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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Hammer Heads (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - (1 club hammer head. Sorry already taken) 1 Carpenters hammerherad. Both good old English manufacture but need handles.
Offer: Hardpoint Saws (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - 9 or 10 hardpoint saws. General purpose saws for DIY or any building work. They look rusty because they are a bit rusty, but they are still sharp and will quickly clean up with a Brillo pad. Made as throwaway saws but they never seem to wear out Take one or take all.
Offer: Handsaws (Bray SL6) Gifted - Large bowsaw about 40" Handsaw with very large teeth which was used for sawing large foam blocks. Would work on wood also.
Offer: Chainsaw Chains (Bray SL6) Gifted - Unused chains for old Black & Decker electric chainsaws. One 12" and one 14". Presumably will fit newer models
Offer: Snowman cat treat toy (Bray SL6) Gifted - A puzzle toy for your cat. Hide treats inside.
Offer: Hatchet for splitting firewood (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Small hatchet for splitting firewood, or whatever.
Offer: Craft Knives (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Selection of knives for craft work. Will need fresh blades (normal Stanley blades) Over 18s only to collect
Offer: Rubber Mallets (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Three rubber mallets. Sometimes sold for knocking in tent pegs
Offer: Three more Hammers (Bray SL6) Gifted - Another three hammers
Offer: Three Hammers (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Three hammers in good used condition
Offer: Shaving Mirror (Bray SL6) Gifted - Wall mounting shaving mirror. Extending bracket and double mirror, plain one side and magnifying the other
Offer: Mystery Tool (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Small wooden tool. I have absolutely no idea what it is for but might be just what someone needs.
Offer: Sash Cord (Bray SL6) Gifted - Pack of new unused traditional sash cord for windows.
Offer: Tool Belt (Bray SL6) Gifted - This is a 3" wide padded belt about 48" long. I think it was belt for attaching tool clips to.
Offer: Packing Tape Guns (Bray SL6) Gifted - Two industrial quality packing tape guns. These take the tape rolls with small cores, not the usual 3" cores.
Offer: Electrical Continuity Test Buzzers (Bray SL6) Withdrawn - Three test buzzers for circuit testing. Date back to the days before multimeters had buzzers built in. All were working but the batteries are either flat or missing. Takes volt batteries. Only one poor set of leads.
Offer: Sony Handycam Video camera (Bray SL6) Gifted - Old Sony video camera with power supply and remote control. It stopped working ages ago and may or may not be fixable.
Offer: Electrical socket drilling jig (Bray SL6) Gifted - Plastic jig to help drill out masonry to install single or twin mains wall socket back boxes. Very useful as you only need an ordinary masonry drill and a cold chisel.
Offer: Oxygen Gas Regulator (Bray SL6) Gifted - Regulator valve for an Oxygen gas cylinder. Don't know why I have this but I certainly won't be using it.
Offer: Smoke Alarms (Bray SL6) Gifted - Two new unused basic smoke alarms. Still in their slightly tatty boxes. Both will need 9volt batteries
Offer: Headlamp Torch (Bray SL6) Gifted - Headlamp torch which takes 4 AA batteries. Not LED. All in good working order but surplus to requirements
Offer: Bicycle Lamps and other bits. (Bray SL6) Gifted - Assorted bicycle lamps and other odds and ends. The lamps were all working but have been in the shed for ages and are all untested.
Offer: Shabby Chic Kitchen Shelf (Bray SL6) Gifted - Mahogany kitchen shelf unit. Approx 24" tall and 15" wide. Solid wood but needs a refresh. Designed to hold a roll of kitchen paper and other odds and ends. The dowel for holding the roll of paper is missing but I can find a replacement if you want.
Offer: SDS 110v Drill (Bray SL6) Gifted - Makita 110v rotary hammer drill in steel carry case with built in mains transformer. All working but the 240v lead needs replacing and the plastic cover plate over the transformer is cracked and also needs replacing. These simple repairs must be carried out before using the drill for safety's sake. The drill is good quality and built for all day use. Variable speed and 750 watt. Takes SDS drill bits
Offer: Kitchen Utensils (Bray SL6) Gifted - Set of kitchen utensils. Went to uni and came back almost untouched.
Offer: Paint (Bray SL6) Gifted - Kindly given by another freegler but I ended up repainting a lighter colour. This is a vibrant turquoise blue, suitable for walls and ceilings. "Chance", matt paint. 2 X 2.5 litres
Offer: Novelty sign for Jonathan (Bray SL6) Gifted
Offer: Henry Vacuum Cleaner (Bray SL6) Gifted - Very well used Henry vacuum cleaner. Ideal for use in the garage. There are no tools or hose, just Henry by himself.
Offer: Clips for Xmas lights (Bray SL6) Gifted - I have a load of these plastic clips which I think are for clipping up Xmas lights. Brand new but I have never found a use for them. Several dozen of each type to go as one lot
Offer: Novelty sign for Jonathan (Bray SL6) Gifted - Novelty sign for someone called Jonathan.