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Request: Canning Jars (Cumberland) Received - Yikes, running out of jars and still more to can! Request: CD Walkman Received - Does anybody have a CD Walkman or any kind of portable CD player that they no longer use? Mine just died. Request: Men's clothes - A young man who recently lost all his belongings due to a series of misfortunes needs some clothes. Summer-weight pants, shorts, t-shirts, etc. He is 5 ft 10-1/2 inches tall, weighs 150 lbs. He usually wears pants that are 32-30, size large t-shirts. Size 10-1/2 wide shoes. Drawstring waist pants or shorts would be fine, then no question about whether they'd fit. Anything he can't use I'll pass along to someone else. I'm in Cumberland but could pickup in Courtenay. Thanks. Request: Bicycle (Cumberland) - My daughter needs a bicycle because she doesn't live on a bus line and doesn't drive. She needs something to get around on that is safe and in good working condition. She isn't very tall so not a big bike. Thanks. Offer: Black plastic pots 2-gallon and 1-gallon size (Cumberland) - There are no more 3-gallon pots left, but I still have 100 2-gallon pots and 210 1-gallon pots. I hope someone can use them. You don't need to take them all, just let me know how many you want. Offer: Hand weights 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) (Cumberland) Gifted - Set of dumbbell hand weights. Offer: Black plastic pots 1 gallon to 3 gallon (Cumberland) - We have a LOT of pots, but you don't have to take them all. Offer: Futon Frame (Cumberland) Gifted - In very good condition. Use it as a base for a futon or mattress or take it apart and use the wood for something else. Reply to this email if you want a photo of it. Offer: Books - Cumberland Expired - A couple of bags of books, mostly mysteries. I can leave them on my front porch if you let me know you are coming. You don't have to take them all. Offer: scrap wood (Cumberland) Expired - Older pieces of scrap wood of various sizes, suitable for cutting up into kindling. No treated wood. No nails (as far as I can tell). Offer: Concrete blocks & bricks (Cumberland) Gifted - 7 full-size concrete blocks (approx. 16" x 7.5" x 7.5 and a number of partial blocks, also various bricks Offer: 30-gallon garbage can (Cumberland) Gifted - In excellent condition, but no lid. Request: Refrigerator Expired - My daughter needs a refrigerator and doesn't have enough money to buy one. Does anyone have one they don't need? Offer: Garlic scapes (Cumberland) Expired - A bag of garlic scapes preferably for a Cumberlander (not worth the greenhouses gases to drive out here for them) Offer: Corn seed (Cumberland) Expired - I bought two packages of corn seeds a couple of weeks ago. Then I decided not to grow corn, as I found out you need to grow about 25 plants for proper pollination, and also you should only grow one variety at a time in the garden for the same reason. So I am offering them here - 1 package Golden Bantam Sweet Corn OSC Seeds, and 1 package Peaches and Cream Hybrid corn from West Coast Seeds 45 seeds in the package. Not worth driving here from elsewhere to get them, but if you live in Cumberland and want to grow some corn give me a call 336-7944 to arrange pickup. I hope someone can use them. It is not too late to plant corn for this year. In fact the weather is just perfect for corn planting right now. Offer: 88 Fence Boards - Cumberland Gifted - We are replacing a fence and are hoping someone has a use for the wood. There are approximately 88 1 X 6’s, each one is approx. 64 inches long.. They are painted grey, and they are in excellent condition. They have never touched the ground. These are the boards that go horizontally between the fence posts. The posts are actually in good shape too, except that they have rotted at the very bottom. If you email me I will send you photos, or you can come and look at the fence before we take it down. Request: Round picture frame 10 inch diamter Expired - Has anyone got one of these than they no longer need? Request: 5 asphalt shingles Expired - I need these to put on some very slippery stairs. All the hardware stores only sell them in bundles. Hopefully someone has a few lying around. Offer: Hoops to cover garden beds (Cumberland) Gifted - 9 hoops to go over 6-foot wide garden beds (or can cover two narrower beds). The hoops have a wire gizmo to hold the plastic on, which allows you to raise and lower the plastic as needed. Offer: Windows screens (Cumberland) Gifted - 3 window screens - 28 inches X 45 inches, 23 inches X 45.5 inches, 28.5 inches X 39 inches (small hole in this one) Take one or take all. Offer: Aluminum flashing (Cumberland) Expired - One 10-foot long piece of aluminum flashing, brand new, found it on the road. Probably fell off a truck. I don't quite know how to describe it but if you think you might be able to use it let me know and I'll send you a photo of it. Offer: Frozen shredded zucchini (Cumberland) Gifted - I have about 8 bags of frozen shredded zucchini, excellent for making zucchini bread, muffins. etc. It's from last year but is still in perfect condition. I hope someone can use it. Offer: plastic pots and trays Expired - I have a number of clean 4 inch plastic pots and the trays to put them in. I hope someone can use them. It's quite possible that I would be able to deliver them to you, depending on where you live. Request: Toaster oven Expired - Does anyone have a toaster oven they no longer need? Mine is burning things up! Offer: Electric lawnmower (Cumberland) Gifted - This lawnmower was given to me and I don't need it. I'm assuming it works. Offer: Cumberland - Big bottle of Pepto Bismol Expired - Only one dose used. Expiry date 05/2019. Hate to throw it out if anyone can use it. Offer: Canning jars various sizes (Cumberland) Expired - I have a number of canning jars to give away, various sizes. Call 336-7944 to arrange pickup. Offer: Canning jars - Cumberland Rd. Gifted - There are a whole lot of canning jars of various sizes in a big white garbage can out by the road at 3090 Cumberland Rd,, free for the taking. They're not mine so please don't contact me about them. Request: 110 Clothes Dryer (Comox Valley) Expired - Dryer died, need a working one. Must be 110. Can pick up anywhere in the Comox Valley. Request: Quickbooks 2012 Expired - Does anyone have one of these they no longer use? It would be much appreciated.