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Request: Small fridge (Royston SG8) - Hi all, I'm after a small fridge (glass fronted) for cold drinks to be kept in, if seen coke and beer ones. If anyone has one they no longer use I will give it a new home, thank you. Request: Axle stands and or wheel ramps (Royston SG8) - Hi, has anyone got a pair of axle stands and/or wheel ramps knocking about please. Thanks Request: Bonsai pot (Royston SG8) - Wanted bosai pot please at least 20cm long, can collect from anywhere. Thank you Request: Wardrobe and chest of drawers (Royston SG8) - Wanted wardrobe and chest of drawers please. Prefer matching please. Request: Cement mixer (Royston SG8) - Wanted cement mixer please working or not as i will repair if required. Can collect whenever. Thank you. Offer: Plastic dog bed (Royston SG8) - Dog bed 26"w X 9"t X 18"d Collect from Royston
Offer: Large rat/rodent cage (Royston SG8) Gifted - Large rat/rodent cage 31"w X 31"t X 19"d 2x large-ish corner shelves and a tube to get up and down Surface rust as its been in a shed for months but still usable. Collect from Royston ASAP
Offer: Gerbilarium (Royston SG8) Gifted - Glass gerbilarium and water bottles and couple of other bits n pieces, used for 3 fancy mice. 30"x16"x12" Aquired from another freecycler a couple of years ago but no longer required. Collect from Royston.
Request: Dining chairs (Royston SG8) - Hi, i need some new dining chairs please if someone is replacing thiers? Preferably modern leatherbacked or the like I can collect. Thank you in advance Request: Chest of drawers (Royston SG8) - Does anyone have a chest of drawers my son could have please? Age condition not important but usable please. Offer: 2x solar basking spotlights (Royston SG8) Gifted - Two new, never been out of the box 100watt solar basking spotlight bulbs. E27 screwfitting. I know they are under a fiver to buy but i dont want to throw them away. First to ask will take them away. Collection from Royston.
Offer: 3' wooden bed and mattress (Royston SG8) Gifted - Single wooden slatted bed and mattress in good condition with clean mattress take one or both. Please leave your mobile number and il text address etc. Thank you
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Offer: 3' wooden bed and mattress (Royston SG8) Gifted - Single wooden slatted bed and mattress needs to be collected today(tuesday) please
Request: Garden chairs (Royston SG8) Received - Wanted garden table and chairs or just chairs please Request: Small car to repair. (Royston) - Small car required like a smartcar or similar which is repairable please for my son to do up as hes doing his driving test soon. Thank you Request: Chest of drawers (Royston) - Chest of drawers needed please for bedroom. Colour not important. Thank you. Request: Small garden table and chairs (Royston) - Hi, does anyone have a small garden table and chairs please (going on a very small patio area so needs to preferably be the smaller folding chairs type). Any colour, condition as long as its usable please. Thank you. Request: Adult wheelchair (Royston) - Does anyone have an adult wheelchair please (with large wheels) as my wife's has more repairs now than original bits. Thank you in advance. Request: Old cement mixer. (Royston) - Maybe a long shot but does anyone have an old small cement mixer not being used any more please. Any condition as i could repair it if broken , any type belle minimix or similar. Thank you in advance. Offer: Slimline Beko dishwasher. (Royston) Gifted - Beko slimline dishwasher. Silver. Works fine but the top drawer plastic clips are broken but slides in and out fine. Needs to be gone today or tomorrow at the latest please. Request: Adult wheelchair. (Royston) - Longshot but does anyone have an adult wheelchair gathering dust and not required anymore please? The bearings are seizing in my wifes wheelchair. Thank you in advance. Request: Mobilty scooter (Royston) - Does anyone have a mobility scooter sitting around gathering dust? My wife needs one please so she can go around town etc. Thank you in advance. Request: Chest of drawers (Royston) - Smallish chest of drawers wanted please for use in bathroom. 40inches(ish) wide max,any colour. Doesnt need to be too tall. I can collect of course. Thank you. Request: Plywood (Royston) - Has anyone got a piece of ply or old wood which can be used as a smallish workbench surface please. I need about 1.8m x 0.6m to fit. Thank you Request: Funko Pop Figures (Royston) - A long shot but does anyone have any Funko Pop Figures being cleared out please? Thank you Request: Cement mixer (Royston) - A long shot but does anyone have a small cement mixer which is not needed anymore please? Any condition, working or not. Thank you Request: Mobility scooter (Royston) - Has anybody got a mobility scooter(working or not) please for a project. Thank you Offer: Goodmans digital TV receiver. (Royston) Gifted - Goodmans digital TV receiver. Compact so sits out of the way. Model number: GDB12XIT Has scart and terrestrial aerial sockets. Worked the last time used(few years ago) May be of use to someone. Offer: view set top box (Royston) Gifted - Goodmans set top free view box plus remote control. Untested but worked a few years ago. Maybe someone will make use instead of it being dumped. Offer: Toshiba 32" flatscreen tv (Royston) Gifted - 32 inch flatscreen toshiba tv Works but has a line across the bottom of the screen I have been using it for a playstation for some months but have another tv now. May be of use to soneone. Collect from Royston today or tomorrow please.