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Offer: Project wood? Bird houses? (south Salem) Withdrawn - Hi, I've had several folks contact us, but no one has followed through. So . . . one last try before we take these boards to the transfer site.
Photo of free Project wood? Bird houses? (south Salem)
Offer: 20" Panasonic TV with VCR (south Salem) Withdrawn - Used one year at college and has been stored ever since. Offer: Project Wood? Cabinet doors (south Salem) Withdrawn - There are a total of 12 kitchen cabinet doors of varying sizes. We recently had our kitchen redone on our 1960ish home. The cabinets were made on site, like many ranch style homes from that era. We did not save the wood from the cabinets themselves--these are the doors.
Photo of free Project Wood? Cabinet doors (south Salem)
Offer: Microwave Stand (south Salem) Expired - We purchased this in 1992 and its only lived anm at one address. Not great quality, but it's still in one piece and working as intended. Offer: NEW RV queen mattress (south Salem) Gifted - Free: One queen size, medium quality, RV mattress, new--still in plastic covering. Came with new trailer, but we decided to keep our purchased memory foam from our old trailer.
Photo of free NEW RV queen mattress (south Salem)
Offer: 30 gallon fish tank with misc (south Salem) Gifted - No leaks, no cracks, but does have a couple of scratches caused by gravel getting caught in magnet cleaner. Gravel, filter, light included. Offer: 2 Sets of Curtains (south Salem) Expired - We have 2 sets of simple curtains with rod pockets. They are 45" in length and were on windows that measured 5.5' in width. They're approximately 6 years old and have no stains. If we can find them (just had our windows replaced and house is still in semi-chaos), the rods can also be part of the deal. We also have custom vertical blinds made for third window of same size. Condition appears to be fine--we removed them in a hurry. Photos below, photo on the left are the sets of curtains. They are on top--the others are not ready to retire. Second photo shows end piece of fabric vertical blinds. Offer: Flexsteel Couch & Loveseat (south Salem) Gifted - The set includes an ottoman. It has roll arms, pillow back and a skirt around the bottom edge. We've had it for 17 yrs in our non-smoking home. It's had light use with 2 small dogs. The set is still in good shape. We've kept the seats and backs covered to prevent any dog damage. I may include a pic later, but right now they're stacked. I did include a pic of the material.