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Request: landline phone (Mt. Pleasant DC) - I'm looking for a phone that can plug directly into the wall. This is for an elderly person who is not tech savvy and wants to replace his old landline, which no longer works. Offer: two pet sweaters (Mt. Pleasant DC) Promised - Two pet sweaters XS, will fit a cat or a small dog. 25 cm (10") long, 38 cm (15") around the chest. Never used.
Photo of free two pet sweaters (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: hand weights (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Two sets of weights, five pounds and six pounds. I live in Mt Pleasant, can leave them on my porch for pick-up at your convenience.
Photo of free hand weights (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: elongated toilet seat (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - I bought the wrong size seat, but had to use it for a few weeks until I received a new seat and got it installed. Other than that, this one is completely new. Brand name is Mayfair. Google "Best Toilet Seats in 2020" (seriously) to read about it.
Photo of free elongated toilet seat (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: Old radiator (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - In July, someone posting as "graves4rah1" was looking for old radiators. I have been cleaning out my basement and I found one. It's about 6" wide and about 24" long, was probably taken out of our bathroom when we remodeled many years ago. If you are still interested, please get back to me, thanks. Offer: bag of books for Jewish children (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - My small congregation no longer has any children that attend regularly and I have been storing these books for quite some time. The books are suitable for children maybe kindergarten through about third grade and include the following titles: Shabbat – Joel Grishaver Tikvah Means Hope – Patricia Polacco The Old Synagogue – Richard Rosenblum A Child’s Bible: Lessons from the Prophets and Writings – Seymour Rossel Matzah Ball Soup – Joan Rothenberg Sammy Spider’s First Shabbat – Sylvia A. Rouss Partners – Deborah Shayne Syme King Solomon and his Magic Ring – Elie Wiesel Offer: cat food (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - My kitties have decided that they need a change in their menu, so I have 20 containers of Rachel Ray Nutrish (various flavors) to share with some other lucky kitty or kitties. I am in Mt. Pleasant DC, can leave it on the porch for no contact pickup. Let me know when you will be coming. Thanks. Offer: one lone dining room chair (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Formerly part of a set, all the others have bitten the dust and only this one chair is left. As far as I can tell, it is in good condition. The seat is padded (grey).
Photo of free one lone dining room chair (Mt. Pleasant DC)
Offer: clip-on lamp (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Small, black clip-on lamp -- clip opens about 2". Great to attach to a shelf next to a bed or desk. Offer: case for iPhone Xs Max (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Pink hard shell Case for iPhone Xs Max. Never used -- bought the wrong size for my phone. Request: desk with drawers (Mt. Pleasant DC) Received - Looking for a desk with drawers, color/material unimportant, for a food coop. Must be able to fit through a basement door. Offer: Pink iPhone Xs Max case (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - The title says it all. The case is new, still in the box-- I thought it would fit my phone, but I was wrong. Offer: knick knacks (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Three knick knacks inherited from relatives: --cat on a pillow with pink ribbons -- actually a perfum bottle --cute rabbit --ceramic flower basket that conceals a small box, suitable for pills, rings, or other small items Offer: exercise videos (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Unused, mostly unopened exercise dvds: --Hip Hop Abs --Power Half Hour Thigh Trimmer --Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program --Starter package --Full Workout --Merengue Mania Located in Mt. Pleasant. Offer: Books about Burning Man (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Six books about Burning Man: --Burning Man: Art in the Desert -- A. Leo Nash --AfterBurn: Reflections on Burning Man -- ed. Lee Gilmore and Mark Van Proyen --This is Burning Man -- Brian Doherty --Inspired Madness: the Gifts of Burning Man -- Dale Pendell --The Man Burns Tonight -- Donn Cortez --Hips -- Patrick Roddie Offer: Epson 78 toner cartridges (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Epson 78 toner cartridges, unopened package of five (cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, and yellow), T078920. For Epson Sylus Phono R260, 280, 380; RX580, 595, 680; Artisan 50. Old, but probably still good. Offer: Old wooden bankers desk chair (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - I have an old, wooden swivel chair, often called a banker's chair, which I no longer use. It is in my basement, where it is too dark to take a picture, but it looks a lot like the catalogue picture below. The wood is darker, the back is rounder, and the arms are smaller. Offer: Binder for storing business cards (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Three-ring binder with plastic sleeves for storing business cards you receive. Will hold about 340 business cards, ten per page. Can be picked up any time in Mt. Pleasant. Offer: Large window screens (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Think ahead to summer! Two large window screens, 39" x 62". Request: ceramic saucers or small plates (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - I'm looking for small saucers or plates (about 6" diameter), which I use for feeding my cats. I'm not looking for anything new or nice -- chipped and cracked is fine, matching is not important. Thanks!! Offer: rolling kitchen cart (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - White mesh, looks a lot like the photo but shelves (3) are flat. Needs good cleaning or paint job but is otherwise in excellent condition. Offer: wall-mounted Kraft paper dispenser (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - Wall-mounted paper dispenser, 33" wide, includes roll of white butcher paper with about 2" of paper left. Formerly used to wrap framed photos for transport. The catalogue photos below are approximately what the dispenser looks like. Offer: Solid oak desk (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - I have a solid wood oak desk in beautiful shape, but I am downsizing and it needs to go. I am not very good at transferring pictures from my phone to the computer, but the first catalog picture below looks very much like the desk. Differences: the wood of my desk is light-colored, kind of a honey color -- same color as the legs on the second desk below. The "drawer" above the knee-hole is actually a shelf for a computer keyboard, and one of the big "drawers" on the bottom is actually the door to space for a CPU, paper, and other computer-related things (a lot like the alternate view of this desk: .) . There is a hole with a plastic cover on top of the desk on one of the far corners, for computer cables. The desk does come apart -- I myself have taken it apart and reassembled it several times, but not for many years. If you can move it, you can have it -- Please let me know if you are interested. Clare Offer: old Sony TV "the Brontosaurus' (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - I have a Sony TV I want to give away. It is old and large, but it still works well and is great for watching movies. I call it affectionately "the Brontosaurus." This is not a flat-screen TV, but a tube TV -- it has a 34" screen (diagonal), and the housing is 39" wide and 24" deep. It is on a stand, and the top of the TV to the floor is 43" (the TV is only about half that, but I forgot to measure when I was downstairs.) It comes with a Panasonic Blue Ray Disc Player DMP-BD30. The TV is about 10-12 years old (I don't remember exactly when it was purchased) but it belonged to my long-time partner who died in 2010 and it has hardly been used since then. If you can transport it, you would be doing me a favor by taking it. I am located in DC in Mt. Pleasant, right next to the Zoo. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Offer: Rocking chair (Mt. Pleasant DC) Gifted - Windsor-style rocking chair, dark wood, includes medium blue back and seat cushions. Looks pretty much like this one: Owner is deceased. Very nice piece of furniture. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Offer: hearing aid batteries (Mt. Pleasant DC) Expired - 19 hearing aid batteries size 312