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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Curtains (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Pair of curtains for patio doors approx 90 inch drop from dunelm
Offer: Potato grow bag (Fiddler's Green GL51) - New in packet, large sack for growing potatoes
Offer: Rings for curtain pole (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Wooden rings, painted a light grey. Not been used
Offer: Floor steamer (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Plug in steamer with changeable heads for different tasks can be used on the floor for mopping Works fine, I haven’t used it in a while.
Offer: High vis jackets m/l and top xl (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - 2 light weight jackets orange high visibility one medium one large Polo top with reflective stripes size XL One plain orange T-shirt
Offer: interior paints (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - The Malt Chocolate paint is not far off a full tub. The others are around half full.
Offer: Tiles (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Lots of 10x10 cm tiles, 2 colours beige and salmon (a light peach) There are 3 boxes unopened and 2 which are about half full. A full box has 54 tiles.
Offer: Power Sander (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Should work, not used for a long time
Offer: Security light (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - In box. Light triggered by movement
Offer: Table cloths (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Various sizes, 3 are good clean condition small to medium size fabric. One is a large waterproof one, white with purple flowers. one is large and has been used for kids painting so has some paint on.
Offer: Phone holder (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - For use in car, sticks to dashboard
Offer: Pink party bags (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Lots of pink party bags not needed
Offer: large blue glass plate (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - 32cm across
Offer: Ceramic dish for dip and snacks (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Large dish good condition 34cm across
Offer: Ikea shelf organiser (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Little shelf for use in kitchen cupboards to create extra shelving space for small items - 30cm long
Offer: World map poster (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Unopened large map 1 metre tall
Offer: Green ceramic vase (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - 30cm Tall
Offer: Tagine (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Has a fine crack but doesn’t affect use
Offer: Tv wall bracket (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Good condition no longer needed. Fixes to the wall and you can adjust the tv to any angle
Offer: Size 6 nappies Aldi (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Would anyone like this pack of nappies , bought in error as thought they were pull ups. Pack opened but nappies not taken out of packaging. From Aldi.
Offer: Toy crane (Fiddler's Green GL51) - Still works, moves side to side etc. Had a break but glued together and holding out ok. 1 metre tall
Offer: Wine glasses (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - 2 opaque coloured glasses and 2 clear good condition
Offer: cream metal curtain rings (Fiddler's Green GL51) - 53 curtain rings, they are metal painted cream colour.
Offer: Filing cabinet with 2 drawers (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Metal filing cabinet, drawers work fine but don’t have the key. Some dividers inside. Collect fiddlers green
Offer: Curtain rail (Fiddler's Green GL51) - White plastic curtain rail with runners very good condition approx 2 metres in length
Request: Cardboard box (Fiddler's Green GL51) Received - I’m looking for a big (1 metre square approx) box please? Near GL51. Thank you! Offer: Curtain rail (Fiddler's Green GL51) - White plastic curtain rail good condition approx 2 metres in length
Offer: Large picture frame (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Ikea frame size 50x70cm, no glass but fine otherwise
Offer: Storage box (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Has wheels and lid
Offer: Lamp (Fiddler's Green GL51) Gifted - Ceramic Table lamp, works fine has a bulb