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Offer: Hey 45 RPM lovers: 45 RPM records (76180) - (8) 45 RPM records; Guy Lombardo: Blue Tango & At Last, At Last Guy Lombardo: Humoresque & Tales From The Vienna Woods Harmoneers Quartet: "Rock Of Ages" & "Tell Me The Old, Old Story" Harmoneers Quartet: "Just As I Am" & "I Love To Tell The Story" Harmoneers Quartet: "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" & "Church In The Wildwood" The Pinetoppers: "Maple Leaf Waltz" & "Jolly Little Boxer" Jerry Byrd: "Twilight Blues" & "Over The Waves" Jose Iturbi: "Liebestraum # 3" & "Clair De Lune" Offer: dish washer (may not work properly) (76180) Gifted - 10-yr old Tappan dishwasher. Was my daughter's. It mounts into the kitchen cabinet under the countertop. Has a white front door. It was working OK 3-4 months ago. But my daughter said that in the last couple weeks, it doesn't seem to be washing properly. She bought a new one. I don't want to take the time to set this up to see if it is just not washing too well or if it isn't washing at all. If you want to test it and maybe try to repair it, email me your text #. Near Holiday Lane & Richland Blvd. Offer: non-working Vizio soundbar (76180) Gifted - Anyone want to try to repair a 5-year old Vizio (VSB200) TV soundbar. Was working, then just stopped. Pressing the remote power button or the soundbar power button does not turn on soundbar. Have checked the115VAC in/24V out switching power supply module. Does read 24V out. Offer: 7-1/2' artificial christlmas tree (76180) - As the label pic indicates, this tree has 950 lights. Have had this tree for several years, but when we pulled it out of storage yesterday, found most of the lights would not come on (see other pic). My wife does not want to mess with stringing strands of lights. I have replaced burned-out bulbs in many light strands over the years, so I tried to troubleshoot the lights on this tree. However, the wires are so tightly wound throughout the branches, I gave up. This is still a very good looking tree, but I am convinced one will have to use strand lights. Since I checked "fair offer policy", tell me why you deserve to get the tree. Let me know if you have kiddos at home. And remember, no fibbing. Santa will know. I do not like no-shows and will give it to the next person. Provide your text #. Jim
Offer: 2 microcassette tapes (76180) - These are the very small cassettes (1-1/4" X 2") that were used in devices such as land-line phone voice message recorders. Offer: tanning oil & sunscreen lotion (76180) - 6 partially filled bottles of tanning oil and sunscreen lotion. 6 different brands. None higher than SPF15. Some seem to be about 1/4 or so full; some seem over 1/2 full. Came from mother-in-law's home when she moved so not sure how old or useable these are. 1st who can come to pick them up gets them. I'm near Richland Blvd & Holliday Land, 76180. Offer: non-working electric clothes dryer (76180) - Picked this dryer up some time back from a FreeCycler. Lady said it quit working. Intent was to see if I could fix it for my daughter. But too many things got in the way so I never even got the time to see if it works or not. 1st choice will go to someone who wants to try to repair it (if it is indeed broken??). But if you want it to scrap it, through your name in the pot also; just inform me of your intentions. Please be honest about your abilities to potentially repair it. State approximate day and time when you could pick it up. Offer: 8 gal air compressor (not working) (76180) Gifted - My Harbor Freight 2 HP-8 gal air compressor (model 40400) was working OK until recently. The motor would run continuously, but there was a hissing sound in the "air pressure switch" module. Before I bought a new one, I determined the problem was the rubber diaphragm in the "air pressure switch" busted. The rubber diaphragm cannot be obtained, but one should be able to buy a replacement air pressure switch module. The motor, tank, air pressure gauges and the structural integrity are all OK. I also have the operating instructions/parts list manual. Harbor Freight stores do not sell replacement parts. The main parts dept phone # is 888-866-5797. Offer: Highbacked office chair (76180) Gifted - Chair armrests and seat are in terrible shape, but the brown leather back, the frame and 5-wheeled base are in good condition. The covered armrests and seat are removable. So if you can reupholster, you probably can make this into a nice chair again. If no one wants it, will have to go to the curb. Offer: Canon printer/copier/scanner (76180) Gifted - Canon PIXMA MG5200 series printer. Has been in use and working ok, but recently it changed its mind and now shows the error message "U052 - Type of print head is incorrect. Install correct print head." Not sure why message is now displayed. Print head was not changes - maybe just needs a new replacement. Daughter did not want to try to fix. Decided to just buy a new one. Comes with instillstion disc & about 10 ink cartridges, both black & color. Offer: 3 pieces of teen/petite female ski clothes 76180 Gifted - Have some nice female ski clothes. Here is the deal. Years ago when my teen girl wanted to go skiing with the church youth group, our finances were very tight. We wanted you girl not to miss out on the fun, so we had to be very judicious about acquiring the necessary equipment. I want to give these to someone in a similar situation as ours was; not someone who has the means to afford new clothes. So tell me about your planned ski trip and I will pick a winter. I have a hot pink ski coat (womens petite L), red bibbs (28" waist), and black pants (30" waist). Jim Offer: reconstituted electric grass edger 76180 - This grass edger is on a 4-wheel base with extended rear handlebar (similar to lawnmower base). Was originally a $300 gas-powered edger with drive belt to the edger blade. The original 6 HP gas engine went kaput. Replaced it with an old electric washing machine motor on to the 4-wheel base. The w.m. motor still runs when no-load, but it's like an old man. It turns but has no power and bogs down and stops running when subjected to a heavy load (like when the blade hits dry dirt or a clump of crabgrass). If you are able to replace the electric motor with a better one, this will be re-re-constituted; ie, it will still be usable. Please don't ask for this if you think you can use it as is. If you try, you will burn the motor COMPLETELY out the 1st time you try to edge. Also, needs a new blade, which costs about $8, I think. 2 pics of it available on request. Jim Offer: box of plastic frig food bowls & containers 76180 - 1-1/2' x 1' pasteboard box of various sizes of plastic food bowls and lids. Sizes range from small to medium. Some with matching lids; some probably not. Accumulated over the years and stored in cabinet, but all are clean. Must take whole box. Will *ONLY REPLY* to those who provide their text #. *No text #;* *no reply.* Near Holiday Ln & N. Richland Blvd. Jim Offer: Two $10 gift cards for "54th Street Grill" 76180 - These gift cards are a mailer to current resident for "54th Street Grill" at: Alliance Town Center, 9251 Rain Lily Trail, F.W. 76177. Minimum purchase of $30 required on one and minimum purchase of $35 on the other. The expiration date on both is 7/15/18. Offer: red-orange Canna Lily root cuttings 76039 - My daughter in Euless has a bucket full of Canna roots. She thinks the flowers are reddish-orange in color (she has several colors around her house and she is not 100% positive these are the reddish-orange ones). She prefers to distribute these to multiple people. *Provide your text #.* Jim Request: MasterMind "board" game 76180 - I am mentoring a 10 year-old boy. I have the game "MasterMind for Kids". It has 3 rows of colored pieces to solve (if you know what "MasterMind is). However, my little boy really likes this game but can solve this kid version in 2-3 moves. If anyone has the regular --adult level-- version (4 rows) they don't need anymore, would love to pick it up. Jim Offer: Almost new 6' artificial green Christmas tree (near Holiday Ln & N. Richland Blvd, 76180) - Neighbor bought a new artificial tree before Christmas. He does not want to store it. Dark green, bare tree with stand; NOT lighted. Will not be near my computer much this weekend (emails don't go my phone), so if you want it, provide your cell # in your email reply. *Will only reply to you by text.* Must be able to pick it up before trash pickup, which is early Monday AM. Goes to the 1st responder who provides pickup day & approx time. Jim Offer: Arbor Day Foundation calendar (near Richland Blvd & Holiday Ln, 76180) - I have a 2018 (smallish - 8 1/2 X 11, when open) Arbor Day wall calendar. It has different birds and exotic animal pics for each month.