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Offer: 1957-67 Girls Annuals (PO1 Fratton) Gifted - 16 in total, age reflects condition. Various titles: Bunty, Judy, School Friend, Boyfriend, Film Show, etc. Must go ASAP, or they will go to recycling centre soon, as charity shops don't want hardback books anymore.
Offer: Foreign Coins (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Handful of coins. Most no longer in circulation. Also a 1 dinar Jordanian bank note. Offer: 1991 Military Aircraft Markings Boo (LS25 Garforth)
Offer: Picture Postcards (LS25 Garforth) - 70+ Offer: Binoculars (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Tasco 10x50 with case
Offer: Bio Lawn Spreader (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - For spreading lawn fertiliser and feed.
Offer: Bird Feeder (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - 50cm tall
Offer: Breville Health Grill (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Removable grill plates. Instructions and recipe books included.
Offer: Electric Air Pump (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Fairly new. 220-240v. Inflates or deflates. 3 different attachments for standard stopper, screw-on and release valves. Ideal for air beds, paddling pools. High air output.
Offer: Youngblood Poster (LS25 Garforth) - 70cm x 46cm
Offer: Screw Cap Light Bulbs (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - ES large screw cap. 1 x 40w pearl candle, 1 x 40w reflector bulb.
Offer: Energy Saving Light Bulbs (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Large bayonet fitting. 3 x 15w, 2 x 18w, 1 x 20w. All tested okay.
Offer: Tungsten Light Bulbs (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Large bayonet fitting. 4 are 100w, rest are 60w. All tested okay.
Offer: Marbles, dice, counters, etc (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Dice, counters and play money from old board games. Plus some glass marbles.
Offer: Luxurious Vinyl Wallpaper (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Ideco embossed vinyl wallpaper. 0 cm repeat. 10 rolls with feint vertical lines. 3 matching rolls of plain for a feature wall.
Offer: Old Foreign Coins (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Some pre WW2. Some from British colonies. Condition not that great.
Offer: Electric 24hr timers (LS25 Garforth) - 4 timers. Max load 13 amps
Offer: Children's Quest Magazines (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Education series of magazines in 2 binders. Includes projects and quiz sheets. Offer: Luxury Vinyl Anaglypta (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - 4 rolls
Offer: Knitting Machine Magazines (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Back issues of 'Machine Knitting News', 'Modern Machine Knitting', 'Machine Knitting Monthly', 'Profitable Machine Knitting' Offer: 6ft Fluorescent Tube (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - 75w T12. Unused Offer: 2 Racquetball Raquets (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Old but still of use to someone Offer: Presentation Box (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Fabric covered wooden presentation box with clasp. 12x8x7 inches. Was used to ship a vase from China. Insert is removable.
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Offer: Coat Hangers (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - 3 bags of hangers. Offer: Toy Typewriter (LS25 Garforth) - Petite Electronic Talking Typewriter. Uses 4 C type batteries.
Offer: 4m Flexi Dog Lead (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Compact 1 for small dogs.
Offer: Coat Hangers (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - A fair number of wire and plastic hangers. Offer: Flexi Dog Lead (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - 5m Compact 1 for small dogs
Offer: Security Light with PIR (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Unused. Some of the white coating is peeling off.
Offer: Hozelock Pond Pump (LS25 Garforth) Gifted - Titan 2000. Unused. 2000 litres per hour, suitable for a small pond or waterfall.