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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Red decor item (East Plano - 75074) Gifted - Metallic red plastic petals on a backing sheet—The Oriental Trading Website calls this “Red floral sheeting backdrop” if you want to look it up. Not a full roll but enough to help decorate for party etc.
Offer: Bathroom scale (East Plano - 75074) - Works fine. Clear cover on dial has a crack but not too noticeable and doesn’t affect operation.
Offer: Small auto safety light (East Plano - 75074) Gifted - About 3” diameter. Plugs into cigarette lighter. 9’ cord rolls inside the unit to store compactly in your glove box, etc. then spools out when needed. End flips up and has magnet so you can position the light where needed.
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Offer: Utility racks (small shelves) (East Plano - 75074) Gifted - Small coated-wire racks for utility closet, garage, pantry,etc. White ones are about 1 ft. tall each; wall portion of brown ones about 18 inches—holes allow varying placement of the racks.
Offer: Vintage cherry fabric pieces (75074) - Two small pieces of what I am sure is vintage tablecloth with a cherry pattern, +2 other pieces of fabric that are probably reproduction but work well with the others. Motifs average 4-5” each. You can cut the cherry images apart and use for craft/sewing projects. From non-smoking pet free home.
Offer: personal steam inhaler (75074) Gifted - Vicks brand electric steam device for relief of nasal congestion due to colds, flu, sinusitis and allergies. Includes bottle of inhalant medication.
Offer: random paper tote+gift bags (75074) Gifted - Cleaning out a closet and found a bunch of these, most used at least once but in pretty good shape, some new and could be used for gifts. A few from notable stores, if that matters~
Offer: Vacuum cleaner (75074) Gifted - This vacuum cleaner has a lot of suction, but the roller on the carpet cleaning head (now attached to the hose) leaves much to be desired. There's a hard floor attachment, shown unattached on the right--but I'm not strong enough to get the other one off! If you can, and don't need to vacuum carpets, this unit might work for you. -- Retractable cord, two otherattachments, andsome extra filter bags.
Offer: Transmission fluid + wheel bearing (75074) Gifted - Transmission fluid almost full qt., tub of grease about half full. Left by previous resident, so thought I'd offer these before putting out for city chemical pickup.
Offer: Maps for crafts, etc (75074) Gifted - About two dozen old maps, from Texas and some other states.
Offer: 2 wood post finials (75074) - 3" diam., 5 1/2" high, for topping a 4x4 post. Excellent condition--end grain was epoxy-sealed then primed before painting.
Offer: Kids' boots for Halloween costume (75074) - Kids size 5M. Black--originally brown but spraypainted black for last year's costume. Came out way better looking than in this photo--you can add more black if u want, but I didn't notice the brownish spots until I took this photo w/flash. Our trick or treater has outgrown them, so maybe they'll work for your little superhero or video game character. Size tag says for girls, but are unisex in style so ok for boys too.
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Offer: One new-in-box spark plug (75074) - NGK brand, #B5HS 4210.
Offer: Magnetic car cellphone mount (75074) - Sleeve for credit card+license sticks to back of phone, round mount slides onto air vent. Blue with City of Plano safety program logo.
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Offer: Ponderosa pine panel (75074) Gifted - Raised 1" thick panel of prime clear Ponderosa pine that was attached to plywood box of large under-stair drawer. (You can see where I cut it off with a circular saw.) Sides are straight and two bottom angles are 90 deg.--angle of photo may make it look otherwise. From a beautifully crafted 60 yr old home, so it's well seasoned and stable. From a non-smoking, pet-free environment--just needs dusting off since it's been in my shop. 16 1/4"wide, 30" to shoulder, 42" at highest point.
Offer: Off-white fabric for Halloween (75074) Gifted - 4 pieces 3' x 7.5' of off-white lightweight lining ripped out of some old curtains. Easily ripped into shrouds, mummy strips, etc.
Request: Metal mini blinds, any condition (75074) - I need just the slats (18" long) for a project, so they don't need to be in working condition. Offer: Misc. cables and wires (75074) - Old phone, tv and computer spaghetti.
Offer: Super bright rechargeable light (75074) Gifted - Fixit 1000000 Candle Power light with charging cord and hanger. Indicator light shows it's charged, but it's not lighting up--I think it just needs new small halogen bulb.
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Offer: Battery power thingie (75074) Gifted - This went to a fan you could hook up to a car lighter if you're driving, or to this gizmo that holds batteries while camping. Fan is gone so useless to me now but maybe with a lighter adapter you can use it to charge phone or something.
Offer: *small* pile for possible scrapping (75074) - As I'm weeding out old stuffI'm setting aside things with possible scrap value--metal, old electrics. Pile pretty small so far. Not worth a long drive but maybe if you're close by 75/NCentral@15th in Plano.
Offer: Bird feeder and chains (75074) - As in photo. Offer: Art project piece (75074) Gifted - 24x30 inches. Not sure what the medium is, but there is some slight texture to it.
Offer: Cordless phones (75074) Gifted - One with voicemail, one without
Offer: Resume paper+envelopes (75074) Gifted - Nearly a full box (80 sheets) of 24 lb. whitewith matching envelopes, plus a partly used box of ivory w/no envelopes.
Offer: 3Doodler 3-d pen nozzles (75074) Gifted - New in box.Make sure these go with your model of pen--i didn't!!
Offer: Steel wool (75074) Gifted - Several packages of steel wool, medium coarse to fine.
Offer: Crayons and stamps (75074) Gifted - Cigar box of crayons, in pretty good shape, and another with a set of small alphabet stamps and dinosaur stamps.
Offer: Dimensional paper for crafts (75074) Gifted - 8 samples 9 1/2 x 5 of dimensional (raised pattern) wallpaper used mainly in historic homes, known as'anaglypta.' Use for scrapbooking, crafts, fronts of note cards, etc. (Pattern may not show up too well in the photos butGoogle that term and you can probably find better images.)
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Offer: Felted wool for crafts (75074) Gifted - Thick felted wool jacket with broken zipper in bright red perfect to cut up and make into Christmas crafts. (PS...A couple of layers makes the most effective potholder lining ever!)