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Offer: Epson 200XL inkjet cartridges (West Athens) - I have both the color and black cartridges. Most are still in their original wrapping. One set has been recently removed from a broken printer but the cartridges have been used little. The 200XL inkjet cartridges fit the Home Espon Xp-200, XP-300, XP-310-, XP-400, XP410 printer or the Epson Workforce WF-2520, WF-2530, WF-2540 Kate Request: Basketballs (West Athens) Expired - My 2 year old grandson loves all types of balls. When we go to the local park he loves to see me dribble and shoot real basketballs. We don’t need new ones - any will do as long as they still bounce. Anybody have a basketball lying around yearning for a new home? Thanks! Offer: 4 prong 4' dryer cord (West Athens) Expired - I moved newer dryer into older home and had to change to 3 prong plug on cord. So if anyone has reverse situation, here is the cord for you! Offer: Wire frame barrel lamp shades (West Athens) Expired - Before I put these lampshades in the recycle bin (I have three), I wanted to see if anyone wanted these for Halloween or an art project. Back in the day we used to macrame these. LOL Could also use hand made paper to create a cool lampshade, etc. 14" diameter and 15" length Offer: spa chemicals for hot tub (West Athens) Expired - I have about 7 different containers for a spa/hot tub. They include pH balancer, pH increase, pH decrease etc. If anyone is interested, let me know. They are all free of course! Offer: new spool of weed whip for black&decker (West Athens) Expired - This is a small item but someone might want it. I bought a new spool of weed whip thread for my black & decker weed eater which then broke before I could use it. If anyone wants it, let me know!