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Request: Mount board/Foam Board (Clifton NG11) - Mount board & foam board wanted for charity project. A4 & bigger would be greatly appreciated Thanks
Request: Football boots (Clifton NG11) - Hi, I'm looking for adult football boots that are no longer wanted, for a charity project. Condition unimportant, don't even have to be in pairs! I'm especially looking for Adodas World Cups, but anything else would be appreciated. Thanks for looking
Request: Now tv remote (Clifton NG11) Received - Now TV or Roku remote wanted please. I was using my smartphone, but it died, so I would now love to have the real thing! Thanks
Request: Football Stuff, Programmes, shirts (Clifton NG11) - Any football stuff - programmes, tickets, shirts, scarves etc - ANYTHING!! Thanks
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Request: Spray paint (Clifton NG11) - Hi All, I’m looking for a couple of used cans of spray paint (pref orange, brown &/or green), that I can use to upcycle an old, tired 1960’s/70’s phone, so don’t need much Thanks
Request: 28 Inch front wheel for mountain bike (Clifton NG11) Received - Our shed was broken into, & instead of stealing the bikes, they just took the front wheels!! So, I am looking for some kind soul to gift 2 28” mountain bike front wheels. Thanks
Request: Guitar (Clifton NG11) Received - As I approach my 50th year on the planet, I have set myself a series of goals. One of them is to learn to play a musical instrument, & I have chosen the guitar. So, if anybody has an old acoustic guitar (condition unimportant) they no longer have use for, it will be gratefully received Thanks
Request: Gardening items (Clifton NG11) - School for pupils with mental health issues, emotional & behavioural difficulties in Loughborough is looking for gardening items for their allotment. Water butts, poly tunnels, spades, forks, plants, seeds - almost anything! Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Request: Russell Hobbs vacuum pipe (Clifton NG11) - Hi All, The extendable pipe like the one in the picture for my Russell Hobbs Turbo Lite handheld vacuum cleaner has broken. The vacuum is nearly New, so if anybody has a spare pipe, I’d be very grateful as it would prevent me from throwing it away Thanks
Request: Football Memorabilia (Clifton NG11) - Looking for any football programmes, tickets, shirts, scarves, anything football related, especially if you were thinking of throwing it away! Thanks for looking Request: Hornsea Storage jar lids (Clifton NG11) - Hi, I’m currently trying to do the house up in a retro 70’s style. We have the Hornsea storage jars, but we’re missing the lids! I don’t know if they are Hornsea specific, or if they would fit from any other type. If you were able to help out, me, the mrs and a 5 year old way too much into 70’s retro for a child of his age, would be very gratefu!
Request: Vinyl 7’’ Records (Clifton NG11) - Wanted- 7’’ vinyl records for project. Condition unimportant, could be scratched, cracked or broken. Interested in any, but particularly 80’s, thanks
Request: Mounting board for photos (Clifton NG11) - Wanted, mounting board to mount photos for charity project. Any size greatly appreciated, but 20x16” is the size I am ideally looking for. Thanks for reading
Request: 1970’s Soda Cyphon & other Items (Clifton NG11) - Hi, m looking for a 1970’s trim phone, working or not, soda cyphon, fabric, cushion covers - anything in the style of the pictures, thanks
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Request: 1970’s Trim phone, soda symphony, fabric etc (Clifton NG11) Received - Hi, I’m looking for a 1970’s trim phone, working or not, soda cyphon, fabric, cushion covers - anything in the style of the pictures, thanks
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Request: Slow Cooker lid (Clifton NG11) - We have a slow cooker that was a present a few years ago, and the lid fell out of the cupboard and broke! I dont have the heart to tell the person that gave it to us that we have broken it, so would love a replacement lid. Lid measures 25cm across, so if you can help, please get in touch, thanks You can see photos here: Request: photo frames (Clifton NG11) - Photo frames wanted, complete or broken, for online charity auction. I am particularly looking for 16''x20'', 12''x16'', and A4 frames. If the frames are broken, I can still use the backs to protect signed, mounted photos when I post them, so anything available would be gratefully received. Thanks You can see photos here: Request: fence panel (Clifton NG11) - Edited by moderator to lower case. We had a 6ft x 3ft wooden fence panel blown out of the fence in our back garden during the last gales. As it is between us and an elderly neighbour and it is his fence, we would like to replace it for him, so if you could help, it would be appreciated, thanks you can see photos here: