Additionally two lengths of similar fencing which has a different pattern and seems to be made of plastic-coated wire.
Offer: King size duvet cover (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Withdrawn - This is a king size duvet cover made from thick cream coloured material with a delicate white pattern. Unusually, the duvet is inserted into the middle of the cover rather than at one end, then there's a row of large buttons to close the opening. Note that no sheets or pillowcases are included.
Offer: Moving/packing boxes (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) - Loads of thick cardboard moving/packing boxes. Used, and now flat-packed for storage, these are in good condition but have some sticky tape and writing on them. There's a mixture of medium and large boxes, plus a few wardrobe hanging boxes. Offer: 400 gallon domestic fuel oil tank (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - We are no longer using oil for our central heating, so our 400 gallon/1800 litre fuel oil tank is redundant. It has been disconnected and contains some unused fuel (but not much!). Moving it will require several people and a good-sized van or flat-bed truck. If you need exact dimensions then let me know. Offer: Curtains (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - Two large (227cm x 227cm approx, before pleating) and two small (165cm wide x 100cm high approx, before pleating) curtains, all in the same beige-grey colour with a large white design that's a bit like a fleur-de-lys.
Offer: Door pediments or bed headboards? (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - 8 plain new door pediments made (I think) from MDF. 2 elaborate wooden pieces that were in the same pile - I think they might actually be headboards for single beds but they're about the same size as the pediments so could be used as such!
Offer: Model owls - intended as bird scarers (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - Two model owls, each around 16" or 40cm tall, that are designed to be placed in a garden for scaring away birds. Their heads are loosely connected by springs to their bodies, so that they turn in the wind and give the impression of movement.
Offer: Electric hedge trimmer (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A Black & Decker GT220 (40cm/16in) corded electric hedge trimmer, believed to be in working order.
Offer: Golf clubs (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A set of golf clubs, plus a trolley (but no bag). I know nothing about golf so don't know whether these constitute a complete set, or whether they're still in usable condition - but maybe they'll help someone who wants to start dabbling in the sport?
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Offer: Plate hangers (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - About 20 of the wire and spring assemblies used to hang a plate on the wall. Offer: Corner TV unit (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A small black corner TV unit, measuring approximately 76cm wide at the front, 50cm wide at the back, 50cm deep and 50cm high. Mounted on castors for easy movement, and with two smoked glass doors (magnetically latched) in front of the cabinet section which has one shelf as well as the bottom level. Needs a thorough clean, but otherwise in generally good condition.
Offer: Trivial Pursuit (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - The original classic set of the Trivial Pursuit game. In good condition and believed to be complete. Offer: Leather bookmarks (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - 6 leather bookmarks. Three for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, two for the wedding of Charles & Diana, and one with the name "Karen". Offer: Ice cream maker (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A small ice cream maker with instructions. Untested, but looks in good condition. Offer: Laser printer (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - An Epson AcuLaser M1200 personal black & white laser printer, believed to be in full working order. Connects via USB to a Windows or Mac computer and prints single-sided (only) at around 16 pages per minute. Complete with mains and USB cables, plus a partially-used toner cartridge. Offer: Leather footstool (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) - A large footstool finished in pale yellow/cream leather, with a wooden base hiding plastic feet. Dimensions 72cm by 60cm by 40cm high (approx). Generally good condition.
Offer: Scrabble (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A classic set of Scrabble. In good condition and believed to be complete. Offer: Air fresheners (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - An array of cans of air freshener, plus some other cleaning products. A couple are partly used, but they're generally brand new. No questions asked about what smell you need to disguise :-)
Offer: Folding picnic table (Bryn-y-cochin SY12) Gifted - A picnic table and chairs in a suitcase! The case (measuring approximately 92x12x38cm) opens and folds out to form a picnic table with four bench seats (approximately 92x151x70cm in total). It's a little rusty, and a bit heavy so you wouldn't want to carry it far, but very clever and useful - perhaps to campers.