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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 3 Chalk / Cork Boards (SE13) Gifted - These are chalk boards covered in blackboard paint so they can be chalked or pinned on. Boards with fixings to all mount or hang 30cm x 40cm Collection is just up the road from Lewisham train station. Please message me with TIME and DAY you would like to pick up. Please note: I delete all messages were people don’t bother to give a name.
Offer: Two Dimmable Lamps (SE13) Withdrawn - Two lamps wit cream lamp shade. They have a dial so they can be dimmed. Height: 82cm. There is a small hook broken where the shades sits which means the shade can wobble if knocked (see photo). So this could effect you if you have pets or children that may knock the lamps. Pick up near Lewisham Station. If you are interested just message with day and time you would like to pick up.
Offer: 2 x Ceramic Curling Wands (SE13) Withdrawn - One large one small ceramic curling wands with a heat glove each. These are quality ceramic wands that cost £90 each at the time. ———— Please ONLY contact me if you are serious about collecting and do not waste time. ———— Collection just up the road from Lewisham station. ———— I won’t reply to people who do not give their name.———— Thanks!
Offer: Various Nail Varnishes (SE13) Withdrawn - Selection of nail varnish and one bottle of Finishing Top Coat. Collection just up the road from Lewisham station.
Offer: Scaffold Board (SE18) Gifted - One scaffold board. I didn’t measure as it’s a standard size full size board. Collection is from Plumstead SE18 1RF
Offer: 2 Wardrobe Locks (SE13) - 2 x Wardrobe lock and key 55mm Collection just up the road from Lewisham station.
Offer: Power of Yoga DVD (SE13) Gifted - Yoga dvd for begin to advanced with diet plan. Collect from Lewisham just up the rod from the station.
Offer: framing mitre pinch clamp (SE13) Gifted - Pinch clamp and clips for mitre joints / picture framing. Collection is from Lewisham just up the road from the station. Please reply with your NAME (it's just good manners) and a couple of options of time and day you can collect.
Offer: various diy/decorating (SE13) - Contour Gauge Duplicator Tool Bucket, jugs min rollers and tray, roller head, paint brushes, wash basket, half tin Dulux trade undercoat, tools, gloves, length of self adhesive trunking and electrical blanking plate. 2 large shallow bowls. Collect just up the road from Lewisham Station. Please reply with NAME and days and times you can collect.
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Offer: Cold Water Jacket (SE13) Gifted - Tank lagging jacket for 50 galloon tank. Unopened and unused. Please reply with NAME and day and times you could collect.
Offer: Glass bottle and tubes (SE13) Gifted - 2 glass tubes with plastic lid. I litre glass bottle with plastic screw on lid. Collect from Lewisham just up the road from the station.
Offer: Microwave (SE26) Gifted - Very old but in perfect working order. Please reply with times of when you can pick up. Thanks Collection is from lower Sydenham.
Offer: Electric Kettle Working Order (SE13) - Chrome kettle. Works perfectly just needs descaling.
Offer: Magnetic Chalk Board Paint (SE13) Gifted - Paint that turns any surface into a magnetic hall board. I have just opened and used some of this paint and don’t need the rest. As you can see from the photo I’ve only used a small amount of the tin. It can be used on walls, wood, metal and more. I used it on some cork boards. It wasn’t cheap so I do t want the rest to dry up and go to waste. *** Collection just up the road from Lewisham station ***
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Offer: Selection of books (SE13) Gifted - Various books see photo. The Paul McKenna one comes complete with 2 cd’s. Feel free to collect all or just the ones you want. Pick up just up the road from Lewisham Station.
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Offer: Miso soup, pasta, lentils. (SE13) Gifted - All VEGAN; - 2 full packs Miso soup all sachets present - red lentil penne (gluten free) - brown lentils The lentils are past ‘best before’ date but all rest is well into 2019 Pickup just up the road from Lewisham station SE13 Anytime today or tomorrow:)
Offer: Mediations Cd’s & Yoga Mat (SE13) Gifted - Two meditation cd’s and Yoga Mat. Collect from Lewisham just up the road from the station. Messages with no name will be ignored.
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Offer: Electric Tootbrush (SE13) Gifted - This toothbrush is old but still works perfectly. Obviously you can New, clean heads. Comes with working charger.
Offer: Yoga Mat (SE13) Gifted - Hello fellow recycler I have a yoga mat a bit worn in places but still good. Please be polite and give your name when you respond. Message that just have a sentences like.... “I want it when can I collect?” will be ignored and deleted! Have nice day :)
Offer: Virgin Media Modem (SE13) Gifted - Modem with power lead, splitters. Collect from Lewisham not 10 mins from station.
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Offer: Handheld vacuum cleaner (SE26) Gifted - Plug in lightweight vacuum cleaner. Can be used like a vacuum cleaner with small floor head tool. Or detaches to be used as a little handheld. No bag needed.
Offer: Sockets and swtiches (SE13) Gifted - If someone can make use of these I don’t want to put them in landfill. May do someone for garage or workshop or someone needing training in electrics to mock up circuits. They are MK. Apart from being a bit old there is nothing wrong with them just changed them all over for new chrome ones.
Offer: 2 Health DVD’s (SE13) Gifted - Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary Davina workout dvd. Great as it’s made up of five 20 min sessions so you can mix and match and make as long or short as you like depending on your fitness level and or time.
Offer: Motivational CD / DVD’s (SE13) Gifted - 2 Personal development DVD’s and 1 CD. Les Brown collection - DVD The Secret - DVD Zig Ziglar’s See You At The Top - CD You can collect from Lewisham 10mins from station or Plumstead 5 Mina from high street or if you are in either locator in between I may be able to drop them off. When contacting me PLEASE say who you are. It’s polite for me to know the NAME of the person I am communicating with!!
Offer: Peanut Exercise Ball (SE13) Gifted - This is like an exercise ball but shaped like a peanut for better versatility and range of exercises. Great for rehab and back work. Please reply with NAME (it’s only polite), and a couple of times days to collect. I haven’t got time for loads of message back and forth so PLEASE just send constructive messages to arrange COLLECTION, which is Lewisham just up from the station. Thanks you have a fabulous day. :)
Offer: superdry gift set (SE13) Gifted - I got this as a gift but don’t use kind of stuff. They are unused and full. The 2 tubes have been opened I literally just had a tester and have never used them. The body scrub tub is still sealed. I’m always out and about around Lewisham, Plumstead and Catford so could drop them off if I’m passing by where you are so drop off may be possible.
Offer: 3 Natural Health Books (SE13) Gifted - 3 DK books; 1) The Complete Stretching Book 2) The Complete Book Of Massage 3) The Super Foods Diet Book Collect from Lewisham SE13 just up the road from the station.
Offer: Oversized shirt/ dress pink (SE13) Gifted - Pink shirt with embroidered pattern on back. Only worn ONCE. Material: polyester Size: 16 Collect from Lewisham
Offer: River ford hardback cookbook (SE13) Gifted - Beautiful cook book for spring and summer vegetables. In excellent t condition.
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Offer: The Power - Audio Book on Cd (SE13) Gifted - From the Author of The Secret a worldwide bestseller. ‘The handbook to the greatest power in the universe- The Power to have everything you want.’ Excellent condition.