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Request: Picture Frame (FY5) - I am looking for a picture frame 73x48 cms Please. If anyone has one they don't need. Thank you in advance. Request: Zig saw Roll (FY5) - Has anybody got a zigood saw roll for 1000 pieces that they no longer needo. I would be very greatfull. Thank you. Request: White rocks (FY5) - Has anybody got any white colour rocks they don't need please. Offer: Sheets (FY5) - I have a pile of double and single sheets and pillow cases. They have been washed and ironed and would help someone who has nothing to tied them over or for pet owners.
Request: Overlocker (FY5) - I know this is a huge ask but does anyone have a Overlocker they no longer need. If so could I have it please. Request: Sewing machines (FY5) - I am starting classes for elderly people who are lonely and on there own. It is a friendship group for them to go to and I need 4 sewing machines for them to use. They must have lights please as a lot have bad eyesight. If you can help I will be greatful for any help Offer: Fabric (FY5) Gifted - Full Carrier bag of different colour fabrics ideal for crafts. Offer: Printer ink cartridges (FY5) - Set of colour and black Offer: New wall paper (FY5) - I full roll of Creamy/ivory wall paper. Cost £20 free.
Request: baby Stair gate (FY5) Withdrawn - Can anybody help me please I am In need of a Stair Gate. Request: baby Stair gate (FY5) Withdrawn - Can anybody help me please I am In desperate need of a Stair Gate. Offer: New single bed and mattress (FY2) Gifted - Must go today or tomorrow. Is in spare room. Excellent condition Request: Help needed baby Stair gate (FY2) - Can anybody help me please I am In desperate need of a Stair Gate. Request: Baby Stair gate (FY2) - Has anybody please got a stair gate they don't need anymore. I would really appreciate it if they have. Request: Metal clothes rail (FY2) - Has anyone please got a metal clothes rail they no longer need. I would be very grateful if I can have it. If it has wheels even better. Thank you in advance. Request: Scooter charger (FY2) Received - Has anybody PLEASE got a scooter charger for a gogo sport mobility scooter. I need one urgenty. I would be very greatful if anyone can help me out. Request: Buttons (FY2) Received - Has anybody got any buttons they don't need please. Request: Sewing machines (FY2) Received - I need in total of about 3 sewing machines to form a class for loneley people to give free sewing lessons. They must have a working light and if they do some type of Embroidery that would be fantastic please. Thank you for any help. Request: Cuckoo clock (FY2) Received - Has anybody got a cuckoo clock that does not work and they don't need please. Request: Baby gate (FY2) Received - Urgently needed please baby gate for stairs Request: 3 wheeled bicycle (FY2) Received - LOAN. Is there anybody kind enough to loan me a 3 wheeled bike for a week please. I have a walking problem and want to see if I can ride. Very greatfull for any help please. Offer: Victorian bricks (FY2) Gifted - Free to collect victorian bricks. They are from a wall taken down, not dressed but very solid. Ideal to reuse or for footings. Need removing as they are in my way for my mobillity scooter to turn Request: Buttons (FY2) Received - Does anyone please have any buttons they don't need of a invalid lady. Request: Rail (FY2) - Has anybody please got a clothes rail that breaks down for an invalid lady in Bispham. Offer: Dog food (FY2) Gifted - Free 6 kilos of fresh dog food. Chicken and vegetable. Must go today ( tuesday) or tomorrow morning (wednesday). I don't want you through good food away. to collect from Bispham. Request: Tube type clothes rail (FY2) - Has anybody please got a tube type clothes rail that breaks down and can be put together easy. Request: Sewing machine (FY2) - Has anyone got a sewing machine with a light that they don't use and I could have please. Request: Stair Gate (FY2) - Has any body please got a stair Gate they no longer need please. Offer: Victorian bricks (bispham FY2) Gifted - Bricks and half bricks. Ideal to match or for hardcore. Must be able to collect. Request: Small Table (bispham FY2) - Has anybody got a very small internal table and at least 2 chairs that I could have please.