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Offer: Rotovator (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Gifted this by another freegle member last year, I have finally finished with it, may need a bit of oil on blades Collection litherland
Offer: Titan Electric chain saw (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This is working. The chain slips I think it’s because it’s missing a bolt inside Sadly I do not know anything about theses, May be easy fix, collection litherland
Offer: Solid wood door (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This was given to usfor the side of our garage but we have now replaced it and no longer require this one, It does have some wear Will do someone a good turn,
Offer: Home brew stuff (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This is a famentation bucket (no lid) brew dog bottles, some corks for wine bottles and co2 caps for the top of bottles/bucket Collection only please This is a fair policy that will apply and it is on other sites Offer: Lawn mower &hedge cutter (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This is parts only,the motor runs and blade turns but I think the blade needs balancing, a shop had it to sharpen blade and has not cut grass since, If still here by Friday evening it will go to the tip,t may be an easy fix for someonealso a hedge cutter, not working (maybe battery dead)
Offer: Assorted table clothes/material (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Theses may be table cloths or just large bits of material Collection litherland please Offer: Net curtains (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Assorted amounts of nets available to whobever may need them, Collection litherland please Request: Lawn mower (Litherland (L21)) Received - Hi all I’m looking for a working lawn mower please, as mine has stopped working, :( Thanks in advance x Offer: Wood (firewood/pallet) (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This is some pallet wood, and some strips of wood, ideal for fire wood, or to build stuff, Collection litherland
Request: Car roof box (Litherland (L21)) Received - Hi all I’m looking for a roof box for my car, we are going on a big camping holiday and not enough space in the car for everything, I’m happy to regift it to the next person once I have finished with it Thanks for reading x Request: Wheel barrow (Litherland L21) Received - Hi all I’m after a wheel barrow please, it’s to move sand, does not matter if it’s rusty or has few holes in. Once I have finished with it I will regift to the next person in need, Thanks for reading Request: Wheel barrow (Litherland (Litherland (L21)) Received - Hi all I’m after a wheel barrow please, it’s to move sand, does not matter if it’s rusty or has few holes in. Once I have finished with it I will regift to the next person in need, Thanks for reading Offer: Rubble (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Small pile of stones/slabs, ideal for rubble, been dug out of the garden, you will need to bring something to put it Litherland collection Request: Wheel barrow (Litherland (L21)) Received - Hi all Im after a wheel barrow, to borrow please, If you are giving it away I will regift once I have finished with it i am sand from my front to the back garden and doing it by buckets is not good I can collect Thanks for reading Request: Small chest freezer (Litherland (L21)) Received - Hi all, I’m in need of a small chest freezer please, mine has just died, I can collect Thanks in advance Sam x Offer: 2 tea pots (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - One is a house the other is brown with a face on, I did offer to the person who was asking but they never got back to me, Collection litherland Offer: 2 girls/ladies bikes (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Theses both need tlc, ideal for teens/ladies once fixed up, Collection only from litherland L21, Offer: Plastic plant pots (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - Small and medium plant pots, sadly we have no use for them, maybe good for someone growing small plants Collection litherland Offer: Bag of baby clothes (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This is a mixed bag, newborn-18months natural and blue stuff, sadly outgrown. May be use to someone or I’ll take charity shop. Offer: Girls bike (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This needs tlc, it’s been in a stone shed in my garden, but due to it it leaking the bike has gone rusty, Offer: Coffee table (Litherland (L21)) Gifted - This was gifted to me. But I already have a table. It has some marks on it, but may do someone some good Collection Litherland
Offer: laminate floor (Litherland) Gifted - This is just over a pack of flooring, it is what is left over from doing our house. Collection Litherland Offer: Box of kids books (Litherland) Gifted - Books my kids no longer read/play with, Collection litherland Offer: Drill (Litherland) Gifted - This was in the built in shed, it is tied up so do not know if it works or not, May be good for someone Offer: White ceiling fan/light (Southport PR9) Gifted - This was in my shed when I moved in the house, i do not know if this is complete, We do not need it Collection litherland Offer: 3 seater sofa (cream) (Southport PR9) Gifted - This is a friends sofa. She has just got new ones and no longer needs this, collection Elswick Road. Offer: Dishwasher (L21(litherland)) Gifted - This works but sadly it is leaking water over the floor, may bean easy fix but due to bad hands I can not lift it up to have a look, Collection ASAP as it will be put outside tonight, litherland
Offer: Shower screen (L21(litherland)) Gifted - I brought this but it is too wide for where I needed it, need gone ASAP, as I have nowhere to store it, 1.8m high, 1.2m wide, Has supports for it also ONLY GENUINE PEOPLE PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS
Offer: Wooden blind (L21(litherland)) Gifted - This is solid wood 87cm wide, solid wooden blind, sadly it does not have brackets but they are cheap online as I have had to buy some myself, Only genuine people please as I’m sick of time wasters! Collection litherland or southport
Offer: Garden swing set (L21 Litherland) Gifted - This has 2 swings and a seesaw it is metal frame, I will try to take it down but due to hand problems I may struggle Collection litherland ONLY GENUINE PEOPLE PLEASE IM SICK OF TIME WASTERS! Fair Offer Policy applies