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Offer: Kitchen items (mount pleasant) Gifted - Set of 8 fabric coasters (never used), set of four mini-loaf pans (never used), and a cut-resistant glove
Photo of free Kitchen items (mount pleasant)
Offer: Graco Pack N Play (mount pleasant) Gifted - Used but in good shape. I'd really love this to go to a single parent or someone else who would really benefit from it
Photo of free Graco Pack N Play (mount pleasant)
Offer: old timey gloves (mount pleasant) - From a theme party. A long shot, but thought i'd post them here
Photo of free old timey gloves (mount pleasant)
Offer: Full Bed Frame (mount pleasant) Gifted - Lightweight and designed to be used without a box spring. It works fine; I just bought a bigger mattress that was marketed as a full but was too big for it.
Photo of free Full Bed Frame (mount pleasant)
Photo of free Full Bed Frame (mount pleasant)
Offer: Scarf (mount pleasant) Gifted - yellow scarf with purple border and print of leaves and vines. Has the text of John 15:5 along one side. Has never been worn. It was given to me as a gift, but It's not my thing. Maybe it's yours!
Photo of free Scarf (mount pleasant)
Offer: Mavea Water Filtration pitcher (mount pleasant) Gifted - Similar Concept to Brita. Needs a cleaning but works fine. No filters included. Similar to this; Offer: four moving boxes (mount pleasant) Gifted - one lare and three small. Great condition Offer: cabinet organizer shelves (mount pleasant) Gifted - two tiers and made of metal. This picture shows them fully expanded, but you can take off some of the slats to make them narrower. To my knowledge, you can't make them shorter.
Photo of free cabinet organizer shelves (mount pleasant)
Offer: 2 lb whole wheat flour and yeast (mount pleasant) Gifted - #Pandemicgoals that were never realized. Yeast has been kept in the freezer. Flour is unopened. Offer: Bluetooth Headphones (mount pleasant) Expired - nothing fancy... probably cost $20. They also have a wire between the two earbuds. Offer: Krups Manual Blade Coffee Grinder (mount pleasant) Gifted - Nothing fancy; put in coffee; press and hold button; caffeinate. Offer: abby Wambach's Wolfpack (Chinatown) Gifted - Hardcover. Offer: 13 gallon trash can (Chinatown) Expired - No lid. Was being used as a lined recycling bin. pickup today through Wednesday required. Offer: Bluetooth Headphones (Chinatown) Expired - nothing fancy... probably cost $20. They also have a wire between the two earbuds. Pick up this today or this weekend preferable Offer: Instant Pot (Chinatown) Gifted - This is in perfect working order. I am only parting with it because I am blind and it is not accessible. It does not have the Air fryer function, nor the Bluetooth or WiFi capability. I would prefer for this to go to a home where someone could really benefit from the ability to make large amounts of food relatively quickly but where purchase of an Instant Pot might be cost-prohibitive, such as to a single-parent household. Offer: CamelBak Ark 2 Run Hydration Belt (Chinatown) Gifted - The pocket isn't big enough to hold a modern smartphone. I have never used this because it wasn't what I was looking for. It's the black/electric blue version of this: Offer: Blazer size 0P (Chinatown) Gifted - Only worn a few times. No stains. Smoke free house.
Photo of free Blazer size 0P (Chinatown)
Offer: Purple Rain/trench coat (Chinatown) Gifted - Size XS. Lined. Only worn a few times.
Photo of free Purple Rain/trench coat (Chinatown)
Offer: Porch Pickup--Free Love Seat (mount pleasant) Gifted - Already outside and free for the taking. Smoke-free, very clean house. 1816 Lamont street
Photo of free Porch Pickup--Free Love Seat (mount pleasant)
Offer: oils for reed diffuser (Chinatown) Gifted - unopened 3 OZ jars of Eucalyptus Mint and Autumn Harvest (cinnamon and clove) oils for reed dffusers or other uses. Scents just weren't to my liking. Offer: Penguin Candy Tin (Chinatown) Gifted - Not very seasonal anymore, but this reusable Penguin tin was gifted to me and I have no use for it. It has never been opened, so the candy that came with it is still inside and in its original packaging. PS. Trash Nothing has decided to add a feature where you have to click on the map to show approximately where you live. I am completely blind. I cannot look at a map. It's unfortunate that htis handy service has decided to impose such an unnecessary accessibility barrier to me. So I'm just going to click on a random place. I live near the Hockey arena.
Photo of free Penguin Candy Tin (Chinatown)
Offer: Size 5 WomensHunter Rainboots (Chinatown) Gifted - Size 5, green with a paisley design, either for women with small feet or girls with larger feet. Perfect condition. They also have the winter liners.
Photo of free Size 5 WomensHunter Rainboots (Chinatown)
Offer: shower curtain rings (Chinatown) Expired - set of twelve plastic shower curtain rings. No defects, I just wanted to upgrade to metal. Offer: Philodendron (Chinatown) Gifted - I ordered a bunch of plants and for some reason got an extra philodendron in a plastic hanging pot that I did not order.
Photo of free Philodendron (Chinatown)
Offer: Bacon ranch hot pockets (Chinatown) Gifted - Very random. These were not ordered but came in my grocery order anyway. I have no desire for them and I can't give them to a food bank because they must be refrigerated. Offer: Wireless router and modem combo (Chinatown) Gifted - Purchased about three years ago. Still works well, but honestly was bought for its cheap price, which shows in terms of connectivity and speed. Best used with only one or two devices. Link here: Offer: box of 30 gallon trash bags (Chinatown) Gifted - box is unopened. Accidental purchase. Offer: Resume paper (Chinatown) Gifted - Approximately 60 sheets of resume paper--19 of a slightly thinner variety and 30 of thicker stock. All in good condition without wrinkles. Offer: Basic floor Lamp (Chinatown) Gifted - As seen in many a college dorm room!
Photo of free Basic floor Lamp (Chinatown)
Offer: 8X8 electric nonstick frying pan (Chinatown) Gifted - Only used once or twice.
Photo of free 8X8 electric nonstick frying pan (Chinatown)