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Request: Mower (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - I’m looking for a mower if anyone has a spare going.
Photo of Mower (Torry, aberdeen)
Request: Wood section 20mm x 150mm any lengt (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - Hi I am looking for a Solid wood section 20mm x 150mm section of 1.8m ideally long although length isnt the be all end all... any length I can work with
Photo of Wood section 20mm x 150mm any lengt (Torry, aberdeen)
Request: Boxes - cardboard boxes (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - I’m looking for different sized boxes. Ideally as dimensions in photo, but I can make use of most boxes.
Photo of Boxes - cardboard boxes (Torry, aberdeen)
Request: Compost bin (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - Im looking to manage food waste better and i am looking for a compost bin. Request: Perspex for shed (Torry, aberdeen) Received - Looking for a 143 cm x 60cm perspex glass if larger i can cut into indivudal pieces to suit my self build shed Individual pieces : 60 x 45 ( no.3 of these) Request: a Mortice locks (Torry, aberdeen) Received - Have a shed for a self build and any door keys would be handy. Request: guttering 4 shed (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - Looking for guttering 4 shed self build, will be trying to fix it up and attach to shed currently in construction.
Photo of guttering 4 shed (Torry, aberdeen)
Request: Whiteboard (Torry, aberdeen) Received - White board snall to medium dust Request: Garden Shed (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - I am on the lookout for any garden sheds that are going... Request: a compost bin (Torry, aberdeen) Expired - I am in the look at for a compost bin... Offer: Fridge freezers (Torry, aberdeen) Gifted - Fridge freezer which may have a simple fix with freezer working, and fridge not cooling. Offer: Moving homes Box 2 give away (Torry, aberdeen) Gifted - Moving homes loads of Boxes 2 give away Offer: Desk with drawers (Aldershot GU12) Gifted - Desk good to go as per picture ( served me well). Request: graphics cards (Aldershot GU12) Expired - Looking for graphics cards for Pc’s Offer: Bookshelf 6 ft talk approx (Aldershot GU12) Gifted - Got a bookshelf with 5 layers to put things to go, sturdy and good, I can help with lifting too. Request: Computer screen / pc monitor (Aldershot GU12) Expired - Looking for pc screens and old desktop pc, ram and graphics cards Request: Boxes ( cardboard) - moving ho (Aldershot GU12) Expired - Looking for cardboard boxes in order to pack stuff to move homes Offer: Speakers ( grey / cream) (Aldershot GU12) Gifted - Grey two normal and one bass speaker system. Request: Desktop pc (Aldershot GU12) Expired - Does anyone have an old pc ( desktop pc) they aren’t using currently ? Offer: 49" HD SMART TV LG 49LH570v (Aldershot gu12) Expired - Excellent condition LG FLAT SCREEN TV SMART LG 49LH570v Request: Freezer (Aldershot gu12) Expired - I am after an under counter type freezer ideally, does anyone have one? Request: Laundry bag (Aldershot gu12) Expired - Looking for a laundry bag that can I use Request: Under counter freezer (Aldershot gu12) Expired - Hi I am looking for an under counter freezer in good working order ( not too noisy). Request: Sofa bed gu12 (Aldershot gu12) Expired - Im look for a sofa bed ideally black. Request: Nappies gu12 (Aldershot) Expired - Looking for baby nappies! Request: Barbecue (Aldershot) Expired - Looking for some barbecue equipment Also a tent of stuff too. Offer: Beers gu12 aldershot (Aldershot) Expired - Couple of beers up for grab Request: Projector for laptop (Aldershot) Expired - I am after a projector set as I want to project a screen onto a wall. Request: Indoor plant / indoor seeds (Aldershot) Expired - Indoor plant / indoor seeds wanted as I have a plant pot and compost but nothing to plant... Request: Tumble dryer , gu12 (Aldershot) Expired - Looking for a tumble dryer , I am looking for something to dry clothes