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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Various inserts for women's shoes (Watchung) Gifted - Most are Dr. Scholl's brand. The full sole inserts provide massage as you walk - equivalent to US size 9. FH7N Offer: Vintage Crinoline Petticoat (Watchung) Gifted - 27" waist, 24" length S2Rx
Photo of free Vintage Crinoline Petticoat (Watchung)
Offer: BP Monitor Lumiscope (Watchung) Gifted - In full working condition, batteries included.
Photo of free BP Monitor Lumiscope (Watchung)
Offer: BP Monitor Life Source (Watchung) Gifted - In full working condition but needs 4 AA batteries
Photo of free BP Monitor Life Source (Watchung)
Offer: Vintage Crinoline Petticoat (Watchung) Gifted - 27" waist, 24" length
Photo of free Vintage Crinoline Petticoat (Watchung)
Offer: Toilet (Watchung) Gifted - This is a light gray, round bowl (15" high) toilet in excellent working condition. It has a new valve and a new flapper. It is for a 10" rough-in.
Photo of free Toilet (Watchung)
Photo of free Toilet (Watchung)
Offer: Book shelf (Watchung) Gifted - Small, hand-made. Can sit on a table or desk.
Photo of free Book shelf (Watchung)
Offer: Grade 1 Reading (Watchung) Gifted - Set of 56 stories with questions & answers - using a 2-minute Brain Quest game. Includes parents' guide to reading success in first grade.
Photo of free Grade 1 Reading (Watchung)
Offer: Workbooks for Reading (Watchung) Gifted - Reading Comprehension - grade 3 (new) Reading Comprehension - grade 5 (new) Phonics and Vocabulary - grade 5 (only 4 pages used out of 110) Vocabulary Skills - grade 6 (new) Daily Word Ladders - grades 4-6 (new) Independent Reading Management Kit - grades 4-8 (new)
Photo of free Workbooks for Reading (Watchung)
Offer: Oval Table (Watchung) Gifted - Oval table is 42" wide by 60" long and 29" high. It also has three extension leaves, each is 11.5" wide. Legs can be removed for easier transport.
Photo of free Oval Table (Watchung)
Offer: Computer work station (Watchung) Gifted - This piece of furniture can be taken apart for easier moving. The desk itself is 49"Wx23"Dx29"H. The cabinet that sits on top of it is 49"Wx15.5"Dx41.5"H. The side cabinet is 21"Wx23"Dx29"H. Keyboard not included.
Photo of free Computer work station (Watchung)
Offer: Small hanging decorations (Watchung) Gifted - Top row is made of plastic, the next three are cut glass in leaded and are fragile. The larger piece sits in the two holders next to it.
Photo of free Small hanging decorations (Watchung)
Offer: Bagel slicer (Watchung) Gifted - Serrated blade is 9.5" long and has a cover for safety. It can be used to cut any bread or baked goods.
Photo of free Bagel slicer (Watchung)
Offer: Sorage cabinet (Watchung) Gifted - Sturdy metal storage cabinet, 26" W x 20" D x 24" H. There is no interior shelf and the top is a little discolored.
Photo of free Sorage cabinet (Watchung)
Offer: Book of Mormon (Watchung) Gifted - In good condition
Photo of free Book of Mormon (Watchung)
Offer: Small Roman Missal (Watchung) Gifted - Small, black cover Roman Catholic missal, published in 1957.
Photo of free Small Roman Missal (Watchung)
Offer: Bible (Watchung) Gifted - Young Folks Text World Bible, illustrated, King James version, with zipper closure.
Photo of free Bible (Watchung)
Offer: Care Bear Phonics (Watchung) Gifted - This is a 12-book reading program dealing with phonics Offer: Gold-tone necklaces (Watchung) Gifted - Seven costume jewelry chain necklaces. The owl and stone ones are 18", the two longest ones are 54". The other three are between 28" and 40" long. See photo.
Photo of free Gold-tone necklaces (Watchung)
Offer: Hedge trimmer (Watchung) Gifted - Black & Decker electric hedge trimmer Offer: Water Heater (Watchung) Gifted - 40 gallon Whirlpool natural gas water heater, "short" model. We had some concerns about it, but during removal we determined that they were unfounded. Since we had already bought a new one, we installed that one, making the older one available. Was in faultless daily use for about five years. White, heavily insulated, with temp/pressure valve installed. Installation Manual available.
Photo of free Water Heater (Watchung)
Offer: Mink coat (Watchung) Gifted - Black, approx. size 12-14, can be shortened by unzipping bottom 6 inches.
Photo of free Mink coat (Watchung)
Offer: Perforated Computer Paper (Watchung) Gifted - Several boxes of pinfeed paper and continuous forms used by older computer printers. Useful also for banners. Mostly 8.5x11 and 11x8.5, but also postcards and index cards and print-through forms. All in very good condition.
Photo of free Perforated Computer Paper (Watchung)