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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Trolley Wheels (Wells) - 7.5cm diameter.
Photo of free Trolley Wheels (Wells)
Offer: Large Basket (Wells) Withdrawn - It came from an old chest freezer. Beige in colour. 95 X 54 CM
Photo of free Large Basket (Wells)
Offer: Wall Brackets (Wells) Gifted - Black metal Offer: Old Wooden Pallets (Wells) Withdrawn - Old wooden pallets showing signs of age and use. They would be great for firewood as they are made of untreated wood. There are three to collect from Wells. Offer: Folding Chairs (Wells) Gifted - Four folding chairs.
Photo of free Folding Chairs (Wells)
Offer: Electric Mower (Wells) Gifted - Medium sized garden mower. This machine has served me very well for about 20 years ( not my only mower, so not used all the time!). The switch on the handle is quirky, although I have managed with it like that for ages. If you are good with electrics you might be able to tweak it to make it perfect, otherwise it works very well.
Photo of free Electric Mower (Wells)
Offer: Outdoor seat cushions x 2 (Wells) Gifted - Two cushions for outdoor seats. They have ties to secure the cushion to the seat.
Photo of free Outdoor seat cushions x 2 (Wells)
Offer: Storage Jars (Wells) Gifted - Mixed selection of rustic jars. All but one has a cork lid.
Photo of free Storage Jars (Wells)
Offer: Feather and down Quilt (Wells) Gifted - King Size. Both summer and winter quilts which clip together to form one larger one for winter. Offer: Shed (Wells) Gifted - 10' X 5'. Roof intact and waterproof, window along one side. Some re-boarding or patching along one side required to tidy it up. Offer: Mushroom Crates (Wells) Expired - Mushroom crates. Useful for storage or growing. I have a lot, so you can have a few or the lot! Thanks